The Secret Ingredient to The Sloppiest Sloppy Toppy

The Secret Ingredient to The Sloppiest Sloppy Toppy

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
The Secret Ingredient to The Sloppiest Sloppy Toppy

Do you ever wish that “how to have good sex” was written out like a recipe card with step-by-step instructions and measurements? So many of us feel that way and though that is a pretty impossible thing to happen because every sexual interaction is different, and every person you interact with sexually is different, we have discovered the secret ingredient to good oral sex at least. But don’t worry I wasn’t going to leave you alone with just an ingredient and hope for the best. So along with the secret ingredient, here are some tips to be a master of sloppy toppy (aka head/oral).

First things first, the secret ingredient. You’re gonna question it but trust us, mints. Mints are the secret ingredient. But not just any mints–Flintt Mints. Flintt Mints are mouth-watering mints, meaning they make your mouth water. The secret ingredient is your mouth being wetter than a water slide!

You may be wondering how effective mints can be at getting your mouth wetter than a slip-and-slide and because I am a scientist (a sex scientist), I did the research. Three minutes and 11 seconds after popping a lemon-flavored, 250 e-strength mint my mouth was persistently watery. Like watery to the point that I was swallowing the saliva about every 30 seconds. Think about that, every 30 seconds I had enough saliva to swallow, so WET.

Now that was the highest strength level mint, so it starts working quickly and gets super wet. And you may be wondering, how is a wet mouth going to make you a sloppy toppy god. Well, wetness is a game-changer for oral sex. The slicker things are the more pleasurable they are for the person on the receiving end and for the giver it makes it a lot easier for you to do your thing. With more wetness things slide up and down the throat with more ease, the tongue glides on and around surfaces in seamless motions, and it minimizes friction for a lot longer.

Do you see it now? Wetness makes oral sex better, so the wetter the mouth the better the oral sex. 

Now how to ensure it is truly good oral sex? As great as it would be for just a wet mouth to be enough there has to be some technique to ensure a good time. So here are three things to keep in mind to ensure your sloppy toppy is providing mountain-moving pleasure.

Know the Pleasure Points

If you have a good understanding of anatomy, you can better focus on the parts that are super sensitive. For the penis, there are two areas to be mindful of: the frenulum and the vein on the back of the shaft of the penis (the corpus spongiosum). The frenulum is the little bit of skin below the head of the penis which is visible on circumcised penises and can be seen by pulling back the foreskin on an uncircumcised penis. The corpus spongiosum is the tissue that surrounds the urethra. Both parts of the penis are highly sensitive. For the vulva, you should pay attention to the entirety. Yes, the clitoris is the pleasure center, but it is more than just what we can see when looking at a vulva. There is a whole internal structure that can be stimulated by stimulating all the different parts of the vulva. And for the anus, the opening deserves as much loving and attention as any other part of the body, because it is packed with nerve endings that enjoy stimulation as well.

Add In Some Intimacy

Do you know what can take things from being mediocre to being mind-blowing? Intimacy. Intimacy includes a wide variety of things, but in the context of actual physical, sexual activity there are a few things that are sexually intimate to the point of nearly making someone melt. To add some intimacy to your sloppy toppy you can do two things: hold eyes and/or hold eye contact. It might not seem like much, but that additional level of connection makes people weak in the knees and puddles in your hand. So next time you are devouring someone with your mouth hold eye contact with them or hold their hand with your fingers intertwined. If you really wanna do something do both at the same time.


You may be wondering how communication can be a game-changing tip to ensure incredible oral sex and the answer is in the type of communication. Obviously, I encourage you to communicate about what you and your partner(s) like sexually well before y’all are in the bedroom and that is a form of communication that matters. But for this, I mean communicating during. Talk to your partner during, telling them things like, “you taste delicious,” “I can’t wait to have all of you in my mouth,” and “I want you to drip all over me so I can taste every bit of you.” Things like that are what I mean by communication because the way a dirty compliment enhances an experience is unreal.

Well, now that you have the secret ingredient and some additional recipe steps, I think you’re ready to devour your partner(s). If you need a little more help in the technique realm check out these articles on rim jobs, blowjobs, and eating pussy. And be sure to come in-store to your nearest Lion’s Den location to secure some Flintt Mints! Happy eating my friends!

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