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General FAQs 1
How old do you have to be to enter the store?

You must be 18 years or older to enter the store. If you look under 30, you will be carded. Only valid, state or federal issued photo IDs will be accepted.

What are your store hours?

Each store has different hours, please visit our store locator to find a location near you!

Are stores open on holidays?

Yes, each location is open for normal business hours on every major holiday with the exception of our Shippensburg, PA location.

Per local regulations, they are closed on federal holidays and Sundays.

How do I locate a store?

CLICK HERE for our Store Locator.

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General FAQs 2
Can you place and order online and pick it up in the store?

Yes, items can be purchased online and shipped to your local store via our B.O.S.S. program. See the B.O.S.S FAQs section for details.

Can I return items I purchased online at a store?

Sorry, items purchased online cannot be returned to stores. Please review our online exchange policy.

Does Lion's Den buy back DVDs, VHS Tapes, Books or Magazines?

We do not buy back any adult media.

Which stores have adult arcades? (movie booths)
How do the arcades work?

We allow one person per booth. Each guest must purchase a ticket at the checkout counter prior to visiting the arcade. The minimum card purchase is $5.00, which is good for 20 minutes of view time. Credits are good for 30 days, and if you keep the ticket and return later, it's $5 for each new visit.

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Who is the BOSS?

You are! Take control of your privacy with Lion’s Den’s NEW Buy Online, Ship-to-Store program.

How does B.O.S.S. work?

When you place an order via our online store, you will have the option to have your order shipped to your local Lion’s Den, instead of having your order shipped to your home or work. We will keep your order safe from nosey co-workers, prying in-laws, or your children until you’re ready to pick it up!

Are all items online eligible for the B.O.S.S. program?

Yes! All of the items on our website are available for in-store pickup.

Is there a minimum purchase to qualify for the B.O.S.S. program?

There is no minimum purchase to have your online order shipped to a store. Shipping charges will be noted at checkout.

How do I have my order shipped to my local Lion’s Den?

During the online checkout process, select the option to have your order shipped to your local store. Please make sure to read and understand the terms and conditions for the BOSS program before selecting this option.

What do I need to pick up my order?

 For verification purposes, please bring a government issued photo ID to claim your package. This includes driver’s license, passport, identification card, tribal ID, or military ID. You will also need to bring with you the credit card used to make your purchase.

How long until my order is ready?

Shipping speed is selected by you at the time of checkout. Typically, orders will take 4-7 business days to arrive.

How will I be notified my order has arrived?

You will receive an email notification with tracking information after your order has shipped from our warehouse. After your order arrives at its designated store location, a member of our team will contact you via the phone number you provided at checkout to let you know your order is ready for pickup. We will leave a voicemail if the call goes unanswered.

Can I have someone else pick up my order on my behalf?

Yes! You can pick up your order yourself or you can designate a “pickup person” during the online checkout process. Please note, this information cannot be changed once the order has been processed.

If you need someone to pick up your order after it has been delivered, please contact your local store and provide them with the full name of your designated pick up person.

*For verificarion purposes, all pickup persons will need to bring with them a valid government issued ID.*

What happens if I’m unable to pick up my order?

We will hold your order for 21 days after it arrives and you have been notified. If the order has not been collected by that time, it will be shipped back to our warehouse. A refund will be issued 30 days after it arrives at our shipping facility. A restocking fee of 20% will be deducted from your refund.

Can I make a change to my ship-to-store order?

No, once an order has been placed, it cannot be modified, only canceled or re-ordered.

Can I change the location of my ship-to-store order?

No, once a store has been selected and your order placed, the destination cannot be changed.

Can I cancel my ship-to-store order?

Yes, your order can be canceled if it has not already been submitted for processing. Please contact our online order team for assistance: 1.800.345.3308 option 1. If your order has already been submitted for processing, it cannot be canceled.

Can in-store pickup orders be returned to the store if they are defective?

No. All purchases made from our website, regardless if they are shipped to a store or your home, cannot be returned to the store. If there is a problem with your item, you will need to contact our online order support team at: 1.855.340.5304 |

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