Our Causes

At Lion's Den, we feel it is our duty to help promote and support sexual health awareness and free speech. We focus on dignity and respect for everyone. From our work with sexual health and education, child protection and human trafficking, and social justice and free speech, we hope to provide a better, safer, and more understanding world.


Ohio State University, Student Advocates for Sexual Health Awareness (SASHA)

With our headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, we are a proud partner and event sponsor with SASHA to help students learn about different sex toys and gear. SASHA stands for educating the student body about sexual health in all its forms, including healthy relationships, methods of protection, body acceptance, gender equality, and STI awareness.

Lion’s Den also partners with other colleges and universities across the country including Tulane University, Indiana University, Ohio University, Kenyon College, University of South Carolina (Columbia), Miami University, University of North Carolina (Pembroke) and more!

Ovarian Cancer Alliance of OhioOvarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio

Ovarian Cancer Awareness

In 2018, Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio Board of Directors President Kim Britt and Ali Dunlap of the Lions Den Events Team met at Girl’s Night Out at Hollywood Casino. They came together to share positivity that Ovarian Cancer does not mean your sexual life is over while helping to break stigmatisms and normalize the conversation of sexual health. Lions Den joined the Ovarian Cancer Alliance in multiple events, including the Strides for Hope 5k.

Since then, we have raised and donated over $175,000 to The Ovarian Cancer Alliance of Ohio. We contribute yearly to their fundraisers, like the Strides for Hope 5K, Designer Bag Bingo, and we were the primary sponsor for their 10th Anniversary Gala in 2021. Lion's Den received the contribution award from OCAO in 2020 for our round up at the register campaign where we raised $53,621 for them that time.

Know the Signs and Symptoms

Yearly pap-smears do not detect ovarian cancer, it is important to know the signs and symptoms. In women age 35-74, ovarian cancer is the fifth leading cause of cancer-related deaths. An estimated one in 71 women will develop ovarian cancer during their lifetime.


Ovarian cancer symptoms include:
  • Bloating
  • Pelvic or abdominal pain
  • Trouble eating or feeling full quickly
  • Urinary symptoms such as urgency (always feeling the need to go) or frequency (having to go often)
 Other symptoms of ovarian cancer can include:
  • Fatigue
  • Upset stomach
  • Back pain
  • Pain during intercourse
  • Constipation
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Abdominal swelling with weight loss
  • If symptoms last more than a few weeks, it is important to go talk to your doctor, preferably your gynecologist.
Testicular Cancer SocietyTesticular Cancer Society

Testicular Cancer Awareness

We are April charity partners with the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation. Generous customers rounded up their purchases in-store and online in April, and we are thrilled to share that we raised $36,800 for testicular cancer awareness!

Testicular cancer is the leading  cancer in men aged 15-44 but can strike at any age. By supporting the Testicular Cancer Awareness Foundation, Lion’s Den is helping to provide education about testicular cancer and support fighters, survivors, and caregivers. Early detection is the easiest way to beat testicular cancer. Learn more about the disease and how to perform a monthly self-exam. Click here for the self exam guide.

Lumps, Signs and Symptoms

Every hour a male is diagnosed with testicular cancer. There will be approximately 9,910 new cases that will arise in 2023 in the US. If detected early, testicular cancer is over 95% curable. However, about half of men with testicular cancer do not seek treatment until the cancer has spread beyond the testicles to other locations in the body.

The warning signs & symptoms of testicular cancer
  • A lump of any size on the testicle
  • Enlargement of the testicle, change in shape, size or any irregularities
  • Pain or discomfort in the scrotum or testicle
  • A dull ache or sense of pressure in the lower abdomen or back
  • A feeling of heaviness or fullness in the scrotum
  • Enlargement or tenderness of the breasts due to elevated hormone levels
  • In most cases early stages of testicular cancer present themselves in a completely painless manner.
 Advanced signs & symptoms of testicular cancer
  • Significant weight loss (due to the growth of tumors and/or enlarged abdominal lymph nodes)
  • Back pain
  • Chest pain, coughing or difficulty breathing
  • Coughing up blood (due to tumors in the lungs)
  • Enlargement of the lymph nodes in the abdomen and/or neck
  • If any of the Signs & Symptoms of testicular cancer are present, you need to see your doctor for further testing immediately.


The Cupcake Girls

Proud to partner with The Cupcake Girls to help them provide confidential support to those involved in the sex industry, as well as trauma-informed outreach, advocacy, holistic resources, and referral services to provide prevention and aftercare to those affected by sex trafficking.

The Cupcake Girls envisions a world where sex trafficking is eradicated and consensual sex workers are safe and empowered. Their team of leaders, mentors, advocates, volunteers, and resource partners provide diverse support with an emphasis on empowering our program participants in their pursuits and becoming mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, financially, and relationally balanced and thriving.

ASACP - Title Sponsor of Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection

The ASACP is dedicated to protecting children online from being exposed to age-restricted material. They provide a secure, anonymous reporting system and foster communication and cooperation with our online adult industry. The ASACP educates members, the online adult industry, the public, and government policymakers about child protection, illegal online activities, and battles child sexual abuse online. We have proudly been a corporate Title Sponsor for the ASACP since 2006.

"The Lion's Den has been in the forefront of the industry for more than 50 years, not just when it comes to integrity and professionalism, but also leading the way in defending our 1st and 4th Amendment rights. We're proud that our community involvement includes supporting ASACP's efforts to protect kids from exploitation and from adult material." – CEO Mike Moran.

RTA – Restricted To Adults

We are a proud sponsor of RTA, created by the ASACP to better enable parental filtering. This label demonstrates our commitment to helping parents prevent children from viewing age-inappropriate content. Our website has been correctly labeled as “Restricted to Adults”.


Social justice is a very large part of who we are. We have a number of campaigns for every body, including Sexy is for Every Body, In is the New Out, and “Life” by Lion’s Den. These campaigns highlight our belief that everyone deserves to feel comfortable and be themselves. It’s our duty to break down social stigma that have unfortunately halted the forward progress of sexual health and social justice. With our campaigns, we continue to bring open and accepting discussions to help everyone feel safe and comfortable with who they are and encourage them to help break down barriers.

The Lion’s Den has been a staunch advocate of free speech work since our inception. As supporters of the Free Speech Coalition, we believe in protecting the First and Fourteenth Amendments, helping prevent efforts to interfere with the right of Lion's Den clients to receive constitutionally protected expression, free speech, and thought.