Top 6 Masturbation Positions for Vulva-Owners

Top 6 Masturbation Positions for Vulva-Owners

Posted By Domina Doll
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Top 6 Masturbation Positions for Vulva Owners

Spice up your self-lovin'


“We have reason to believe that [wo]man first walked upright to free h[er] hands for masturbation.” — Lily Tomlin

If you are a vulva-owner and are looking for ways to spice up your otherwise “boring masturbation routine” (said no one ever!), you have come to the right place.

If you, like many other vulva-owners, enjoy self-stimulation daily as part of your sexy self-care rituals, you may want to change things up a bit. Because some genius poet somewhere once said: “Variety is the very spice of life, that gives it all its flavor.

We couldn’t agree more!

So, today we are going to (s)explore six sexy positions for hot-and-bothered sizzling sex solo-style.

Let’s get started.


Horizontal Tango

The Horizontal Tango, while self-pleasuring, is probably the most common way for people with clits to get off. This position, on your back, allows for the most comfortable and relaxing way to masturbate, which lets you get fully embodied in the pleasure you are experiencing. However, while they may be novel and exciting—they may not be the best for those of us who like to do it the same old way every time. 

Hold a vibrator or clitoral stimulator in one hand while you feel yourself up with the other hand. You can have your legs straight and slightly parted, wide apart and spread eagle, or knees bent with your feet planted on your bed or couch. You can also place a pillow under your hips to easily access your sexy bits. There is a reason why it is so popular: easy peasy and no distractions.


curvy black woman laying horizontal wearing black and white calvin klein bra and matching undiescurvy black woman laying horizontal wearing black and white calvin klein bra and matching undies
Courtesy of Pexels: Jennifer Enujiugha

Pillow Humping

Many of us with vulvas grew up learning how to hump our pillows (or plushies, for that matter) during our self-taught sex education. You can use an ordinary pillow, of course, or you can take your pillow humping to the next level by getting a “sex pillow” mount with built-in places to add your favorite sex toys like the Magic Wand (check out the new Magic Wand Mini!) and her friend, Wanda Magic Toy Mount. (On my sex toy bucket list: check and check!)

You can hump this sex pillow by sitting on it and straddling the wand massager, or via doggie style, for hands-free orgasms! Yummy!


Sit Down on It

Sitting down while masturbating is the perfect position to watch porn and jill off. Many vulva-owners enjoy this position when snuggled up on their big ole comfy chair or couch, legs spread, lotus style, and knees bent. This position is ideal for clitoral, vulva, or penetrative vagina masturbation with a dildo. And, if you throw a blanket over you, no one will know if you are just meditating or something else.

If you have a suction cup dildo, then sitting and straddling a chair with a hard surface or the outside ledge of your bathtub works amazing as well. Just lick, stick, and play your way to a romping, humping good time. This position allows you to control the depth, speed, and angle of penetration, as you would in the Cowgirl Sex Position with a partner.


woman in black lacy top holding chest with eyes closed, face relaxed, red hairwoman in black lacy top holding chest with eyes closed, face relaxed, red hair


Ride 'Em Cowgirl

Speaking of Cowgirls, the phrase “Ride ‘em cowgirl”, will take on a whole different meaning when you add a Cowgirl Unicorn Premium Sex Machine to your “ménage à moi” play session. The Cowgirl Unicorn features two attachments on this premium sex machine: a non-penetration erogenous stimulator to grind upon with your vulva for exquisite clitoral pleasure and a dildo stimulator with multiple vibrations with 1200 RPM of power for intense G-spot orgasms. Whoa, Nellie!

This vibrating saddle toy has a wired remote and wireless app to control it with, just in case your partner wants to get in on the action from across the room. The Cowgirl Unicorn is the ultimate in no-hands-orgasms and does all the work for you so you can ride your way to orgasmic bliss. (Also, on my sex toy bucket list!)


Fun in the Tub

Many people with vulvas have discovered sexy time in the bathroom with a showerhead or water faucet as they are dancing with themselves during solo pleasure. To assume this position using the water faucet, you need to get your butt as close to the front edge of the tub as you can while lying on your back, with your legs up straight, resting against the shower stall wall. If you don’t have a wall, you can also bend your knees over the tub rim, pulling yourself up closer to the faucet to maximize the water pressure from the tap. 

Alternatively, if the showerhead is the removable type and it reaches, you can press it against your vulva for warm, slippery water-play stimulation that feels amazing. If you don’t have a detachable showerhead, a new product just came on the market, called a Waterslyde Aquatic Stimulator, is an attachment that directs water to the midline of the bathtub to deliver personal pleasure and stimulation. This coolio device makes bathtub play super easy and wildly erotic. (Yep, I added that one, too!). ????


woman in bath tub. bubbles and water covering everything but face. Eyes are closed, hands over head, face relaxedwoman in bath tub. bubbles and water covering everything but face. Eyes are closed, hands over head, face relaxed


Belly Fapping

Many vulva-owners enjoy this solo sex position while masturbating, especially when they first start. Personally, I find it a bit awkward myself, but other people say it is the only way they can get off. In addition, many people like it because your body weight puts pressure on your clit, which is stimulated by your hand(s) or a vibrator, thus adding sensation and friction. This position is particularly good while hiding beneath a blanket in your bed for some undercover covert masturbation sessions.

Like sitting on it, laying on your belly allows you to rub one out while grinding and humping to ecstasy. Another bonus to this position is that you can read some erotica while stimulating yourself for a bit of mind candy.



One thing is certain: there are hundreds (perhaps even thousands—no one’s ever counted) ways to masturbate for vulva-owners. As long as humankind has been walking upright (and even beforehand), people have found new, unique, and innovative ways of exploring solo pleasure.

What’s your masturbation style?



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