Pleasure Points for Vulva Owners

Pleasure Points for Vulva Owners

Posted By Nate H
Pleasure Points for Vulva Owners

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, but it’s not just about the end goal of orgasming (it’s certainly a plus). The sensations brought on by playing with sensitive areas of the body can lead to more enjoyment as a whole, and the best way to learn about these areas is to know as much about them as possible! 


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The clitoris is widely seen as the most sensitive and pleasurable spot, but did you know just how far it extends into your body? For a long time it was believed that the clitoris was merely the little bump at the top of a person’s genitals, but it actually is much more. Extending deep inside the body with almost a wishbone-like shape, the clitoris actually wraps around the inner walls as well allowing for some people to get more intense sensations depending on their body type. The collection of nerve endings within the clitoris is what makes this the pleasure center of the vulva with typically the most sensitive point being the tiny external part where the labia minora meets. An easy way to remember it is it’s actually made of the same material that develops into a penis when in the womb. So all the nerve endings in the penis are essentially condensed into the tiny little clitoris, making it extremely sensitive. However, what most people especially don’t realize is how it’s connected to…

The G-Spot:

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With the clitoris going so deep within the body, the G-Spot is where the clitoral body splits as it surrounds the vaginal opening, exposing even more nerve endings. Typically, this will be around 2 inches into the vagina but can vary on body type. While sometimes just pressure can give the desired satisfaction, other stimulation can be just as strong if not stronger. This is where the “come here” motion with your finger was discovered to be so pleasurable in this type of stimulation and why there are certain toys that specifically curve in order to hit this specific area.

Labia Minora and Majora:

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When considering pleasure centers, the G-spot and clitoris are often the first to come to mind, but did you know that the labia can have just as many nerves running through it? With the right stimulation, some people might be able to achieve the same level of satisfaction from rubbing them gently or by using suction toys in order to make them plump and much more sensitive. While it is less common for people to orgasm from this stimulation alone, it can be great to incorporate into foreplay or helping lead into your preferred form of stimulation!


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While often a lot more sensitive than the labia, nipples are also relatively uncommon to be stimulated for more than a few moments in order to enhance a sexual experience. Nipples have much fewer nerve endings, but what they do have can be extremely effective in bringing more pleasure to your experience. When it’s cold and nipples get harder, these nerve endings are more pronounced and can be more satisfying, so incorporating things like ice to bring these cold temperatures can make something that was already good even better. 

These areas are just a few of the many sensitive areas around the body to explore and learn more about. There is so much more even left out of this article so we urge you to explore your body yourself to learn just what makes it tick and maybe you’ll find a pleasure center on your body no one else has!

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