Ten Amazing Facts About the Clitoris

Ten Amazing Facts About the Clitoris

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Ten Amazing Facts About the Clitoris

The organ with one sole purpose: pleasure

The clitoris has had a long history of being highly underrated—one could even say it was deliberately banished and censured.

So, let’s bring the clitoris out of the dark ages and shed a bit of light on it, so we can rediscover what a fantastic organ it is!


The clitoris is a fantastic organ of pleasure and empowerment, with a single purpose: to get vulva owners off. Here are our top 10 fascinating facts about the All-Mighty Clitoris!


Let’s get Cliterate!


Illustration of the anatomy of the clitorisIllustration of the anatomy of the clitoris
Sourse: Wikipedia


The Clitoris is Actually the Size of a Penis! WTF?!

Yep. That little nub or “teat” you see called the glans, is just the “tip of the iceberg”. The internal clitoris is way bigger, with 90% of it lying under the surface of the vulva. The actual size of the clitoris is around five inches—about the same size as the average penis. I know, right!


The Only Purpose of the Clitoris is Sexual Pleasure

Amazingly, the clitoris is the only organ on the human body designed specifically for sexual pleasure. It has somewhere around 8000 nerve endings (at least that is how many a cow’s clitoris has—so researchers “assume” it’s the same in humans), all with the sole mission to give you orgasms and pleasure. That’s twice as many nerves as there are in the glans of a penis, so no wonder it feels so good to rub one off. Can I get a Whoomp! There it is!


Eighty Percent of Women Need Clitoral Stimulation to Get Off

This is probably not news to all of you vulva owners out there, but, yes, most women need some form of clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. While some women can have what is described as a G-spot or vaginal orgasm, the clit is where it’s at.


Woman laying bed, wearing a white tshirt, smiling, with hands over head, and eyes closed.Woman laying bed, wearing a white tshirt, smiling, with hands over head, and eyes closed.


The G-spot is Actually Part of the Clitoris

And, for the other 20-30% of us who can reach orgasm via the vagina, in the zone known as the G-spot, you may be stimulating the internal clitoris. That’s because the G-spot is made up of a much “larger erogenous structure known as the clitorethrovaginal complex, or CVU, which includes the clitoris, vagina, and urethra.

So, during international vaginal and G-spot stimulation, you are also massaging the internal clitoris that wraps around the top wall of the vagina and urethral (urethral sponge) and along the sides of the vagina and vulva as well (cura and bulbs). While the G-spot is part of the internal clitoris and CVU, it is also still a specific zone or area, that when stimulated the right way can lead to immense pleasure and squirting orgasms.


The Clitoris Grows Three Times Larger When Aroused

Hello, clitoris! Is that a banana in your vulva or are you just happy to see me? Beyond amazing, even super-fantastic in fact, a clit-boner is a thing. The clitoris increases significantly in size (up to 300%) when you get turned on, getting its own little erection, just like a penis. So, let’s Pump Up the Volume!


The Clitoris Can Be Jerked Off, Like a Mini Penis

This might surprise you, but I heard from a good source that you can jerk your clit off, like a mini penis.

“Gently hold the shaft of the clit between your thumb and forefinger (this is easier to do when the clit is already aroused and engorged) and move the labia and hood up and down over it like a little foreskin on a little penis.”

Let’s Stroke it!


Older woman laying in bed on her side, wearing blush pajama top, slightly smiling.Older woman laying in bed on her side, wearing blush pajama top, slightly smiling.


Clits Keep Growing with Age

Just like your nose, the clitoris continues to grow as we age due to hormonal changes in the body. By the time we reach menopause, the clit is seven times larger than it was at birth. And while it may continue to grow, it is the only part of the body that never ages. This is great news for vulva owners who want to stay sexually active and enjoy pleasure well into their wise crone years because the clit functions just the same as it did in their 20s.


The Clitoris Has a Sweet Spot

This fact is pretty cool. The clit has a highly sensitive area that I call the “sweet spot.” It is located on the upper left or right-hand side of the clitoris. Try stimulating both areas to see which side is your sweet spot. When you find it, zone in on it, and you will feel intense pleasure and probably orgasm very quickly. It’s super amazing!


The Clitoris is Analogous to the Penis

Up until twelve weeks of age in vitro, all embryos have the same genitals, no matter what sex they may become. This is because both develop from the same embryonic tissue, called the “ambisexual genital tubercle,” which then differentiates into a penis as androgens flood the system, or a clitoris, labia, and vaginal canal if no androgens are present. The clitoral glans is like the head of the penis. Both are made of erectile tissue as well. This is why when a trans person is transitioning either by taking hormones or via gender affirmation surgery, a penis becomes a clitoris and visa versa.


Black woman laying in bed on her side, wearing a loose, gray tank, looking up, and smiling.Black woman laying in bed on her side, wearing a loose, gray tank, looking up, and smiling.


All Clits are Unique

Despite what you may have seen in porn, with all those air-brushed, digitally augmented vulvas, all clits and vulvas are very unique. Some clits are big and boisterous, some small and shy, and hide beneath their hoods. Some are moody, some are puffy, some are punky and pierced, some are pink, some are mocha, some are purplish, some pop up for attention, and some are more relaxed. You can take a look here in Wikipedia’s media clit gallery to see all the amazing variations. Remember this: Yours is not too big, or too small, to too much or not enough. Like Goldilocks, it’s just right and perfect, just the way it is.


The Clit-astic Conclusion

We hope you have learned a lot of amazing new things about how the clitoris is so Clit-astic, and why it should never be cut out of anatomical journals or erased from existence again. It is an awesome part of the vulva and has almost magical superpowers, and its sole purpose is to give you orgasms and make you happy.

Hurray for the Clitoris!

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