5 Tips to Give Her Better Oral Pleasure

5 Tips to Give Her Better Oral Pleasure

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5 Tips to Give Her Better Oral Pleasure

Your lady is going to be begging for more after you pull out these tips and tricks! Pleasing her can sometimes be a challenge. Women don’t have an “On” and “Off” switch, they have to work their way up to the grand finale. Having her pleasure in mind is the best way to start, and if you succeed, she will likely return the favor.

1. Let Her Give Directions

Sometimes, trying to find the right place to start or what to do when can be confusing. You have to know what she likes. Does she like more stimulation on her clit or on her labia? Does she like to be fingered while being pleasured? Does she like sucking? Knowing these things will help you give her maximum pleasure. Pro Tip: Let her take control by telling her to guide your head. You work your tongue, but stay in one place. Tell her to move your head to where she wants you. This will encourage her to give you vocal commands as well. Not only will this be a major turn-on for both you and her, but you can also pay attention and learn where she likes to be stimulated and how she likes it done for future reference. And the next time, handcuff her and show her what you’ve learned ;)

2. Foreplay is KEY

A quickey every now and again is fine, but women don’t want you to head straight to their clit! Think of their bodies like a car. If you want to take care of it, you don’t slam the gas when the light turns green. You want to slowly build up your speed, gently and steadily. If you do, she will be thanking you. Kiss her mouth and work your way down. Take the time to explore her skin. She has nerve endings EVERYWHERE and some places will be super sensitive and will surprise you both! Tease the inside of her thighs, and around her waist. When you get to her sweet spot, try nibbling around her labia. That whole area is full of sweet sensations, and she will be buzzing with pleasure by the time you’re ready to do your work.

3. Add Multiple Stimulations

If you’re only using your tongue to please her, that’s not enough to blow her mind. Use your hands as well! Use one hand to finger her vaginal opening and use the other to touch other parts of her body. Reach out and touch her breasts, run your fingernails along her skin, or caress her thighs. She will be moaning with pleasure! Also, don’t be afraid to add toys to the game, she will thank you for it! Use a vibrator or bullet on her clit while you lick and caress her labia and vaginal opening. Use flavored lube to spice things up for you or add some cooling or heating lube for extra sensations.

4. Get Comfortable and Have Patience

If your woman isn’t comfortable, she isn’t going to enjoy herself. Make sure she is in a comfortable position for her to wiggle and stretch. Pro Tip: Place a pillow underneath her butt. It will give you great leverage and access, as well as make her feel great. You want to be comfortable as well. The average amount of time it takes a woman to climax through oral stimulation is 20 minutes. Sometimes, she may not climax at all. Remember, the goal is to please her. Take your time and show her your attention is solely to pleasure her.

5. Try Different Positions

Just like how vaginal or anal intercourse has more positions than missionary, so does oral! She doesn’t have to be on her back in the bedroom every time, spice things up a big by placing her somewhere else. Take her to the kitchen and place her on the counters or to the dining room table. The elevation can be to your advantage because she is up higher for you to get a better angle. Treat her like a dessert you can’t wait to taste. On the bed, you can be laying down on your back and have her sit on your face. This gives her the control because she can move her body and your tongue to where she wants.

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