Sex & Cannabis: Heighten Your Pleasure

Sex & Cannabis: Heighten Your Pleasure

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Sex & Cannabis: Heighten Your Pleasure

For cannabis lovers across the world, 4/20 is a popular holiday dedicated to enjoying the green goodness. If you aren’t a regular cannabis user but have been intrigued by it maybe, consider participating in this 4/20 to see how cannabis enhances sexual activity. There are so many ways in which you can incorporate cannabis into your sexy time, and we just wanted to share a few options if you are new to the ganja.

Enjoy it with a meal

Mixing cannabis into your meal before sexy time is a great way to gently ease into relaxation and heighten your senses to maximize your pleasure. You can add in some edibles for dessert like a brownie or even gummies or if you are more adventurous in the kitchen you can try infusing your food with cannabis at home. If edibles seem too intense or you are not a chef, you can enjoy cannabis in its traditional modes during dinner to add to the experience. Be sure to consider what you want from your cannabis when choosing a strain. Enjoying cannabis during a meal is a great idea because it can help get you aroused or in the mood, especially women. Studies show that when women consume cannabis, they are more interested in sexual activity.

Cooking with CannabisCooking with Cannabis
Cannabis LubricantCannabis Lubricant

Try some lube

If you aren’t ready for ingesting cannabis and want something a little lower in stakes to try you might want to consider CBD lube. Foria Wellness and Privy Peach both offer a CBD lube that can be used during sexual activity. CBD options are great because they don’t have the component that gets you “high” but rather CBD relaxes making it easier to engage in sexual activity comfortably. You can also try out CBD suppositories which can be used vaginal or anal to enhance sexual stimulation. 

Cannabis effects everyone differently, but typically they help with euphoria and sensations making sexual activity with cannabis products a more heightened and pleasurable experience. If you are looking for that it is best to start with a lower dosage and work your way up as you get more comfortable. I would also recommend engaging in manual or digital stimulation to start as it will allow you to full feel the sensations and then from there you can introduce other sensations like vibrators and insertable toys. If you want to add toys that fit the theme consider the Stoner Vibes Wacky Weed Wand Massager, The Naughty Bits® I Leaf Dick™ Dildo, or even some Mary Jane Nipple Clamps.  

Stoner Vibes by Global NoveltiesStoner Vibes by Global Novelties

Cannabis can help your mood, relax your body, and enhance sensations which is why it is a great tool for adding to your sexual experiences. The uses for cannabis during sex are endless, from making penetration easier, to relaxing muscles, and helping to clear one’s head so they can be present in the experience; you can use cannabis to heighten experiences in a multitude of ways. Definitely take your time if you aren’t an avid cannabis user. If you live in a state where cannabis use is legal for recreation visit your local dispensary and ask for recommendations from them on good choices to enhance sexual activity.

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