Toys for Foreplay

Foreplay can be extremely important for anyone to not only get into the mood for sexual activity, but for some, it can even help build stimulation to make any sexual activity more pleasurable. But how exactly can it be utilized if you’re relatively new to extended foreplay? There are many different ways to include little amounts throughout your daily routine and when things start to turn a little spicier in the bedroom. This can be through toy use or creating an atmosphere that helps you feel comfortable. In some cases, foreplay can be entirely non-sexual in order to establish comfort, and it doesn't even need to be done with a partner. Here are some useful tools to help aid you in exploring foreplay both alone and with a partner.

Pheromones and Aphrodisiacs:

We’ve talked a lot about pheromones on PillowTalk lately, but for good reason! There have been numerous studies since being defined in 1959 that look at behavioral patterns in humans and other animals. While any conclusive evidence is still up for debate, there is evidence that, when exposed to pheromones, humans can respond to them with higher levels of focus and improved mood, both very important in building sexual satisfaction and desire. Pheromone oils, perfumes and colognes mix these properties with other scents allowing them to act as aphrodisiacs that can spike interest levels. This can be through scents like vanilla, lavender, or other calming and desirable smells.

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Restricting someone’s ability to move can be useful in many different ways. For some, basic wrist restraints or simply pinning their arms down can be enough. For others, more aggressive items like under the bed restraints can provide that locked down feeling they need. By being restrained, it can help with arousal by putting yourself or your partner in a state of helplessness or potentially feeling more secure in their position. Using it as a form of foreplay can be different and exciting, but it’s important to always stay with your partner when they are restrained in order to keep them safe. This feeling of being restrained may not be for everyone as well, so be sure to communicate well with your partner before attempting it. (Learn more about restraints and an introduction to kink in our blog here.)

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Technique Recommendations: 

  • Beginner: Grab the wrists of your partner and pin their hands above their head. If laying down, have your partner cross their arms behind their back while laying on their back.
  • Advanced: If you have a large headboard with posts, look for and study safe rope ties online to tie your partner’s wrists to the bed so they are physically restrained while still allowing you to use your hands.

Self Exploration:

A lot of times, people associate pleasure with direct genital stimulation through whatever means necessary, but that isn’t the only erogenous zone on the body. Taking the time to explore your own body or your partners can help learn little aspects and areas that you might derive additional pleasures from. Nipple stimulation can be very pleasurable to some and is often overlooked in the grand scheme of sexual interactions. Aside from the nipples, there are various other sensitive areas of the body such as the neck, inner thigh, the sides of the abdomen, and many more. These areas aren’t often explored in sex or other self pleasure techniques making them prime realestate for potential pleasurable sensations. Maybe you have no interest in practicing penetrative anal, but with exploration you find that you really enjoy just rubbing the rim of your anus. This is not crossing your limit, but you discovered something new to explore in the future!

Sensation Play:

When engaging in self exploration, it can be useful to play with different sensations as well to see where you can be most sensitive and with what. Feathers and other softer objects like fur can be gentle and ticklish along the body. They can be used for lighter touches that feel more elegant and easy on your body. You can even use pinwheels, fingernails or the edge of a credit card to provide a sharper sensation that is more aggressive but can pinpoint a precise area that you want to be stimulated. Floggers and other impact toys can provide both stingy and thuddy sensations to feel pressure against your body with each strike. Each of these sensations are subjective to the individual and should be discussed beforehand if with a partner, but can be incredibly useful when utilized correctly. Using a blindfold can also help increase the sensation due to restricting sight, leaving you unsure of where you will be stimulated!

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Set the Atmosphere:

While all of these techniques can help set the mood, the wrong atmosphere can take you out of an intimate moment at any time. Setting the tone of your space, whether it’s your mental space or setting, can greatly impact your experience as a whole. Take the time to set up your space to be as comfortable as possible in order to make things more intimate and pleasurable. This can be through candles, fresh sheets, your favorite record in the background or whatever you resonate most with. It can be in the bath, bedroom, or wherever you’d like. Creating an atmosphere meant for pleasure without the setbacks of everyday life or outside stimulus can help immerse you deeper into your sexual activity.

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Wearable Vibrators:

For some people, the idea of having pleasure at any moment without the outside world knowing can be extremely arousing. The use of wireless, remote control vibrators allows this to be a reality, with some even utilizing app controlled devices to make connecting easier. It can be as simple as using it while at home enjoying a day off or as exciting as wearing it while running errands. This can provide a controlled amount of stimulation to help prepare you for intercourse with a partner or even if you want a little extended masturbatory pleasure. Regardless, it’s discrete and can be worn anytime without inhibiting your ability to do other things at the same time. In fact, it can even be used with other forms of foreplay!

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