Sex Bets

Sex Bets

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Sex Bets

Sex Bets

Get in on the action! Sexy ideas for competitive lovers.

If you’ve got a competitive side or just want a way to spice things up, we’d like to encourage you to do a little gambling. 

Not gambling with money, though. What we mean is making a sexy bet with your partner. 

Ideas for Bets

Realistically, you can turn anything into a bet: whose DoorDash gets there first, who can finish running errands quickest, who makes the better pancake? Making a sexy bet is a great way to spice up a regular errand or make an otherwise tedious activity a little more stimulating. If there’s some chore you’ve been putting off, the promise of the sexy reward might be just the motivator you need to sit down and finally file your taxes.  

But if you want, you can also make your bets a little spicer. Edging comes to mind as something that might lend itself well to a bet. Who can last the longest? Conversely, who can bring the other to the edge quickest? Who can finish themselves quicker?

The options are endless. 

A quick disclaimer: go over your hard and soft limits before the games begin. If the prize for the winner is that they get to “do anything” with the loser, that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. You and your partner need to be on the same page about what the other is willing to do or have done to them. When you’re deciding to make a sexy bet, bang out all the details (see what we did there) of what you’re betting on and who wins what beforehand. 

Gage what you’re willing to do and willing to ask based on where you are in the relationship and the level of trust you have.  Safewords should also still apply, just in case.


Ready to give it a try? Read our ideas for sexy bets below.

Loser Has to Clean Up Naked

You have your very own sexy maid for the day. Pending your glorious win, your partner must tidy up around your space totally nude. That is unless you think something like an apron or rubber gloves might add to the overall ambiance. You can sit back, kick your feet up, and enjoy the view and your win. 

Naked Massage

Nudity is appealing for obvious reasons. It’s a fun and harmless ego-stroke to know you’ve got something over someone else. But aside from that, it’s safe to assume you find your partner attractive and enjoy any opportunity to get to see them in the buff. 

And of course, a massage from your partner is nice in the way that all massages are nice. We recommend going all out with some mood lighting, candles, and body oil. And who knows? Depending on how well the loser does their job, they might end up earning a reward of their own. 

Some Mild Public Play

This one has a lot of options. The winner could decide the loser has to leave the house without a certain piece of clothing, like underwear or a bra, or that they have to wear a spicy article of clothing. Maybe you have to go to work with a piece of exciting lingerie under your work suit or wear something really daring like a collar.

You could also bet on something like wearing a butt-plug or a remote-controlled vibrator out in public. It’s like a little adventure you get to go on all by yourself. Other people might not know, but you will. And depending on what the winner requests, it might not feel like such a loss…

Just make sure that if you’re taking your show on the road, you’re doing it in a way that doesn’t violate any laws or potentially make someone out in public uncomfortable. 


Power Exchange

For a set amount of time at an agreed-upon period, the loser becomes the master’s sexual servant. The losing partner has to submit to the winning partner and whatever activity they suggest, be it oral sex, spanking, or a number of other things. 

If you’re interested in BDSM or you know your partner has a submissive or dominant side, this might sound especially appealing. It’s something for people who enjoy exercising a little power or revel in the feeling of powerlessness. 

Editor’s Note: In any BDSM activity, consent and safety are the most important rules. If you are to explore a kink practice, be sure to establish rules and safety precautions.


Sexy Roulette

After your win, write down a few of your favorite sexual fantasies. You can put them in a hat, a fishbowl, or whatever you want. Just make sure it’s something where the entries can’t be seen, so when your partner selects something, it’s a surprise for both of you. This gives you the opportunity to cross an item of you and your partner’s sexual bucket list. 

The most important part is that you both have fun, regardless of the winner. 

Now, place your bets!

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