Romance Them Off Their Feet: 5 Date Night Ideas for a Mid-Week Valentine's Day

Romance Them Off Their Feet: 5 Date Night Ideas for a Mid-Week Valentine's Day

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Romance Them Off Their Feet: 5 Date Night Ideas for a Mid-Week Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is nearing and has unluckily landed on a Wednesday which is probably the least ideal day of the week for a love-filled date night. It is smack dab in the middle of the week which means you will probably have to squeeze romance around your typical events of the week. If you are not wanting to try and get a restaurant reservation on one of the busiest days of the year, here are five different date night ideas for Valentine’s Day falling on a Wednesday that will still have your partner feeling wooed and romanced. 

For the Food Lovers

If you and your partner are big foodies a Tour de Food is a great date night. You will prepare a mini buffet for you and your partner. You can create a buffet of you and your partner(s)’ favorite foods, choose a specific cuisine, or combine multiple cuisines. You can cook the items yourself or order them and set them up. This date idea is a great option if you don’t want to venture outside of the home on Valentine’s Day or if you enjoy cooking. Don't forget, you can also toss a blanket and some pillows down on the floor for a romantic carpet picnic!

Intimate Game Night

A game night might seem like a lackluster Valentine’s Day date idea but hear me out. There are so many games available nowadays that focus on intimacy in relationships and some classic games also help with that. You can get intimate with a game of Twister with your partner. Get tangled in each other and enjoy some laughs while realizing that you aren’t as limber as you were in childhood. The close proximity of Twister allows the sexual tensions to build throughout the game as well. If you want a game night that is a little less physical you can try out different card games like Date Nights Personal Questions or Love Talk. A game night is a great way to spend an evening talking and getting to know each other on a deeper level.

For the Book Lovers

There are three different ways you could do a date night for book lovers. If you want to get out of the house, go to your local bookshop, and give your partner 60 seconds to grab as many books as they want can be a fun option. If you want to stay in you can build a reading nook for you and your partner. Gather all the blankets and pillows your heart desires and turn on some reading music and prep your partner’s favorite beverage for them and then you can just be in the same space enjoying your separate books or reading to each other. Another book date night option is buying a bunch of different books for your partner and wrapping them with a note offering vague details about the book and hiding them throughout the house and turning it into a scavenger hunt for your partner.

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Sensual Spa Time

If you really want to lean into relaxation this Valentine’s Day, consider the spa. You can schedule a couple’s massage at your local spa or if you want to be more financially conscious you can do a spa night at home. You can prepare a bath for you and your partner complete with mood lighting, smell-good bubble bath, sexy bath bombs, and some romantic jazz. You can get some face masks from Target to elevate the spa experience. Don’t forget some treats to add to the fun and make it feel more like you are at a spa. Some citrus-infused water and fruit for snacking will create peak spa vibes.

Date Night with Kids

If you have children and still want to do something fun for Valentine’s Day without having to get a babysitter, lean into the cuteness that is inherent in children. You can organize a production with your children. Have them prepare a song or dance for y’all to perform for your partner. You can let your kids choreograph it. If you have smaller children create a lasting gift with them. Creating a statue of you all holding hands together is an easy way to create something lasting. You can use an at-home casting kit to do this with ease.

Valentine’s Day on Wednesday is not the most ideal, but there is still so much that can be done to enjoy the holiday. Get a little creative and make this V-day a special one.

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