Role-Playing in Public

Role-Playing in Public

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Role-Playing in Public

Role-Playing in Public

Have a little fun outside the bedroom!

Role-playing in public can be a little tricky. There are many things to consider, such as how far things can go before it becomes too sexual for the public, how other individuals in public may respond or react, and what role play to do and where to do it. There are many ways to incorporate role-playing in public spaces that don’t have to run the mill of getting you banned from your favorite places.

Pick Each Other Up at The Bar

If you’ve ever seen Four Christmases, you have an idea of what picking each other in a bar can look like with your partner. Before going out, pick your personas: do you want to be the high power CEO, a fun-loving college senior, a traveling artist, or maybe an airplane pilot on a layover. Then, strike up a conversation talking about what your “life” is like and flirt with each other until the fateful question comes up: “want to get out of here?”

Take Advantage of Cosplay Conferences

If you are into cosplaying or any fandom where you dress like the characters, you can take advantage of conferences to role play. You can play out what it would be like for Commander Riker to hit on The Scarlet Witch or The Mandalorian to try and get with Catwoman. You can take advantage of an already developed identity lessening the work you have to put into the improv. Role-playing in cosplay also allows for who may be more self-conscious to feel more confident since they don’t have to be themselves, but rather a character they know so well.

Have a Weekend Away

It can be easier to step into role-playing when you aren’t in your usual space and routines. Planning a weekend away can help you ease into role-playing. Everything is new, so you can indeed be anyone you want. Go to a new town and re-create your identities. Decide before you get to your destination if you're going to create new identities at every new place you go or if you want to be the same people all weekend. Weekends in a new area are also great for “affair” roleplays. Since you are somewhere new, there is no worry about someone you know hearing you say you are “cheating on your spouse” and conflict ensuing, but you may get some disapproving looks in a new area, so be prepared.

Recreate your favorite movie scene

If you are genuinely drawing blanks for where to start crafting your role-playing, turn to a favorite or most loved movie between you and your partner(s). You can pick off where two characters left off if you wished that two characters that didn’t end up together did make it so. You can use movie or tv show characters. There are no rules when using media characters, so do what you want and have fun with it. If you don’t know where to start, might I recommend my favorite role play is Dominic Toretto and Letty from the first Fast and the Furious?

Take it to the gym

Have you ever wanted a meet-cute like in romcoms? You can have that at the gym. Go together and start working out separately, and then one of you will approach the other. You can roleplay as someone willing to offer pointers on their form to get closer. Then, as you get more sweaty, you can let that steam go with you back home and to the bedroom. 

The world is your oyster when it comes to role-playing. You can craft whatever storyline you like in whatever setting you want. However, it is important to remember that there are limitations on what can be done publicly. All physical play should be reserved for private areas, so if the role-playing will escalate quickly, maybe start it in a hotel bar and then quickly make your way up to your room. Also, remember that you can’t involve others in your role-playing without their consent. This means no trying to bring anyone else into your scenario without informing them of the situation. 

Have fun and bring some improv into your sex life!