Oh, Have Merci! Meet Doc Johnson's Newest Product Line

Oh, Have Merci! Meet Doc Johnson's Newest Product Line

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Oh, Have Merci! Meet Doc Johnson's Newest Product Line

Doc Johnson has released a new kink line, and it will have you screaming “Mercy!” but in a good way. If you have been looking to level up in terms of your kinky activities this new line might be just what you are looking for. With a variety of products in the line, it has something to offer people with a wide interest and enjoyment of so many kink, BDSM, and fetish activities. You have been forewarned, Merci is going to take you to a new level of kinkiness. Here are just a few of the different products and ways they can be used for some kinky fun.

Merci Tweak Nipple Sucker Set by Doc JohnsonMerci Tweak Nipple Sucker Set by Doc Johnson

For Fans of Nipple Stimulation

This line is really showing love to the nipples and nipple stimulation lovers. With five different nipple products, you can experience a range of sensations. The Tweak Nipple Set allows for some self or partner-controlled stimulation. The silicone design allows for a nice seal around the nipples, making it so that every time you squeeze them, they create more suction. You can enjoy dual-stimulation with the Swell Nipple Stimulators. This product allows for vibration and pumping suction while also being hands-free. With seven settings you can gradually work your way through the higher settings to get to the maximum swell. If you are someone who enjoys a little more roughness with your nipple stimulation consider the Chained Up Nipple Set. These nipple clamps are connected by a chain making it easy to tug on the nipples, be it for a little punishment, or rather funishment, or training. The Nippers Set is great if you love pinching or torturing someone with some pinching. This is definitely not recommended for beginners as the set does not have tension control or adjustable as with other sets. The last nipple product is the Vibro Grippers Set. This is ideal for fans of vibration; with 10 settings and a travel case it is the perfect companion for a trip to your local dungeon or a getaway with a nipply sub.

For Those Who Wanna Stretch Some Holes

If you have an interest in gaping or just enjoy seeing how much you (or your partner) can take, then Merci is up to the challenge. With five dildo options, you can get stretched in a multitude of positions with ease. Start with the 7.3” Perfect P-Spot Cock or the 7.5” Perfect Cock, you can move up to the 8” Squirting Cumplay Cock, and then move to the 9.5” Really Big Dick, and after taking the 10.5” Perfect Cock will be a breeze. If you prefer to be stretched by your partner(s), then you can try out the Jacked Up Thin Sheath or the Jacked Up Thick Sheath and enjoy some textured stimulation while stretching out someone else’s holes, or you can even use them as strokers for solo play.

Merci Jacked Up - Thick by Doc JohnsonMerci Jacked Up - Thick by Doc Johnson
Merci Power Banger - Fuck Machine with Wireless Remote by Doc JohnsonMerci Power Banger - Fuck Machine with Wireless Remote by Doc Johnson

For the Truly Adventurous Kinkster

If you have been looking to level up for a while but haven’t found a product to do that there are four products that may satiate your growing kinky hunger. The Stinger is an electro-play wand* that will definitely electrify your kinky play. With an easy push-control, you can light up your favorite areas with ease. If electro-play is a little too far, the Pumped, vulva pump will allow you to swell your vulva with blood making it more sensitive to stimulation making it easier to have your sub(s) or play partner(s) begging for mercy. Get into the depths of the ass with the In Deep Anal Snake. With 17” insertable you can really see how much you can take. If you truly want to get adventurous the Power Banger Fuck Machine might just be the challenge you are looking for. With a wireless remote, you or a partner can control the speed of the thrusting to make you quicker and quack in ecstatic pleasure.

Regardless of where you are in your kinky journey, the Merci line has options as you move up in terms of experience and curiosity. Get ready to see how much you can truly take before having to scream “mercy!”


*If you have a heart condition or pacemaker, consult your doctor before engaging in electro-play.

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