Maximize Your Orgasms

Maximize Your Orgasms

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Maximize Your Orgasms

Earth-moving. Meh. Mind-blowing. Mediocre. Healing. These are all descriptions of orgasms that people have used. If you want to have orgasms that are more Earth-moving and mind-blowing than meh and mediocre there are some things that you can do. Maximizing your orgasms doesn’t have to be daunting or overwhelming. With a few additions or changes, you can have orgasms that will make Hedone jealous.

Use Lube

You may be wondering how lube could maximize an orgasm but trust me it can. Lube enhances experiences by making things slide in and out smoother, minimizing friction which can minimize tears, and moisturizing the area where it is being used. These may not seem like things that can impact an orgasm, but they do. Using lube also means your body has to focus less on creating lubrication for the vagina and you can relax better. Lube also helps with longevity, making it easier to keep going to help you reach your orgasm. Lube is essential for anal play, as the anus is not self-lubricating. If you are planning for a lengthy sex session silicone lube is a great option as it lasts longer. If you are going to throw toys into the mix you might want to consider a water-based or hybrid lube.

Change Positions

If you generally orgasm in the same position, you could be at a plateau because your body is used to and expecting it. By exploring different positions, you open your body up to more pleasure, especially because activating different muscles and parts of the body can enhance experiences of pleasure. If you typically masturbate or have sex in a position where you lay on your back, try rolling over onto your side or getting on all fours. You can add in supports like positioning pillows and other accessibility tools to make it easier to be in different positions. 

Meditate Before Hand

The main struggle people have with orgasming is that they can’t fully present in a pleasure headspace. It is very common for people’s minds to be in other places when trying to masturbate or engage in partnered activity. If this is something you experience meditation can be a great help. Guided meditations can help you clear everything bouncing around in your head so that you are more attuned to your body and can experience orgasms to their full potential. 

Caffeine is Your Friend

If you don’t drink coffee, consider drinking some before your next sexy session. Some research shows that caffeine can intensify orgasms, so by drinking a cup of coffee before you engage in sexual activity you can maximize your orgasm. If you are skeptical listen to engineer and sex scientist, Anna Lee, who tested the theory and has scientific data to show that caffeine did have an impact. It is important to remember that everybody is different and if you don’t do well with caffeine maybe don’t try this route. 

Orgasms are interesting and complicated physiological experiences that are impacted by a lot of different factors. If you don’t have immediate results don’t give up, it may take a few tries. It’s also a good idea to remove the goal of having incredible, mind-blowing orgasms because putting that expectation on yourself can make it that much harder to achieve. 

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