Have a Spanking Good Time: A Primer on Spanking

Have a Spanking Good Time: A Primer on Spanking

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Have a Spanking Good Time: A Primer on Spanking

Spankings were something to dread growing up, but now as adults, so many of us look forward to a good spank, we yearn for it. If you aren’t someone who yearns for spankings but want to in honor of the holiday season (Spanksgiving being the holiday, not Thanksgiving), then you may be wondering where or how to get started with spanking. Here is a little primer to get you ready to have a spanking good time!

All About the Bum

Spanking is considered to be impacting the buttocks with a hand and that’s it, so that’s what we are focusing on. Before you start getting slap-happy you need to understand the anatomy of the butt to make sure you aren’t hurting yourself or your partner(s). The butt cheeks are your hot spot. You are going to want to focus most of your spanking in the center of your butt cheeks, but not all butts are the same (and that’s why we love them), so you need to learn the butt you are spanking. You are also going to need to learn where the back ends and the butt begins because you want to avoid the tailbone at all costs. Another sweet spot for spanking is the curve of the butt cheek, which is great for an upward-motion spank. 

Ways to Spank

There are a few different ways that you can spank some ass and depending on mood and person it can change. A bare flat hand is the instinctive way of spanking, but you can also use a cupped hand. The difference in the hand shape will lead to a difference in impact, either a thuddy hit or a stingy hit. You can play around with each to see whichever you like more. You can also use just the tips of your finger for a lighter hit. Keep in mind switching between butt cheeks to extend the experience. The upward-motion spank is great especially if you want to see more motion in the butt when you hit it, just be sure you are taking care of the butt during spanking so the experience can continue as long as you like.

Aftercare for Spanking

Aftercare is vital for everything, but especially for different types of impact play, like spanking, as they allow the body to continue to endure impacts. Whether you are spanking yourself or your partner(s), you are going to want to have some aftercare, but there is one type of aftercare specifically. You are going to want to make sure you are gently massaging the area that was impacted. Generally, this is done after some long stretches of spanking or at the end, but if you are newer to spanking, I recommend doing it more frequently as it helps you to be able to take more spankings longer. You can just massage the area by gently rubbing your hand in circular motions over where you hit.

Solo Spanking

Though spanking is typically thought of as being a partnered activity you can engage in spanking all by yourself. To be able to do this you have to learn your body and figure out what positions work for you to be able to reach back and spank yourself. We all have different bodily capabilities and positions that we find enjoyable so don’t be afraid to explore lots of options. Some great starter positions are lying on your side, standing in front of a mirror with a profile view, and lying on your stomach. The thing to keep in mind with positions is making sure your arms can reach the desired area.

Spanking can be highly erotic and stimulating and most definitely a damn good time. You can engage in spanking clothed or completely bare, which allows you to do it whenever the mood strikes, so don’t be afraid to have some spanking time whenever you desire. And be sure to continue learning about spanking to better hone your craft and enhance the experience.

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