Different Types of Orgasms and Tips to Achieve Them

Different Types of Orgasms and Tips to Achieve Them

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Different Types of Orgasms and Tips to Achieve Them

For a lot of people, the idea of orgasm is attached only to the genitals, but what if I told you there were numerous ways to have an orgasm, and not all of them are from genital stimulation? Well, there are many different types of orgasms, though six of them are not from genital stimulation. It is important to remember that everybody is different and so you may not be able to achieve all the different orgasms, but If you want to try here are some tips for 15 different types of orgasms that can happen for bodies with penises and bodies with vulvas.

Nipple Orgasm

Nipple orgasms happen from nipple stimulation. If you are new to playing with your nipples, start with just using your fingers and hands and gently flicking and massaging them. After you have a better idea of the ways you like to stimulate your nipples you can introduce different types of stimulation with toys. Bullet vibrators are great for pinpointed stimulation. You can also try out suction toys for nipple stimulation.


Coregasms generally happen when you are working out and core exercises lead to orgasms. This might be a harder to achiever orgasm if you don’t already work out regularly. If you do, then focus on core exercises that can help you experience this exercise-induced orgasm. It may take some time to be sure to not push yourself too hard to make it happen.

Skin Orgasm

Skin orgasms are also known as frissons and they are physical reactions that happen on the skin when you experience something. Skin orgasms typically happen when people listen to music that moves them, eat something delicious, or have a sensation that sends shivers through their body. If you have ever felt goosebumps or the hairs on your arm stand then you probably have already experienced a skin orgasm!

Breath Orgasm

Controlling and focusing on your breathing in a specific way can lead to breath orgasms. This type of orgasm is one that must be learned, especially if you are not used to controlling and paying attention to your breathing. The key to this orgasm is focusing your breathing on your pelvic region. 

Fantasy Orgasm

Fantasy orgasms are orgasms that are achieved solely from thinking about a fantasy. That means there is no stimulation of body parts at all, rather the thinking about being touched or doing something sexually leads to a release of sexual energy. If you want to give it a try, get lost in a daydream of a fantasy you have and exercise self-control to not self-pleasure while thinking about, but rather let your brain do all the heavy lifting to get you to a point of orgasmic relief.

Sleep Orgasm

Wet dreams or sleep orgasms are what happens when you have an orgasm while unconscious. Wet dreams are a little harder to control or plan for because you are not doing it consciously. You will know if you have had one because you wake up during it or you may wake up in the morning to some wetness, be it ejaculation or vaginal wetness. 

Clitoral Orgasm

Clitoral orgasms are the most common and known orgasms for people with vulvas because the clitoris is the pleasure center. Clitoral orgasms can happen in a few ways because there are many parts that van stimulated depending on how you touch the vulva. The most common clitoral orgasm happens from stimulating the glans clitoris.

G-Spot Orgasm

The g-spot orgasm is technically a type of clitoral orgasm because stimulating the g-spot is an internal way of stimulating the clitoris. The clitouethrovaginal complex(CUV) is this type of orgasm in which vaginal stimulation stimulates the clitoris and urethra to the point of orgasm. For some people, the “g-spot” orgasm may be harder to achieve, but that’s okay, just remember to take your time and be patient with yourself.

Blended Orgasm

Blended orgasms happen when both the clitoris and G-spot are stimulated. This might be harder to do from just manual stimulation, but there are a variety of toys that can help you. The classic rabbit vibrator was made to aid in blended orgasms, but depending on the types of stimulation you enjoy there are quite a few options for you. The Womanizer Duo 2 is a great option if you enjoy suction stimulation on the clitoris. If you enjoy the thrusting motion the California Dreamin’ Orange County Cutie might be good for you. If you enjoy pinpointed stimulation of both the clitoris and the G-spot the Fun Factory Miss Bi might be the toy for you.

Cervical Orgasm

Cervical orgasms are one of the tricker orgasms to achieve because it requires stimulation of the cervix, which is not for everyone. Most cervical stimulation only happens during deep penetration. If you want some help with deeper penetration, I would recommend using a sex pillow.

Anal Orgasm

Anal orgasms can happen from various forms of anal stimulation from analingus, fingering the anus, and penetrative sex of the anus. There are numerous nerve endings t the opening of the anus, so even if you don’t enjoy anal penetration you can still experience an orgasm from a rimjob.

Ejaculatory Orgasm

The most common orgasm for a penis is the ejaculatory orgasm where the penis ejaculates from stimulation. Chances are this type of orgasm has already happened to you or your partner(s), but if not, you should try stimulating the penis with a hand-job or blow-job.

Retrograde Orgasm

Retrograde orgasms are orgasms where ejaculation doesn’t happen, but you still have the release of the orgasm, just no fluid to show it. This is not a type of orgasm you can necessarily control as it has to do with the bladder not contracting, so the semen ends up coming out in the urine rather than as ejaculation.

Prostate Orgasm

The prostate orgasm happens from stimulating the prostate which is often referred to as the “male G-spot”. The prostate is a walnut-sized organ that can be stimulated externally or internally by entering in the anus. External prostate stimulation happens when you massage the prostate, which can be felt between the scrotum and the taint. Internal prostate stimulation can happen by using your fingers or by using toys designed specifically for the prostate.

No matter what type of orgasm you are after there are some sure-fire ways to help you achieve the orgasm. The first is to relax. Relaxation is key for orgasms to happen because you can have the release if you are tense. The other thing to remember is lube. Lube drastically improves sexual activity and makes stimulation more pleasurable. The last thing is not to put too much pressure on yourself to achieve and orgasm. Pleasure should be the goal, not the orgasm, so just do what feels good and brings you pleasure.

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