Being a Brat: Exploring Your Bratty Side

Being a Brat: Exploring Your Bratty Side

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Being a Brat: Exploring Your Bratty Side

Brats are infamous within kink & BDSM for their blatant disregard of what they are told and their depraved desire for being punished ;) . Still, if you’re new to being a brat you may not know best how to capitalize on the reputation of being a brat. That’s where we come in to help you. Here are a few different ways to explore your bratty side, whether by yourself or a partner.

Why Be a Brat?

Firstly, you might be wondering what it is about being a brat that is so appealing. For most brats it is something that comes naturally and is already a part of their personality, others want to explore a side of themselves they might not let loose as often. Regardless of where you are on the bratiness spectrum engaging in that type of power dynamic and kink/BDSM relationship can be an avenue of release, healing, and pleasure. It’s a matter of having a good relationship with your dom(me) and the safety and space to explore.

Get Good at Deception

The best brats are the ones who keep their dom(me) on their toes, meaning that they seem like such a little good sub at first glance that you wouldn’t think they’re a brat. If you are good at pulling the old switcheroo, to the untrained eye you would look like a well-behaved sub, but a dom(me) will pick up on your brattiness quickly. Start subtle with your bratiness and then move to more, to out their reactions.

Dress the Part

Wearing something to remind your dom(me) how delicious and naughty you are is a great way to always be prepared to brat it up. Dressing up a bustier with jeans or a skirt is a great way to always be dressed for playtime. Body adornments also do well to remind your dom(me) about all the things they want to do with you, like nipple clamps, pasties telling your dom(me) what you want, you can add enamel pins that speak to what you want or some sensory fingertips. You can also dress the part more literally with brat-themed t-shirts and crop tops from Get Naughtee.

Get Used to Punishment

The fun of being a brat is knowing that you will be punished, but there is little control over what that punishment looks like. Depending on your dom(me) the punishment can be more orgasms than you think you can handle or other types of physical punishment, psychological punishment, or self-care punishments like drinking your water or eating three meals a day. To best be prepared for whatever your dom(me) doles out you should work to get yourself used to some of the options. You can paddle yourself to get used to impact play as a punishment and this paddle leaves a friendly reminder of your delectable role as a brat. If your dom(me) is known for more restrictive forms of punishment getting used to being restrained with cuffs is a good idea. While spending time in the cuffs you can engage in activities like blowjobs or oral sex on a dildo or pocket pussy to show off your skills with no hands.

Things to Say

Brats are known for having good comebacks or just saying things that will lead to them being reprimanded by their dom(me). If you aren’t already accustomed to saying “make me” whenever the chance arises you better start practicing. Other phrases that are handy in a brat’s arsenal are “and what are you going to do about it?”, calling your dom(me) by another honorific or their actual name, saying “and” very sassily when given a command, and of course perfecting your eye rolling skills. Though eye-rolling may not be a verbal, saying it is definitely a way to say something.

Regardless of how long you’ve been a brat or wanted to explore being a brat it is important that you discover this part of yourself for you. Don’t try and fit into a box of what a brat is supposed ot be, but rather be your authentic bratty self, whatever that looks like. Also remember that just because you are a brat doesn’t mean you have to be a brat 100% of the time. Everyone is complex and different and has so many sides to themselves, the great thing about kink and BDSM is that you have the space to explore all those sides.

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