8 Tips for Getting Sexy in the Great Outdoors

8 Tips for Getting Sexy in the Great Outdoors
May 8, 2024
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Did you know that today is National Outdoor Intercourse Day? Yep, that’s right–a day all for outdoor sex! Now, before you run outside and start doing it on the front lawn, there are some things that you should know and be prepared for. Outside of just legal considerations, there are a few areas you might want to think ahead about to be the most prepared and make your outdoor romp a pleasurable experience. So here are eight tips for getting sexy in the great outdoors today and any other day.

Check the weather

This may seem like a no-brainer, but it must be said. I understand wanting to be spontaneous, but the last thing anyone wants is to be randomly rained on, or even worse, snowed on, while in the middle of something hot and steamy. Checking the weather in the morning can help you plan accordingly but be sure to check throughout the day.

Keep the necessary materials

Outdoor sex completely raw–meaning no soft surfaces, no lube, no wipes, or anything, can really bring down an experience, so stay ready by always having your materials prepared. This doesn’t have to mess up spontaneity; keep a frisky outdoor kit in your car. You should include a blanket or towel; you can snag a cheap fleece blanket from Walmart. You will also need some baby wipes and a travel-size lube. These are the bare essentials you will want to make the fun as comfortable as possible for everyone. If you want to be prepared for safer sex in the great outdoors, keeping barrier methods like condoms and Lorals is a great idea. Regularly check the expiration dates and replace them if there is a scorching day. 

Check out areas ahead of time

If you plan an outdoor adventure, look into the area ahead of time. Are there places off the path you can get to that are secluded and leave space for you to have fun without prying eyes? If it is a camping trip you will be having fun during, choose a campsite with a good distance from the others. Don’t be the reason a family has to have the bird and bees’ conversation unexpectedly. If you are trying for more exotic outdoor areas, like the beach or your backyard, check it out when you think you want to get frisky. Nighttime is always a good idea, though if you have a fence, you don’t have to worry about the time of day, as long as it is high enough.

Dress for easy access

When it comes to getting it on in the outdoors, you need to be prepared to compose yourself quickly, and dressing properly can help with that. Shorts are a good idea if you are hiking or camping. If you are planning for the beach, consider a coverup so that, if need be, you can wear it without any bottoms. Sundresses are also your friend in warmer months for easy access during outdoor fun.

Know what’s around

Obviously, some legal things need to be considered before you get it on outside. Public nudity and sexual activity can lead to criminal charges, so you don’t want to do anything where you will get caught, but you especially don’t want to do anything near areas with minors. If you pick a park, make sure it is not near a school or anything like that. Engaging in sexual activity near or on a school or playground will have you on the sex offender list. Avoiding places near children is the big takeaway. 

Tents count as outdoors

If you are concerned about being seen or getting caught having sex in the great outdoors, you can still do it and have more peace of mind with a tent. Tents provide coverage and shelter so you can have fun regardless of the weather, time of day, or temperature. If you have never used a tent, practice setting it up beforehand. When choosing the spot to set up your tent, be sure to pick flat land. You don’t want a random stick poking you during it, so avoid areas with lots of fallen branches or clear them before you set up your tent.

Stay hydrated

Whenever you choose to have some fun outdoors, you will likely have to travel there by car or foot, so you need to be hydrated. Drinking water will also make the sexual experience more pleasurable because when your body is well-hydrated, it is easier for it to produce bodily fluids. 

Pack in, pack out

If you are ever venturing into the great outdoors, you should adhere to one of the basic tenets: pack it in, pack it out. This means that whatever you bring with you outside needs to be taken with you when you leave. I promise no forest animals need lube or barrier methods, so be sure not to leave them behind. Mother Nature has so generously created such amazing and beautiful places for us to have a good time, so let’s show her that we appreciate it.

Now that you have a little more guidance, you can go out and have a great time today (or any time of year). Be smart, be safe, have a good time, and respect plant Earth!

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