4 different ways to use the Ultrawand by FemmeFunn

4 different ways to use the Ultrawand by FemmeFunn

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4 different ways to use the Ultrawand by FemmeFunn

When it comes to wands, the design is pretty standard, but when there are some differences and updated features it increases the ways in which you can use it. One wand that definitely allows for versatile use is the FemmeFunn UltraWand. With 10 vibration settings, a boost function, and a super flexible head you can get creative with how and where you use it. If you are in need of some ideas here are four different ways to use the UltraWand.

FemmeFunn UltrawandFemmeFunn Ultrawand

Body Massager

Wands were first created and marketed as body massagers and they still work great in that function. The UltraWand has the power to really knock the knots out in different parts of your body. The size of the head makes it easy to really pinpoint specific parts of the body. The power of the wand is also focused in the head, so it makes it easier to hold the wand for extended periods of time without the wand numbing or overstimulating your hand with vibration.

Forced Orgasms

A great way to use wands is for forced orgasms. The UltraWand is particularly great for that because of the Boost button. The boost button instantly takes the wand to the highest setting, which does wonders when you are engaging in forced orgasm play. As the person you are taunting gets closer and closer to climax you can hit that button to take them over the edge. Then you can easily turn off Boost to restart their torture at a lower setting. 

Forced OrgasmForced Orgasm
Tribbing - ScissoringTribbing - Scissoring

Adding to Tribbing/Scissoring 

Wands work wonders during partner play, but if you want to have a shared pleasurable experience with a wand you might consider tribbing/scissoring. Though the words are typically used in the context of women loving women (WLW) relationships similar activities can be done regardless of the anatomical make-up of the partners. Being in a close position of the genitals will allow you and your partner to put the wand between you and both of you will be able to feel the vibrations directly. If you are wanting to engage in tribbing/scissoring with safer sex practices in mind you might want to consider Lorals latex underwear. They can be the barrier between you and the toy as well as your partner, while still allowing you to feel the full sensation of the vibrations.

For Game Night

Sometimes game night needs a little spicing up, so why not let the UltraWand be that spice? You can use the wand for a prize or punishment. Playing a game of Uno? The loser has to experience the wand for each card they still have in their hand they have that many seconds of the UltraWand (if you really wanna make it fun be sure to put down a bunch of Draw 4s before you win). You can also use it during HeadsUp. For every incorrect guess they make they have to have 5 seconds of the UltraWand or you can make the game even more challenging by using the UltraWand on them while they are guessing—a true test of focus and will.

Game NightGame Night

There are a bunch of ways you can use the UltraWand and it doesn’t have to be just for solo play. Getting creative with all toys can allow for some novelty in your sex life, so don’t be afraid to try new things, but do be sure to talk about it with your partner beforehand

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