3 Ways to Spice Up 69ing

3 Ways to Spice Up 69ing

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
3 Ways to Spice Up 69ing

69 day is approaching, June 9th, and if you are tired of the same old, same old every time you get into this position, you aren’t alone. 69 can be a very monotonous position, but with a bit of creativity and added accouterments, you can have a whole new experience in 69. A very good starting point for shaking up your 69ing is positioning. Obviously, you stay with head to feet, but you can do that in many ways – laying on your sides, holding someone in a handstand, or even more athletically, in a plank. But if changing positions isn’t enough or too much in terms of a workout, there are a few other ways to add a little spice.

Add Toys

Though 69ing is generally focused on oral sex, it doesn’t mean that you can’t enhance the experience with some good vibrations. Consider adding sex toys to add additional sensations to 69ing. You can use a cockring to add to digital/manual stimulation of both the penis and the vulva. For vulva stimulation put two fingers through the cockring so the vibrating portion is in your palm and then you can use it for clitoral stimulation while fingering. Adding in toys allows for you to still use your mouth on the genitals and give love and attention to other parts of the body.

Try New Sensations

The body is available to you during 69, so why not explore all the sensations possible. Temperature play in 69 can be highly arousing. You can drag an ice cube up and down your partner(s)’s body or turn up the heat while dripping a wax play candle on them during. You can also play with the five sense to heighten the experience. Use a blindfold to build anticipation. Flavored lube is a great way to play with your taste senses; I highly recommend Cheeky Apples by Intimate Earth. You can enhance the mood with sound by putting on something sexy or romantic, just some music to match y’all’s mood. You can use scented candles, massage oil, or even light some incense to stimulate the sense of smell. For touch you don’t have to do too much extra, just use your hands as much as possible all over their body.

Make It Kinky

If you are little more adventurous or on the wild side, you can really have some fun with 69ing. Add in some bondage with a spreader bar and cuffs. The partner on the bottom of 69 can be put in the spreader bar making it so that the partner on top has more control over them and can adjust them as they like. You can also play with control and some CBT (cock & ball torture) by having your partner wear a cock cage during and then you tantalize and tease them until they are beginning to be let out. Impact play can also happen during 69ing, though it is easiest for the person on the bottom or if y’all are on your sides. You can easily spank their butt or even use a paddle to add additional sting.

At face value 69ing may look like a dud of a sex position, but if you approach it from different angles, it can be a world of a good time. Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with your 69ing this holiday. You may be surprised at all the fun you can have!

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