The Rundown on Vaginal Tightening Creams & Gels

The Rundown on Vaginal Tightening Creams & Gels

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The Rundown on Vaginal Tightening Creams & Gels

The tightness of a vagina is a commonly discussed thing in media and in lots of different circles, but it’s talked about as “Oh, they’ve had sex with so many people, I’m sure their vagina is so stretched,” or “I wish my vagina was tighter, like a porn stars.” The conversation around vaginal tightness is missing some important details so let’s talk about that and share some things that might be of interest to you.

Female Reproductive SystemFemale Reproductive System

Understanding the Vagina

The vagina is the canal that connects to the uterus and is an internal part of the vulva. The vagina is a muscular canal that stretches. This is an important detail that many people leave out when discussing the vagina. It is a muscle that can stretch. This is an important detail, because it means, just like every other muscle it can be flexed to be tighter or more relaxed. 

What are Tightening Creams & Gels

Tightening creams and gels are topicals that can be applied inside the vaginal canal. The name makes people think it is doing the work of tightening up the vaginal canal, but it is a little more nuanced than that. Yes, the gels and creams tighten, but they do it by constricting superficial tissue. This means it creates a temporary tightness effect, but it won’t last forever. If you want to be tighter for sexual activity there are a few different options to choose from, such as Jo Vaginal Tightening Serum, Vivify Tightening and Rejuvenation Gel, Oh Wow Tightening Gel, ie tightening Gel, China Shrink Cream, 18 Again Vaginal Shrink Cream.

System JO Vaginal Tightening GelSystem JO Vaginal Tightening Gel

Things to Consider with Tightening Creams & Gels

Now that you have a better understanding of the vagina and what tightening creams and gels do there are some important things to consider. The vagina is a sensitive area so you should start with a small amount and then work your way up to make sure there is no irritation from using the cream or gel. It is also important to remember that tightening creams and gels are not lube so you will still want to have lube on hand for sexual activity to ensure it is more pleasurable for everyone involved. Lastly, tightening creams and gels only have short-term effects, if you want to have long-lasting tightness you are going to have to put in some more work.

Ways to Tighten the Vagina Muscle

If you truly want to tighten your vagina you are going to have to work the muscles. To do this you are going to have to start working out your pelvic floor muscles. It is important to chat with your doctor beforehand because pelvic floor workouts are not always the best thing for all bodies. You can do different forms of pelvic floor workouts, but if you want your workout to be more pleasurable consider using kegel sets. Kegel sets come in many different styles with weighted options and vibrating options. If you are new to kegel training the Utopia Kegel Training Set is a good option. If you enjoy a little buzz while working out the Femme Funn Momenta Kegel Balls might be right for you. They come with a remote control making it easier to control the vibration settings.

Femme Funn Momenta Kegel BallsFemme Funn Momenta Kegel Balls

Whether you are looking for a quick bout of tightness or a long-term effect there are options. Vaginal tightening creams and gels can be a great addition to your sexual cabinet, but they won’t work as a long-term solution. You’re gonna have to sweat a little for that.

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