Stuff Your Stockings With Something Sexy

Stuff Your Stockings With Something Sexy

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Stuff Your Stockings With Something Sexy

Over the years it seems the holiday season gets harder and harder, in terms of gift giving, namely in stocking stuffing. During childhood stockings are easy to fill, you can throw in a little doll or action figure or candy, but as we get older, we don’t really want to pull those things out of stockings. If you are struggling to decide what to put in your stockings this year, we have some sexy options for you to bring back the childhood wonder that we used to have when opening a stocking on Christmas morning.

For People Who Like Some Oomph

If you know or are someone who likes toys that pack a little punch the only stocking stuffer you will need this year is the new Magic Wand Micro. This little toy has the power of the Magic Wand, but fits in the palm of your hand, making it the perfect travel accessory, car toy, or just something to keep in your purse when the day gets too stressful. With a wrist strap, you can easily put it on a key chain, so it is always within reach when the mood strikes.

For The Flavor Lovers

Do you have someone who loves flavor that you need stocking stuffers for? Flavored lubes are a great way to appease their taste buds and still throw something more “naughty” in their stocking. My favorite flavored lube is Intimate Earth’s Cheeky Apples. If you would like to offer more variety and explore flavors, the Wicked Fresh Fruit Teasers pack or the Coffee House pack are great ways to try multiple flavors to find the one you enjoy most.

A Kinky Stocking for the BDSMers in Your Life

If you really want to impress the kinksters in your life you can stuff a BDSM-themed Christmas stocking with so many goods for all types of kinky activities. Enjoy some sensation play with a mini Wartenberg Wheel. Explore romantic temperature play with the Flaming Rose Drip Candle. You can be ready to be bound at the drop of a hat with Handcuffs in a Bag. Stuffing a kinky stocking will surely get you on the naughty list, but let’s be real, that’s where we all want to be.

Stocking Stuffers for Folks that Like to be Prepared

In adulthood, our stockings are usually a little more practical than they were growing up. If you want to create a practical stocking this year, think about a safer sex-themed stocking, which would be particularly great for college-aged folks you are creating a stocking for. Travel-sized lube bottles are an absolute must. Barrier methods, like condoms, dental dams, and Lorals, should definitely be a stocking stuffers for safer sex. If you want to make sure all bases are covered in terms of safer sex practices throwing in some latex or nitrile gloves and finger cots is a good idea.

There are so many things that can into stockings this year. Whether you want to be solely sexual by throwing in small toys like bullet vibrators and cock rings, or you just wanna add a little sprinkle of sexual items you’ve got options. Adding something sexy to stockings can be a jumpstart for some holly, jolly grown-up fun on Christmas morning. 

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