Push Yourself This Masturbation May: A Masturbation Challenge

Push Yourself This Masturbation May: A Masturbation Challenge

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Push Yourself This Masturbation May: A Masturbation Challenge

It’s Masturbation May, and though you may already masturbate regularly it doesn't mean it has to always be the same. The exciting thing about Masturbation May is that it creates an opportunity for us to be intentional and creative about our masturbation. For some people masturbating in the same way all the time can be easy, but a little lack luster and that’s not uncommon. Since it is Masturbation May we want to help everyone get a little more adventurous with their masturbation, so here are some challenges to help inspire some exploration and adventure all by yourself. 

Shake Up the Positions

For most people it is common to always masturbate in the same two to three positions with lying in bed being the most common. The more you masturbate in the same position, the more your body gets used to it which for some people is nice because it’s comfortable and familiar and for others it becomes stale making it so that orgasms are duller and less exciting. To challenge yourself this Masturbation May consider trying out at least three other positions this month. If you are generally a laying on your back masturbator, consider moving to a chair or seated position, staying in the shower, or laying on your belly. If you are looking for some other more creative positions here are some options that you could try

Remix the Set

If you are pretty standard with your DJing of the clit or dick it never hurts to drop a remix every now and then. Try changing up how you masturbate to shake up the experience. If you are a regular toy user, give acoustic stimulation a try by only using your hands and fingers. This is also a great way to reconnect with your if you happen to be experiencing plateaus or dips in pleasure in terms of satisfaction or intensity. If you already go acoustic, try adding in something electric. Some great starter options for toys with some buzz are the Jaguar Super-Charged Bullet by Maia and Fantasy Ride n' Glide Cock Ring, The Pulse Slider, and the Mimic Plus. If you really wanna remix things give edging a try to really push yourself!

Explore the Body

If you are someone that generally focuses on the same part of the body when masturbating step out of your comfort zone and stimulate different areas. The body is capable of experiencing orgasms stimulating so many of the erogenous zones, so give them a whirl. You can try nipple stimulation with a suction toy, anal stimulation by massaging the rim of the anus, use a feather tickler on the pelvis, or even some armpit tickling. Exploring different parts of your body can introduce you to new pleasures that you may not have thought of before.

Getting creative during masturbation is a great way to challenge your mind and body to explore different forms of pleasure. If you are competitive like me, give these different challenges a go and see how long you can last:

  • Masturbating while laying on your tummy
  • Grinding on a toy or pillow for stimulation
  • Playing with your senses during masturbation (wearing a blindfold)
  • Try some temperature play (use stainless steel toys, wax play candles, or ice cubes) 
  • Masturbate with just your hands.
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