Plan a Grown Folks Game Night

Plan a Grown Folks Game Night

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Plan a Grown Folks Game Night

Have you been looking for something new to do for a date night? Are you competitive and looking to compete with your partner? Might we suggest a grown folk’s game night? It is probably what you are thinking–game night with a sex twist. Game night might seem like something of the years past that our parents made us join in on instead of us being able to hang with our friends at the mall, but we promise that these game night options will have you wanting to stay in and play all night long. Here are a few fun ways to make your game nights a grown folks only experience.

Start with the Classics

When you hear grown folks game night you probably thought of the classic strip poker, which makes sense. Strip poker has long stood as a way to make game night a little friskier. If you are well versed in poker and just want to make it sexier you can use a sex card deck. If you are not good at poker, or card games in general, you can add a strip component to nearly every classic game–from Sorry to chess.

Games to Talk About Sex

If you are looking for some more intimate games to play, question games or conversation-based games are a good way to go. You can go the more fun and spicy route with the 100 Questions About Sex card game. If you are wanting to peer into the depths of each other’s soul you can check out Games. You can also talk about sex with die set games. Talk about different ways to stimulate each other with a dice set game that prompts you with an activity and a specific part of the body to do it on. This is a great way to talk about and explore what you might like with a new partner.

Don’t Be Bored, Grab a Board

Board games can make a boring, dull night more fun and oh so sexy, but we don’t mean classic board games like Monopoly or the Game of Life. The Sex Game and Intimacy the Sex Game are two board games designed to end in a hot and steamy romp with your partner. Intimacy the Sex Game explores seven different categories, including romance, fantasy, foreplay, and kinkiness, so you can explore all the different areas of your relationship and sexual side. 

Make Girls Night a Game Night

Though a lot of games are focused on getting to the end goal of actual sex with a partner, you can add some sexy fun to a Girls Night In (or out). Relive the days of your youth with Kiss My Party Game, it’s like pin the tail on the donkey, but more explicit. Cosmo’s Bachelorette Party Games will make any Girls Night Out more entertaining, whether it’s a bachelorette party or not.

Game nights may have sounded dull previously, but sexy game night is definitely something you are going to want to do every month. So go play and have some fun!

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