Luxury Toys by VUSH

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Luxury Toys by VUSH
September 20, 2021
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VUSH: A Luxurious Sex Toy Brand 

The first time I watched the UP music video by Cardi B, I had to rewind and pause. Was that a vibrator? In a music video? 

It was! 

After a little investigating, I found out it was the Majesty II by VUSH, an Australian sexual wellness brand. I’ve always felt like the female orgasm wasn’t talked about (or experienced) often enough, and VUSH is on a mission to not only normalize female sexual wellness, but improve it. 

I loved the brand’s mission, but would its products match up to its big-picture goal? Having tested the Rose II, the Myth, and the Majesty II for myself, I can confidently say that VUSH not only talks the talk, but walks the walk. 


My first impression can only be described with one word: luxury

Instead of being a secret to hide in bedside tables, Vush brands masturbating as not only a normal, but a fun part of your regular routine. The fact that they’re so aesthetically pleasing makes using them really feel like an indulgent self care experience. The Rose II, Myth, and Majesty II really made me feel like I was treating myself to something special, which made me feel special in return. 

They’re a great confidence boost, and a great boost in personal pleasure. 

Build Quality:

First, I’d like to talk about how pretty all of Vush’s products are. I’m a sucker for good packaging, and the millennial pink and gold foil packaging are legit. It’s so cute that I can’t make myself get rid of it.

Now onto the stars of the show: the actual products are gorgeous. As the owner of several vibrators, I confidently say that these are the most aesthetically pleasing ones I own. Usually, I put mine away once I’ve finished cleaning them up but these have stayed on my bedside table. They’re beautiful, and I like having them close at hand. 

All of Vush’s products are in the same trendy, cute but sophisticated color palette, which gives them just a little something extra. I also love the gold detail on them. They really put a lot of thought into making something pretty to look at as well as fun to use. 

Let me also rave about the material. All Vush products are fashioned out of medical-grade silicone. In the past, I’ve noticed some mild irritation from other vibrators, but the silky-smooth material never irritated me, even after prolonged periods of use. It’s also very hygienic, and easy to clean. If you take good care of them, your Vush products should last you for a long time. 

The actual product design is equally impressive. They’re both comfortable to hold for long or short periods of time and fit comfortably in or against the body. I can definitely tell that someone familiar with the female body took a lot of care designing these to be compatible to all body types. It’s #thickgirlapproved, which unfortunately I can’t say the same about a lot of other vibrators I’ve tried. 

Personally, I prefer external stimulation over internal stimulation, but I was pleasantly surprised by the Myth. Vush’s Myth is named after the supposedly mythical g-spot (hint, it’s not!). The ribbed head adds an extra pleasure feature, as if it needed it. The curved design coupled with the vibrating feature hugged my body in all the right ways.

The Rose II is a force to be reckoned with. It’s design is super unique, with petal-themed texture motifs to add to its unique design. The Rose II is compact, but still easy to handle and navigate. Also, in my opinion it’s fairly quiet as far as vibrators go, which is a huge benefit. It is definitely a great travel option. It will fit easily in any bag and it’s noise makes it fairly discrete. One of the best parts of the Rose II is how flexible it is. This thing is deceptively bendy, making it easy to access your hard-to-reach places. It would be a great option for you if you spend a lot of time traveling, or for the traveler in your life. 

But of the three, I preferred the Majesty II, a classic wand-style vibrator. It’s curved for easy handling and maneuvering. It’s also great for all body types if you’ve struggled to find one that’s comfortable for you. It’s a great size, and provides a tingly, full-bodied sensation that spreads throughout the entire vulva. It’s got multiple speeds and settings. I’ve tried them all, but my favorite is the consistent and even buzz.

My only qualm with the build of the Vush products is that I wish that the speed settings had a + and – option. It is a little frustrating to overshoot the speed setting and have to go through the entire speed cycle before I can get where I’m really trying to go, but that’s manageable once you’ve mastered the speed settings. 


I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the vibrators charged, and how long they hold a charge. It takes 2 hours to go from totally dead to fully charged. Also, as you use the battery, the strength and speed remain consistent until the vibrators are nearly dead. I use all of them quite a bit, and I can go nearly a week without having to recharge them. 

As I said earlier, the Myth was a surprise love for me. It works great for both clitoral and vaginal stimulation. And it works as a fun warm up if you just want to tease the genitals, or as the main event. 

Same goes for the Rose II. It’s tiny but mighty. I love it’s small size, which makes it easy to bring along if you’re looking for something that makes pleasure on the go easy. It works great for all kinds of stimulation. It works great as an aid if you’re using it for your partner, but it’s also really fun if you’re using it all for yourself. 

However, my absolute favorite from the line is the Majesty II. Like the other two, it has multiple speeds and patterns. It’s also a great size—not too big and not too small. The Majesty II fits perfectly against the body to provide great stimulation. 

Wand-style vibrators are my personal preference, but you can’t go wrong with any of them. 

The Rose II, Myth, and Majesty II all come with five speed settings, from a mild vibe to a powerful buzz. I like to start on the lowest setting on them and work my way up. They’ve all got a lot of oomph without feeling overpowering, which is something I’ve had trouble with in the past. They never feel overpowering or excessive. 

The different vibration patterns are also really nice. Typically, I’m not impressed by different patterns (they feel like Morse code to me), but there are some really impressive and fun options. If you enjoy edging or want to introduce it into your repertoire, any of the Vush products would be a great addition. 

My Experience: 

If I had to assign the Vush products a grade, I’d give them an A+. At this point, I’ve recommended Vush to all of my friends, and now I’d like to recommend them to y’all. Run, do not walk

Treat yourself to something that is both luxury and quality. These products can be used for a long time without any numbness or discomfort. They provide deep, satisfying pleasure. And they’re beautiful! 

You really can’t go wrong with these, no matter which you buy.

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