Harnesses for All Genders

Harnesses for All Genders

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Harnesses for All Genders

Harnesses for All Genders

Everyone’s needs and desires are different in the bedroom. For some, penetration may be needed to achieve pleasure, but what if you don’t have a penis? Although regular dildos are great options to explore when looking for penetrative toys, when with a partner, it might become necessary to take it a step further with a strap-on harness

Strap-ons can aid in not only giving penetrative abilities to a non-penis owner, but can also assist people with physical limitations, provide their partner with penetration, as well as help penis owners with penile limitations. Strap-on harnesses come in various different forms, many of which feature a ring so you can swap out the size of the dildo you are currently using.

These forms can be standard leather or elastic straps that wrap around your waist and legs, or worn and designed to be like regular boxers or briefs. 

No matter your needs, strap-ons can be utilized for a range of activities and can be worn by any gender. 

Standard Waist Harness:

The most common harness on the market, these are reminiscent of a jock strap with an outer ring and straps that are worn around the waist and thighs to keep the harness in place. Sometimes, this can include a padded piece around the pelvic area to keep the harness from being uncomfortable while thrusting. In some cases, these styles can include an additional ring that allows for the user to use two dildos at once for double penetration on their partner. With adjustable straps, oftentimes these can be one size fits most and some even come with adjustable straps that are worn like suspenders to make it even more secure on different body types. These can sometimes feature a fixed dildo design while others often are interchangeable.

Product recommendations: SpareParts Joque Harness, The Duchess Dual Penetration Harness, Dillio Suspender Harness

Brief Style Waist Harness:

Similar to standard waist harnesses, this style is variation that covers the genital area like a regular pair of underwear. This makes it much more comfortable to wear and feels more natural than other strapped harnesses. These can occasionally feature a slitted bottom that allows for the wearer to still access their genitals while in use. These are also a very good style for penis owners who may have limitations with erections or having penetrative intercourse. This style allows for the scrotum to be cradled comfortably with the penis while still having the ability to use the harness for penetration. These are most commonly interchangeable while some are not.

Product Recommendations: Scandal Crotchless Pegging Panty, Easy Riders Quinn Harness

Thigh Harness:

A variation from the normal strap-on style, thigh harnesses allow for the user to utilize their legs for penetration if they are unable to thrust or use their hips. This allows for the person who is being penetrated to control the speed and how they like to be penetrated themselves while still having the closeness and intimacy of being with a partner. If the penetrator is utilizing their upper body, this allows them to use their mouth and hands to continue stimulating their partners upper body as well.

Product Recommendations: Thigh Strap-on Harness

Face Harness:

Another variation, and an incredibly unique style, is the mouth or face harness. These harnesses are for use over the mouth and jaw and allow for the wearer to penetrate their partner with their face. This can be useful in various forms of Dominant/submission play in the kink community, and very similar to the thigh harness, can be extremely helpful for those with physical limitations. 

These always feature a fixed dildo, so there is less variation in penetration, but with the unique positioning of face harnesses, you can experiment with a number of creative positions. Some face and mouth harnesses include gags as well, so be aware of that if you are uncomfortable with being gagged.

Product Recommendations: Face Fuk Mouth Gag

Hollow Dildo Waist Harness:

Nearly identical to the standard waist harness, the hollow dildo variation is a non-interchangeable harness with an opening within the dildo to hold the penis in a more natural position when in use by a penis owner. 

This can be utilized in many different ways, whether for a form of chastity play where the penis owner cannot get physical stimulation or as a natural feeling alternative for someone who may have erectile dysfunction or other penile issues such as premature ejaculation. This also can be used by non-penis owners just like a regular strap-on but because it is hollow, often these can be thicker and lighter, potentially making it much more comfortable.

Product Recommendations: Dr. Skin Hollow Strap-on, Fetish Fantasy Hollow Strap-on with Balls

Strapless Harness:

The biggest variation for a strap-on while still being utilized in the genital area, the strapless harness is required to be used by a non-penis owner. Unlike other harnesses that are worn like underwear, this one is used by inserting a larger, often bulbous, portion into the vagina that extends as one piece into a dildo. 

This is a great alternative that feels more natural to genital placement while still stimulating both the wearer and the person being penetrated. These can come with rechargeable or removable vibrators as well, adding even more to the capabilities to this style. Due to the shape of the design, there are some that even have textured portions that can rub against the clitoris when worn. These do require an additional level of kegel strength in order to keep them snug within the vagina, especially at larger sizes that are heavier.

Product Recommendations: Revolver Strapless Strap-on, Ouch! Silicone Strapless Strap-on

Dildo Options:

One of the most important aspects of a strap-on is the dildo used with it, and with so many harness options with interchangeable dildo capabilities, it’s important to know which ones are compatible with your harness. 

Most suction cup dildos are strap-on compatible, but look at the packaging and description to be certain. Certain brands, like Vac-U-Lock can only be utilized with their brand harnesses, while other dildos can be used with a variety of harnesses. Some can feature both the penis and scrotum and are made of a plastic blend or silicone while others can be made of glass. There are few variations that include a rechargeable vibrator in them that can be used with the harness as well. Because of this ability, dildo variations can be used as well, such as ones that are smoother and non-textured or ones that are uniquely to your preference.

Product Recommendations: Ruse - Jimmy, Her Royal Harness Probe, Silicone Pegging Probe

Strap-ons can be an incredibly useful tool in a journey for sexual pleasure with a partner. Whether you have a penis or vulva, they can be a gateway to penetrative sensations that you may not otherwise be able to achieve. With capabilities and benefits that extend to those with physical limitations, it is one of the most inclusive pleasure products on the market. Whether your physical limitations include movement, penile limitations, or anything in between, a harness can be the perfect item for you to consider on your next trip for a new pleasure product.

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