Lately we’ve talked a bit about Kink, but kicking off your kinky journey can be both frightening and exciting at the same time. We’ve already talked about the importance of communication, research and safety, but what about the proper tools to use? Kink toys are relatively common to find, some can even be in the form of pervertables mentioned in earlier posts, but what should you be looking for as a beginner? Here are some great first toys to use as you grow in experience and explore your innermost kinky desires without breaking the bank!


Ouch! Elegant Paddle : $15.95

It doesn’t get much simpler than this paddle! Using a bonded leather exterior and solid metal interior, it can certainly pack a punch after some practice, but that’ll come over time. It’s a great beginner paddle because of its smaller surface area and lighter materials, but can translate well for intermediate users just as easily. This will provide a thuddy sensation upon impact and is a staple among sadomasochists everywhere!

Bondage Couture - Flogger : $19.95

For sensations that differ greatly from the thuddier paddles, this flogger is a great first choice to step into something a little stingier or that could even tickle if used in other ways! The softer synthetic material makes it incredibly soft to the touch, but doesn’t compromise the intensity achieved from other impact play. The shorter length also provides a lot more control for a newbie getting used to swinging the falls around so you reduce the risk of striking an undesired area of the body!


Odax Sensation Wheel : $14.95

For a pinpointed and sharper sensation, the Odax Wheel is a great tool to explore with! Be careful though! Too much pressure can be more painful than anticipated so still use plenty of caution with use. With the stainless steel body and pins, it makes cleaning a breeze and is small enough for the perfect amount of control and weight to keep things safe and fun!

Noir - Silky Blindfold : $14.99

What’s kink and BDSM without a little lack of eyesight? Sensory deprivation is extremely common in kink practices and the Noir Silky Blindfold is an amazing choice if you don’t simply use a standard sleep mask. With 4.5’ to work with, it is perfectly lengthed to match any sized head and the silky material and nose cut out helps it comfortably rest over your eyes for plenty of tantalizing moments with your partner!


Beginner’s Bondage Fantasy Kit : $21.95

This bondage kit opens up so many restraining possibilities between you and your partner that you’re only limited by your imagination! Each individual cuff is attached to a separate strap allowing you to attach it to anything. Want to use it as a headboard or bed frame restraint? Consider it done. Attach a cuff to each wrist and ankle and hogtie your partner? Easy as pie! It even comes with a bonus blindfold for more enjoyment and is made from an incredibly soft fabric.