Dress for the Occassion: Explore 8 Lingerie Ensemble Ideas

Dress for the Occassion: Explore 8 Lingerie Ensemble Ideas

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Dress for the Occassion: Explore 8 Lingerie Ensemble Ideas

Having a large wardrobe can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes you can pick out the perfect outfit and other times there are too many options to know where to begin. And this only gets more difficult when you are trying to create outfits for sexy time. If this is you, first, you’re not alone. Second, we’re here to help. Here are some outfit ideas specifically for sexiness on different occasions. When you don’t have to put your mental energy into something like deciding what to wear you can better focus on enjoying sexual activity and being more present in your body and with your partner(s). 

Bijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Chain Waist JewelryBijoux Indiscrets Magnifique Chain Waist Jewelry


When it comes to birthdays nothing says “Happy Birthday” quite like rocking your birthday suit, but you can spice it up with some accessories. “Dress up” your birthday suit with nipple and clitoral non-piercing jewelry. You can add full-body accessorization with chain waist jewelry to draw the eye to your entire body. If sparkling accessories aren’t necessarily your vibe, consider a chest harness, like the Skull & Bones Spiked Harness.


When it comes to roleplaying dressing for your role enhances the experience and makes it easier for you to embody your role fully. Looking for an outfit for common role-play scenarios? The schoolgirl scenario is quite common, and you can lean into throw so many different options. Want to give Catholic school vibes? Slither’n To Your DMs Schoolgirl Set will have you read to be sent to the head nun’s office for a ruler spanking. Give a little more of a Sailor Moon schoolgirl vibe with the Learning Curves Schoolgirl Set. Another common roleplay scenario is doctor-patient or doctor-nurse and you can step into your role with the Envy Doctor Love Set and throw a white lab coat over top to have a sexy reveal moment that will get your patient’s heart pumping. 

Fantasy - Curve - Slither'n To Your DM's School Girl Set - Plus SizeFantasy - Curve - Slither'n To Your DM's School Girl Set - Plus Size
Prowler Candy Hearts BriefProwler Candy Hearts Brief


Anniversaries can be tricky because there are so many rules and ideas attached to anniversaries, like silver for the 25th anniversary or paper for the 3rd. If you don’t want to follow the “rules” of celebrating anniversaries considering dressing up, just to dress down ;) Present yourself as the gift with the Unwrap Me Satin Bow Teddy or just share some loving messages with your partner by wearing the Prowler Candy Hearts Brief. You can also dress for the romance and whimsy of your anniversary with something like the Ruffled Mesh Teddy.


Getting into the holiday spirit can be tough in adulthood when there is always something happening in life. Lingerie can help get you into the holiday spirit in a sexy way. You may have just thought of Christmas, but there are plenty of holidays that you can dress up for. Get into the sporty spirit for the Superbowl with the Real MVP Costume or the Referee G-String. Cast a sexy spell for Halloween in the Spellbound Witch Costume or the Prowler Halloween Brief. Get chilly for the Winter Equinox with the Stay Frosty Ice Queen lingerie or the Prowler Winter Animals Brief

Fantasy - PLAY - Real MVP Costume SetFantasy - PLAY - Real MVP Costume Set
Coquette- Diva Bustier - Plus SizeCoquette- Diva Bustier - Plus Size


Seduction is an art form and though it has more physical ways of engaging in it, like batting eye lashes, telling jokes, and the bend & snap. Those methods do work, and you can add a little pizzaz to them. The art of seduction can be enhanced with some lingerie that will have your partner(s) panting. Go for a romantic vibe with the Late Night Seduction Babydoll or Stretch Lace Bong Thong. Seduce them directly into the bed with the Show Me Babydoll set or Stretch Net Bong Thong. Put them to work to make them sweat by having them undress you from the Diva Bustier set or the Poseidon.


Lingerie doesn’t have to be worn for others, you can wear it just for you, to love on yourself. If you are wanting to experience some self-love you should start by choosing lingerie that speaks to you. You have a wide variety of options, and you should decide on what you want to do while in the lingerie. Are you going to take yourself out for a nice dinner date? Are you going to stay in and enjoy a good movie? Just want to love on yourself during the workday? The answers to these questions will help you decide on if you want to do a matching set, a babydoll, a jockstrap, or briefs. The focus is wearing something that makes you feel good, in it and in general. 

Male Power - Casanova Uplift ShortMale Power - Casanova Uplift Short
Fantasy - Sheer - Cross Faded High Neck Crotchless BodystockingFantasy - Sheer - Cross Faded High Neck Crotchless Bodystocking

For Make-Up Sex

When it comes to fights it can be hard to go through, but the possibility of make-up sex can make it hurt a little less. And if you really want to make your point that you were right you have to show up for make-up sex and have them stuttering. A great lingerie piece can help with that. A jaw-dropping body stocking like the Harness My Heart or Cross Faded can do just that. If you want a little less coverage but the same effect I would suggest the Eros or Extreme Perk-U-Later.


Quickies may not be the most appealing sexual activity for everyone, but they are a reality of adulthood and the demands of life. To make quickies a little longer it is a good idea to stay prepared. Wearing lingerie that makes it easy to have a quickie is a good way to go. You can wear the Break Away Thong for quick removal for sexy time. Crocthless panties are also a good option and don’t require you to take them off (unless your quickie is going to be anal).

CalExotics - Radiance Crotchless Thong - Plus SizeCalExotics - Radiance Crotchless Thong - Plus Size

No matter the occasion lingerie can fit the vibes for a good time. Don’t be afraid to explore different styles of lingerie and remember that you don’t have to wear lingerie for others. You can just wear ti for yourself.

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