Create Some Magic Using Magic Wands

Create Some Magic Using Magic Wands

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Create Some Magic Using Magic Wands

During this time of year, so many people are looking for magic. But magic isn’t that easy to come by. Or is it?... If you are looking to make some magic this holiday season you are going to need a magic wand. Or maybe three? Magic wands may be infamous for their power and covert recognition as back massagers, but what if I told you that wasn’t even the tip of the iceberg for what they can do? Here are four ways you can use your wand to create some magic but beware not all magic is good magic ;)

Practice Transmogrification

One of the most magical things about wands is that they can transform into so much more Wand attachments let you fulfill your heart's desires with ease. Looking for penetrative vibration? Throw on a rabbit or g-spot attachment? Looking to cast a captivating spell on a penis? A stroker attachment can do just that. Wishing that a tongue was going supersonic on your clit? There’s an attachment for that. Wands can transform into so many things that they can fulfill nearly every desire you have.

Mesmerize Your Partner

Create some magic with your partner by adding vibration to a slew of activities. You can use it in the traditional sense–your partner holding it on the desired part of your body during partnered activity, but what if I told you there were other ways you could use a magic wand with your partner? It can be held between you and your partner during tribbing or scissoring.  You can use a magic wand to tease your partner. Since they are so powerful you can feel them through clothes, so tease and warm up your partner while fully clothed. 

Accio a Travel Companion

The Magic Wand Micro and the Magic Wand Mini are perfect travel companions for some magical adventures. Whether you are traveling by plane, train, or automobile both options fit well in any size bag. They still have the power of traditional Magic Wands but are more convenient to bring with you wherever you go. The micro is particularly great for travel because it can fit in a purse, go on a key chain, and be tucked into the glove box. Don’t reserve pleasure just for the bedroom but take it with you wherever your heart desires.

Best Torture Device in the Dungeon

If you want to make some magic that is a little darker you can use a wand for torture. Pleasurable torture that is. Wands are great for forced pleasure. Strap a wand to your partner with a thigh wand harness or a forced orgasm belt and see how much they can endure without you even breaking a sweat. You can add to the torture by having them complete another task while enduring forced orgasms. Some great options for additional activities are having them read aloud to you, sing you a song, and name all 50 states and their capitals–the options are truly endless.

Whether you are looking for some wanderlust or WANDerlust magic wands can help with both. Add some wands into your sex time and explore all the different ways that wands can add some magic to your experiences of pleasure. 

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