Brand Spotlight: Viben

Brand Spotlight: Viben

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
Brand Spotlight: Viben

So many of the different toy brands that we know and love have been around for a while and newcomers rarely last or make a real impression, but that isn’t the case with Viben. Viben is a woman-owned company focused on innovative pleasure products. Viben has a variety of product offerings that are great for solo play, partner play, and even discreet public play. Come explore Viben to enhance the good vibes.

Solo Toys

Viben has a great selection of solo play toys, but their rabbit vibrator options are something special. There are five different rabbits that allow for the exploration of so many different sensation combinations. The Hyponitic combines thrusting with direct clitoral stimulation which is a good choice for people who enjoy the thrusting motion of partnered sex. The Frenzy Rabbit brings together clitoral suction and vaginal stimulation. The added ridges on the shaft of the vibrator provide additional stimulation. If you are looking for a more novel sensation with a rabbit they have two different thumping vibes–the Razzle and the Pzazz. Thumping sensations are like repetitive tapping on the G-spot for stimulation. They also have a rabbit, Alluring, that does the come hither motion for more pinpointed G-spot stimulation. There are so many different sensations you can experience with their rabbit options.

Alluring G-Spot Rabbit by VibenAlluring G-Spot Rabbit by Viben
Tempest Wand Massager by VibenTempest Wand Massager by Viben

Partner Toys

If you are looking for toys to use with a partner, there are a few different ways to go. The Vivacious bullet is a great choice for stimulating all over the body. You or your partner can use the bullet for direct clitoral or nipple stimulation during partnered activity without it being too large to disrupt the fun. The Elated is great for pinpointed stimulation and is a handheld vibe so you can easily add stimulation to activities like oral sex or digital stimulation with it. Viben has a line of wand vibrators that are good for giving your partner a massage after a long day, for use during partnered sex, and for forced orgasms or pleasure denial. The Fierce and Tempest are their smaller options, while the Sultry and Obsession are larger and can add a real kick to the fun.

Discreet Public Play Toys

If you are looking for something a bit more adventurous Viben still has you covered. There are two different options for insertable panty vibes–the Intrigue and Epiphany. The Intrigue is nearly four inches in circumference allowing for the fullness feeling while using it. The Epiphany has a roller ball on the external portion for clitoral stimulation, which will have your partner fighting to keep a straight face while out in public. The Racy is their classic panty vibe that is just external stimulation, making it easier to use for a longer amount of time. All the Viben panty vibes come with a remote control, allowing you to change through the different functions with ease.

Epiphany Rollerball Clit Massagetr by VibenEpiphany Rollerball Clit Massagetr by Viben

Viben may be a younger toy company, but they are creating products that will have them sticking around for a while. Check them out and see how innovative their toys are for solo or partner play.

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