Review: Arcwave Ion

Review: Arcwave Ion

Posted By Nate H
Review: Arcwave Ion

Masturbation sleeves/strokers are one of the most common adult toys on the market. While the majority of them can be relatively basic, either a closed or open back with some additional textures within it, there are many new and exciting variations that have been popping up on the market. One of the newest and most innovative masturbation sleeves on the market is the Arcwave Ion by WOW Tech, the same company behind popular products like WeVibe, pjur, Womanizer and more. Let’s take a deeper look into this experimental new design and sensation giving stroker!


Designed and advertised as a luxury stroker, the Arcwave Ion is changing the idea of what a sleeve is meant to be. Rather than just a soft, flexible cylinder, the Ion is crafted with CleanTech Silicone attached to a plastic body that houses the unique Pleasure Air technology that separates it from the competition. This pinpointed sensation goes right to the frenulum, one of the most sensitive areas of the body, to make it the world’s first Pleasure Air stroker. Using technology similar to that of a clitoral stimulator, this device uses air pulsing technology to target the penis glans and frenulum in order to achieve sensations that cannot be found with other strokers. In addition to the new air technology, it also features the new Smart Silence which will start and stop stimulation when it senses a penis in the sleeve. With an IPX7 rating, it is perfect to utilize in the shower and is incredibly easy to clean. In the box it comes with a sample of pjur water-based lubricant, the storage/charging base and a dry stick for storage along with the device itself. A quick wash and you’re in business once you get it!


After a bit of experience with the Ion, I can confidently say that this product delivers a new and exciting stimulation that goes above and beyond the competition. Mixing the tight and textured sensation of a standard stroker with the new Pleasure Air technology, the Ion gave me an immersive experience that was unique and pleasurable in ways that I have not experienced. The product itself feels premium and the included storage case/charger is incredibly discrete and simple. Various settings also made it easy to find where your “sweet spot” is. Cleaning itself is also a breeze, making the overall experience very pleasant. However, as great as my experiences were with it, there are a few downsides and aspects particular to the user. The solid base makes the toy very difficult to use if you have a larger curve to your penis. While the stroker aspect may still be pleasurable with the new silicone material, it may be difficult to have your frenulum hit the sensor and air technology. This essentially makes the toy’s biggest feature inaccessible to the user if their curve is too intense. Additionally, people with shorter penises may also find difficulty reaching the precise spot for this feature, but just so long as their penis is relatively straight and roughly average length, it has the potential to be the perfect toy for you! 

Ultimately, the Arcwave Ion is an amazing new product that can be revolutionary to how strokers and other masturbation sleeves are viewed by the public. Putting a focus on pleasurable sensations outside of the typical few strokes and a quick orgasm makes this product something that anyone with a penis should consider in their search for their next high end toy. While it currently is not available online, it will be widely available soon!

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