Anal Orgasm

Anal Orgasm

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Anal Orgasm

Anal sex can seem intimidating. It’s not only an incredibly delicate place, but also one of the most intimate parts of the body. Many fail to see the appeal of anal at all, fearing it might be uncomfortable or painful. However, for many people the anus is an untapped pleasure epicenter that can lead to just as much satisfaction—if not more—than more typical forms of sex. 

The elusive anal orgasm is something you might be unfamiliar with, but this post will give you all the information you need on how to familairze yourself with anal pleasure. 

What is an Anal Orgasm?

It’s fairly self-explanatory, but the mechanics of it might be a bit confusing at first. The anal area is the gateway to many erogenous zones—hypersensetive areas of the body that cause intense sexual arrousal when stimulated. 

What Does it Feel Like?

The first few attempts at anal sex might be awkward or even uncomfortable. Nerves might be the culprit, but your anatomy is also something to be aware of. The anus is not meant to be widely expanded and it doesn’t produce any natural lubrication. 

For vulva-owners, anal orgasm will feel very similar to a blended orgasm. This is because of the overall anatomy of the area making it impossible to isolate the anal sensation from other sensations. Also, you might need stimulation in another place to help bring you over the edge during anal play.

For penis-owners, an anal orgasm will feel equally intense but will likely be a more pin-pointed experience. Once you find the prostate, an orgasm isn’t too far behind. The prostate is one of the most essential parts of the body for penis owners’ orgasm. It’s incredibly receptive to stimulation and it won’t take much to take it from zero to one-hundred when this part of the body is utilized. 

But for everyone, the anal orgasm will be an intense, full body feeling because it spreads throughout your pelvic floor. Also, it’s something that can be experienced multiple times during sex. 

Something to keep in mind about the anus is that it’s a vacuum. It wants to pull things in, unlike the throat which wants to reject anything being inserted. If you’re not careful, a toy could get “lost” down there, so opt for something with a flange that will make sure everything stays put. 

Anatomy of Anus


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How do You Achieve Anal Orgasm?

For people with vulvas, the clitoris is typically the most key component of achieving orgasm. However, what many people don’t know is just how much real estate the clitoris occupies. It’s external bud is only one of its components. It has deep roots that extend throughout the genitals and all the way to the anus.

For cisgender women and those assigned female at birth, the a-spot is your best friend if you’re wanting to achieve anal orgasm. Explained by Healthline, the a-spot is short for the anterior fornix, which is located about five-to-six inches into the vagina. The area is a pleasure center responsible for causing the wet sensation during arousal. You can access this area via the vagina, or stimulate it from deep penetration within the anus. 

The anus itself is made up of many, many nerve endings which can provide plenty of exciting sensations. One of the most exciting nerves in the neighborhood is the pudendal nerve, which is embedded in the perineum. It’s the area between the vulva and anus. You might’ve heard it called the taint. This nerve also spreads to the labia and the clitoris. 

You can reach this exciting southern destination from plenty of positions, with anything from fingering to doggy-style. This nerve-rich area is something everyone is born with and everyone can enjoy. If you’re trying to access it from the anus, the perineum will be the forward wall that’s parallel to the stomach. 

This whole area of your body is made up of hyper-receptive nerves and sensitive skin. The backdoor, as it were, is very much connected to the rest of the house. Try viewing the entire downstairs area more holistically. Stimulation in one place could lead to more powerful feelings in others. 

The perineum is found in people of all genders and can help anyone enjoy an anal orgasm. We recommend starting out just with fingers. Rubbing circles the area or making a beckoning, come here motion will send waves of pleasure throughout your whole pelvic floor. When you’re ready to move onto penetration, focus on stimulating the front wall rather than the back wall of the anus. It’s where most of the fun parts are located, and what is more likely to help you get to orgasm. 

If you’re solo or don’t want to get a partner involved, there are plenty of products to help you stimulate your own perineum. 

Anal orgasms might be easier for people with penises. Like we break down in this post on all the different types of orgasms and how you can have one, anal play offers plenty of pleasure possibilities for penis-owners. In addition to all the nerves present in the area that everyone has, penis-owners also have a prostate, one of the body’s most powerful erogenous zones. 

The prostate can be stimulated manually by yourself or by someone else. Be sure to be gentle with the area. This should be pleasurable, not painful. If you need a little help reaching all the way back there, try the Anal Adventures Platinum - Silicone Vibrating Prostate Massager. It was designed with prostate-owners in mind, but the vibrating option and curved body can reach all the right places for anyone. 

If you’re the giver rather than the receiver, try stimulating your partner by massaging their prostate for them. Bonus points if you incorporate prostate massage during oral sex. 

Pegging your partner is another way to give your partner a thrilling anal orgasm. If you need one, choose a strapon that will pleasure you as well as your partner. The Estella Strapless Silicone Dildo by Temptasia is curved to rub your partner’s perineum and prostate, and features an attachment that will stimulate your g-spot and clitoris. 

If you incorporate only one product into your anal play, make sure it’s lube. The anus is not only a delicate part of the body, but incredibly important for your overall health. You don’t want to damage it in any way. Always exercise caution and try to be gentle, and use lots of lube. The slicker, the better. 

And remember, even if you can’t actually reach an orgasm, you can still experience loads of pleasure from anal play. A big part of the appeal of anal play is that hair-on-the-back-of-your-neck-stands-up, chills-down-your-spine kind of feeling. It might not give you an orgasm, but it can certainly give you goosebumps. Relax and enjoy the sensations. You never know what might become your next favorite feeling. 

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