All The Things You Didn’t Know Your Condom Could Do

All The Things You Didn’t Know Your Condom Could Do

Posted By Autumn Morris - Speaking of Sex
All The Things You Didn’t Know Your Condom Could Do

All the Things You Didn’t Know Your Condom Could Do

Condoms are a staple in the sex industry because of the safety and peace of mind they can provide sexually active people. They are such a staple that we have a whole month dedicated to celebrating condoms and their contribution to our sexcapades. YES, you read that right. February is national condom month so to celebrate, I am here to tell you all the things your condom can do that you may or may not know about.

Penis Protection

Duh. This one is a given. You put the condom on the penis and it significantly decreases the likelihood of you becoming creating offspring if you are engaging in heterosexual intercourse as well as transmitting Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs). But now on to the things you may not have known.

Sharing a Toy

For those of us who are into using sex toys, you may have discovered that sharing sex toys with a partner is also an interesting way to spice up you sex life, participate in mutual pleasure and experience deeper connection. However, whenever sharing a toy, you run the risk of transmitting STIs because sexual bodily fluids attach to the toys and can spread to your partner and vice versa which could compromise your sexual health.
Luckily, condoms are here to save the day. You would simply put the condom on the toy while one person is using it and change out the condom when the other person is using it. This way you can explore all the sensations your toys have to offer together without compromising anyone’s sexual health.

Dental Dam

We hear a lot about the importance of barrier methods like condoms to maintain our sexual health. However, you can transmit and/or contract STIs orally, too. There is a barrier method called a dental dam. It’s essentially a latex cover that can be placed over the genitals during oral sex that can be used to inhibit STI transmission. But they are much harder to access than condoms.
Fun fact: you can turn your condom into a dental dam. I suggest you google it as there are many tutorials on the internet, however you basically unfold the condom, cut off the tip, and cut up one side. Once you open it up, you have a rectangle of latex that can be used as a dental dam.

Now you know a few more things about condoms than you may have before. Let this month of condom celebration be a reminder that using barrier methods is imperative to sexual health. Will you be exploring the awesomeness of your condom?


By Autumn Morris 
Certified Sex Educator 
CEO and Founder of Speaking of Sex

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