4 Ways to Add Some Romance to Your Relationship

4 Ways to Add Some Romance to Your Relationship

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
4 Ways to Add Some Romance to Your Relationship

Relationships go through different periods. You have the honeymoon phase, the 7-year itch, plateaus of stagnancy, and so much more. All the different phases and periods are normal, but if you are wanting to actively get out of that and get back to the romance of your relationship, we can help with that. These tips aren’t the usual “buy some flowers,” or “take them out to dinner” suggestions you may regularly hear. Everything here is focused on romantic longevity. 

Discover a New Shared Hobby

Romance is about excitement and mystery and what is more exciting and mysterious than learning something new together? Starting a new hobby with your partner(s) is a great option. Decide on something new that both of you are interested in. Some ideas to get you started are pottery, an outdoor activity like hiking, learning to play an instrument, or glass blowing. Starting a new shared hobby also for romance to blossom because it is something new that the two of you can share together.

Read To Each Other

When was the last time you picked up and enjoyed a good book? When is the last time you did that with a partner? There are a few different ways to go about reading to each other. You can each pick a book and alternate nights of reading to each other. You can swap between each person reading the same book every night. I personally recommend the second option and choosing a mystery book from the bookstore. You can also choose romance or erotic books to add to the mood as you are reading the books. 

Start a Project

Now this option is not for the faint of heart. Starting a project with a partner can be a make-or-break type of situation. Some people do well working on things together, and some people absolutely do not. You are going to want to evaluate your relationship before going this route. If you know y’all are good to do a project together you can do some renovations around the house, update your travel trailer, build a mini dungeon in your home, build a beer pong table, or landscape together.

Break Routine

Romance can be harder to achieve when you are set in a routine and rarely deviate from it. Breaking routine can be a simple way to have some romance. You can play hooky from work and go on a day trip with each other. Shake it up and do something new for date night. Spontaneity does a lot for some spice and romance in relationships, bringing new life and excitement. Breaking routine is also good to bring new energy into the relationship as it allows you to make changes that you might not have known you wanted or needed.

Regardless of how you choose to add some romance to your relationship, it is important to know that everyone goes through different cycles and phases of a relationship. It is not that you are doing or did something wrong, but rather just a fact of nature and life. The fact that you are wanting to do something to add romance back in is what matters and is important.

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