3 Types of Anal Play that Don't Involve Penetration

3 Types of Anal Play that Don't Involve Penetration

Posted By Javay- The Millennial Sexpert
3 Types of Anal Play that Don't Involve Penetration

With it being Anal August plenty of interest is being piqued about anal play, but what about people who are hesitant to engage in penetrative anal play. What are some anal play options for them? Well, quite a bit of options are available, but we are going to focus on three non-penetrative anal play activities that you can try this month.

Digital Stimulation

Exploring anal play with nothing but your fingers is a fun way to participate in Anal August, and you might be thinking “if I’m using my fingers isn’t that penetration?” It could be one way of stimulating the anus, but if you focus just on the rim you can experience waves of pleasure. The rim of the anus is jammed packed with nerve endings that can experience so much. The anal opening has thousands of nerve endings that you can stimulate without ever having to penetrate the anus. You can use your finger to circle the rim of the anus for sexual stimulation. This activity is also a great thing to do to prepare for anal penetration.


Oral sex is a quite popular option for non-penetrative anal stimulation, but for some, there is apprehension because of the potential mess that can ensue. If that is a worry for you there are a few options available to you. The first option is Lorals latex underwear, which can be worn during oral sex, but doesn’t minimize the sensations or experiences of pleasure. If you wear Lorals you can have a barrier that will keep any mess from actually getting into your mouth. The other option is cleaning before oral anal play. If you plan to engage in anal play it is recommended to stop eating 2-3 hours before play. This gives your body time to digest everything you’ve already eaten. You can also use a douche or enema to clean the anus. You will also want to take a shower, making sure to clean your butt very well.


Now if you are more sensitive to direct stimulation of the anus, grinding might be the activity for you. Grinding on things between your cheeks can be highly sexually stimulating while giving you control of intensity. There are a few different options available to choose from for grinding like the Dual Rider, Lust Remote Control Dual Rider, or Pulse Slider Vibrating Pad. All three options allow you to explore vibration stimulation without penetration. If you want to explore grinding with other forms of sexual stimulation there are a variety of toy options like The Cowgirl, which allows you to use different attachments for different types of stimulation from grinding to penetration to triple stimulation of the clitoris, vaginal penetration, and anal penetration. Grinding can be a great option if you are more apprehensive about anal play.

Though anal play is regularly thought of as penetrative anal sex, there are a lot of ways to stimulate the anus sexually that don’t have to be penetrative. However, you choose to engage in anal play though remember to always have lube, take your time, and communicate if playing with a partner.

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