Products to Spark Intimacy

Products to Spark Intimacy

Posted By Nate H.
Products to Spark Intimacy

Products to Spark Intimacy

Intimacy comes in various forms. As we discussed before in PillowTalk, intimacy is not limited to only sexual interactions with a partner. There are components of trust, emotional and spiritual connections, as well as many more, that are instrumental in experiencing deep intimacy in relationships. In some cases, discovering what intimacy means to you can help you build more intimate connections with others as well. There are many ways to interpret these components, but what may work for others may not be something that works for you in your relationships. 

Here are some products to help explore various aspects of intimacy to grow and develop deeper connections with not only yourself, but your partners as well. 

Burlesque and the Art of the Teese by Dita Von Teese: $53.95

Perceptions of your partner can be a strong method of intimacy; burlesque dancing can be a strong component when manipulating those perceptions to aid in visual arousal. Dita Von Tease uses her expertise on burlesque dancing and its relation to things like fetish and other mental manipulations to spark additional arousal. This knowledge, when utilized, can be powerful when creating intimate spaces with a partner as well as creating a space that embraces your individual sexuality and body positivity. Von Teese’s goal within burlesque and fetish is to bring minds closer through engaging in this expression of sexuality.

As we learned through therapist Alyssa Mancao’s understanding of intimacy, the mental component has a strong connection to physical aspects of intimacy. With their understanding of this connection and Von Teese’s experience utilizing it, readers will not only read first hand accounts of how this practice can benefit them, but also learn helpful tips and tricks for engaging in it themselves or with a partner. 

You and Me, A Game of Love and Intimacy - Creative Conceptions: $16.95

This product is a game that features a dice, timer and multiple cards that may give commands of your partner or present thought provoking situations that will expose desires and other intimate details of their life. All of this is in an effort to promote both physical and mental intimacies while touching upon other aspects such as emotional and spiritual intimacies. This game works well with long term partners who are looking to rekindle a lost spark by rediscovering themselves as a couple, as well as for new partners who are just starting to get to know one another. Regardless of who you are using it with, it is very likely you will walk away from this game knowing your partner on a deeper level than you did before.

Lingerie: Various Prices

One of the largest requirements for intimacy is comfortability. Lingerie can be a useful piece in feeling comfortable with a partner as things start to heat up. There are plenty of brands, styles and even costumes that can bring more comfort and enjoyment to your interactions or when alone. This confidence boost can help increase your mood and perception of yourself or how you are perceived by a partner, bringing you even closer. While lingerie is often seen as something sexy, lacy, and elegant, it doesn’t particularly have to be. It can be the softest pair of boxer briefs you find of one with a funny quote like “Spank Me” across the butt to invoke some humor and lighthearted fun into your interactions. No matter the style or preference, wearing something that makes you comfortable and confident can be a step towards more intimate moments with a partner. 

Kama Sutra Weekender Kit - Kama Sutra: $23.95

The Kama Sutra is one of the oldest works of love and erotic behavior that is relatively well known in society. But unlike the assumptions that it is solely for the use of kinksters and others looking for quick tips on sex, it is also deeply psychological and touches many aspects of intimacy, more specifically, the spiritual side of intimacy. 

This kit features a combination of pleasure balms that will tantalize various areas of the body, bathing gels and massage oils, as well as a feather applicator for a Honey Dust that is edible and body safe. All of this comes backed with position and erotic cards to help embrace intimacy and closeness between partners in a way that is comfortable and relaxed for first time users. It also comes in a small travel case that allows for users to take it on romantic trips where the intent is to be as intimate as possible. 

Bijoux Indiscrets 12 Sexy Days - Bijoux Indiscrets: $148.95

Exploring similar interests is another large component of mental intimacy, but rather than the perception being the main focus, the 12 Sexy Days kit brings more direct physical intimacy into the equation. This kit includes twelve different products to help connect partners through toys that can enhance experiences in the bedroom. With light bondage toys, a vibrator, and apparel being included in this package, it is made to bring couples closer together through the use of these products. Looking solely at the kink aspect of this box, all of kink is based in trust, one of the seven elements that define intimacy. Through simply using the blindfold and being stripped of your ability to see, it requires a deeper trust in your partner that you otherwise may not have ever considered in your sexual relationships. Being able to rely on that trust through the use of the included light restraints, tickler, and whip creates a setting where you fall deeper into that physical and mental intimacy with your partner.

Intimacy is an important part of any relationship. Within romantic and sexual relationships, it can be the defining aspect of whether things work out the way you intend or not. By exploring the details of your relationship that associate with your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional attachments to one another, you can find that you have a deeper level of intimacy. 

Consistently stimulating these different connections gives way to an ongoing attachment that can make a relationship stronger and more worthwhile. Engage with your partner on multiple levels, and continue discovering the levels of intimacy that remain most important to you, with that you’ll likely find something deeper and much more fulfilling within your relationship.

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