CELEBRATING WOMEN-OWNED PLEASURE BRANDS: Empowering Sexual Wellness with Inclusion

CELEBRATING WOMEN-OWNED PLEASURE BRANDS: Empowering Sexual Wellness with Inclusion

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CELEBRATING WOMEN-OWNED PLEASURE BRANDS: Empowering Sexual Wellness with Inclusion

In honor of Women's History Month and this year's International Women's Day theme "Inspire Inclusion," let's celebrate the trailblazing women who are revolutionizing sexual wellness and empowering individuals to prioritize pleasure like never before.

Women have long participated in sexual experiences, yet only recently have they truly embraced their sexual freedom. Today, women are leading the charge in dismantling societal taboos and advocating for sex equality.

One glaring issue is the pleasure gap, which highlights the difference in sexual satisfaction between cis heterosexual men and women. Despite unprecedented sexual freedom, women still find themselves underserved in the bedroom. Factors such as inadequate sex education and societal shame contribute to this gap, leaving many women unsatisfied with their sexual experiences.

Dame ProductsDame Products

Dame co-founder Alexandra Fine recognized this gap and made it her mission to address it through sexual wellness. She emphasizes the importance of discussing sexuality openly, stating, "There's still this strange ambivalence when it comes to sexuality...yet it's something our society struggles to discuss."

Fortunately, there's a plethora of women-owned brands dedicated to supporting individuals on their journey to sexual liberation. These brands understand women's bodies intimately and design products tailored to their unique needs.

At Lion's Den, we proudly partner with numerous women-owned brands, including Blush, CalExotics, Crystal Delights, Dame Products, and many more. These brands prioritize consumer needs, crafting products that are safe, effective, and visually appealing.

The CowgirlThe Cowgirl
Crystal DelightsCrystal Delights
Global NoveltiesGlobal Novelties
Le WandLe Wand
Little GenieLittle Genie
Rianne SRianne S
RUFF Doggie StylesRUFF Doggie Styles
Sexy Fun WorldSexy Fun World
Viben ToysViben Toys
Whiskey River Soap Co.Whiskey River Soap Co.

Susan Colvin, founder of CalExotics, explains, "My goal was to create pleasure products that were reliable, body-safe, and visually appealing...It's almost laughable now when you look at the market and the surplus of diversity in toys."

For-women-by-women products are designed to enhance pleasure and promote self-love and acceptance. They cater to diverse experiences and prioritize user satisfaction above all else.


But these brands aren't just for women—they're for everyone. Sportsheets, for example, offers a range of products designed for solo or couple use, emphasizing inclusivity and diversity in sexual exploration.

Women-owned businesses are reshaping the industry, fostering inclusivity, and expanding the client base. Their innovation has ushered in a new era of sexual wellness products, empowering individuals of all genders to embrace pleasure without shame.

As we celebrate Women's History Month and International Women's Day's theme of "Inspire Inclusion," let's remember that sexual empowerment knows no bounds. Let's support women-owned brands year-round and continue to prioritize pleasure and self-discovery in our lives.

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