Exploring BDSM with NS Novelties Sinful Bondage Gear

Exploring BDSM with NS Novelties Sinful Bondage Gear

Posted By Tiffy Kink
Exploring BDSM with NS Novelties Sinful Bondage Gear

Exploring BDSM with NS Novelties Sinful Bondage Gear

Tapping into your naughty side just got more fun with the NS Novelties Sinful Bondage Gear. Today I’m going to talk about three products that you can use to spice things up in the bedroom and stimulate your physical and mentally.


  • Made of Vinyl, ABS Plastic, Nickel-Free Hardware, and Leather
  • Easy to Clean
  • Great for Bedroom Fun and Roleplay
  • Available in colors Pink and Black

Tiffy’s Take

All of the NS Novelties have a geometrical design with some shiny accents which adds contrast and depth to their designs. Because these are designed for beginners, they are lightweight and easy to hold in the hand because the geometrical design gives the gear some added texture to it. No let’s talk about the gear.

Sinful Ball Gag: The ball gag is quite comfortable even after being worn for extended periods of time. It has a nice amount of holes for breathing but try not to bite down too hard on it. The sexiest part about using this gag is when my partner puts it on for me.

Sinful Paddle: I’m always up for a good spanking and this paddle does the job. This item is the heaviest out of the bunch while still remaining decently light. It does deliver a nice sting and you can also use the textured side to imprint those geometrical shapes on to your partner’s body.

Sinful Whip: The Sinful Whip is probably my favorite item because I like tracing all over my partners body with it before giving him a nice whipping. With his consent of course. Because it’s so light, it doesn’t give a harsh sting even when applying allot of force to it.

There are so many ways to use these sinful accessories to spice things up in the bedroom. Roleplaying in particular is one of my favorite ways to use them as it allows me and partner to turn fantasy into reality. Dimming the lights, playing some sexy instrumental music, and adding some sexy lingerie as the cherry on top. I personally suggest having an open and honest conversation about what your sex goals are when it comes to roleplaying or exploring the idea of taking on new sexual experiences with your partner beforehand. Although spontaneity never hurt anyone either, am I right?

Final Thoughts

These NS Novelties Sinful Bondage Gear allow you explore and unleash your wild side. Exploring fantasies and experiences with your partners via roleplaying presents an opportunity to connect with your partner in ways that are typically not a part of your sex routine. Just remember to always practice consent.


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