Five Hacks to Help You Have a Smoother Period

Five Hacks to Help You Have a Smoother Period

Posted By Tiffy Kink
Five Hacks to Help You Have a Smoother Period

5 Hacks to Help You Have a Smoother Period

For many women “That time of the month” is something they dread weeks before it even arrives and for good reason. Some women can experience bloating, fatigue, mood swings, and painful menstrual cramps which can have a negative effect of their everyday routine, sometimes casing them to miss school, work, time with significant others, and their families. So today, I want to share some tips that I use to help make “That time of the month” just a little smoother.

1.  Stay Hydrated

- This might be an obvious one for some, but staying hydrated during your period is essential to having a smoother period. When your body isn’t properly hydrated during your period, it can cause the symptoms of PMS to worsen or intensify. While I do recommend hydrating with mostly water, tea and other drinks with low amounts of sugar and caffeine are also good options. Don’t forget to get tons of rest as well.


2. Have Sex/Masturbate

There’s a very inaccurate misconception that having sex or masturbating during that time of the month is “wrong” or “dirty” because “There’s blood down there” and “Things can get messy”. Orgasms especially during this time can be highly effective in relieving or lessoning the intensity of menstrual cramps. In fact, just arousal and intimate touching alone can help lessen the pain. Its definitely not as messy as you think, and if your partners down or if you’re going solo, you’ll have a great time.


3. Try Different Alternatives to Traditional Pads and Tampons

In recent years, menstrual cups have become widely popular for women who are looking to switch things up from using their traditional pads and tampons because they help women save money and they don’t absorb menstrual blood, but collects it, reducing the risk of toxic shock syndrome associated with using tampons. I personally enjoy menstrual cups from time to time because I can sleep without wearing any pants, which helps with my cramps.


4. Make Sure Your Eat Something

For me personally, I feel like the first three days of my period is when I eat the least because my cramps are accompanied with nausea. It can make it difficult to eat which can in turn make my cramps worse because my body just doesn’t have the energy it needs to function properly, causing my poor uterus to pay for it. During this time, try to consume less sugar, less caffeine and more protein and carbs. If you’re having a hard time getting motivated to eat something, eat your favorite food or snack. The idea is that you’re taking in some type of nutrition and that’s all that matters. I you find that your nausea from cramp pain, trying taking some anti-nausea medication or some drinking a carbonate beverage. Ginger ale is my personal favorite.


5. Talk to Your Doctor If You Believe Your PMS Symptoms Are Getting Worse

If you have found recently that your PMS symptoms are getting worse, like having painful cramps or feeling or tired than normal, and nothing seems to work, it may be time for a visit to the doctor to discuss how your PMS symptoms have changed over time. I would suggest keeping a journal to track the severity of your symptoms and has or hasn’t worked in helping your treat your symptoms. This information can help your healthcare provider in coming up with a plan of action to help you feel better.


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