Introducing the "Lion's Den Lovestruck Navigator" – your ultimate Valentine's Day delight!

Get ready for a playful and flirty twist on the classic cootie catcher game, spiced up with a romantic roar! Dive into a world of pleasure, passion, and romance with this special edition, perfect for celebrating the season of love.

This interactive experience is the perfect way to add a touch of playful intimacy to your celebrations. Whether you're spending Valentine's Day with a long-time partner or a new flame, the Lion's Den Lovestruck Navigator Game promises endless moments of connection and amusement.

Simply download the game, print, and fold to embark on a journey of erotic challenges and passionate dares. Share giggles, secrets, and surprises with your special someone as you navigate through fun prompts designed to make your Valentine's Day unforgettable. Download now, and let the love and laughter roar this Valentine's Day!

Download & Print

How To Play:

  • Invite your partner to choose one of the top four squares (Pleasure, Passion, Romance or Lion's Den). Look for the word on the square selected, then open and close the navigator, the right number of times as you spell the word out loud out. Open up and down, and side to side as you spell out the word they picked.
  • When you've stopped spelling, look inside and let your partner choose again.
  • This time, they will choose a number. Count the number they picked out loud, while doing the open close, side to side like before.
  • Now have your partner choose a panel to open. Once open, read the prompt, and get busy!
  • Play over and over again for more exciting adventures!

Folding Instructions