It’s no surprise that sometimes condom use isn’t the most glamorous topic surrounding sex. It’s not the sexiest thing in the world and for most people, outside of its necessity for helping reduce the risk of pregnancies and STI transmission, they don’t like to think about it. But condoms have so many types and variations that it might just be the missing ingredient in mind blowing sex between you and your partner! Here are just a few variations that might help you and your partner find a new spark between the sheets.

External Lubricated/Non-Lubricated:

The most common condoms you’ll find on the market are standard lubricated or non-lubricated designs that do not have any additional design variations to them. A little pouch at the tip is used to collect any semen that comes out with ejaculation, and while majority are lubricated for easier penetration, some come unlubricated for the ability to match your favorite lube to it.


One of the lesser known and even more rarely used, the internal condom is actually one of the most versatile. Its design allows for the user to wear it internally for up to 8 hours (varies by brand) before needing to be removed. This means that if you and your partner are into the idea of a little more spontaneity, this is the perfect option to be protected at all times when the mood strikes. This can be used both anally and vaginally and helps protect the surrounding area as well against STIs and such. These typically will always be lubricated. 


Similar to a standard condom, this ups the ante just slightly with an added design element of little studs that protrude off the condom. These are worn externally and act like any other condom type with a reservoir tip to collect semen after ejaculation. The studs allow for extra stimulation whether it be used to rub against your partners genitals or internally against other sensitive areas.


If studs aren’t your style, ribbed might be the next best thing. Using a wrap around design of protruding ripples, this helps give stimulation all around the desired area. This can be good for someone who wants a more subtle sensation variation. Like the studded, there are no additional design variations to the condom shape as a whole and it will still have the reservoir tip. 

Extra Lubricated:

For those who might need a little extra for a smooth entry, extra lubricated condoms use just a little more than a standard lubricated condom without making it too wet or sloppy. These are perfect to have an easier and smoother penetration with your partner and, with the slicker entry, it can make other sensations both internally and externally more sensitive. 

Specialized Lubrication:

Similar to extra lubricated condoms, and often with a little extra lubrication, these external condoms can have various different sensations that come with it. Some are used to provide a warmer or cooler sensation while others have a lubrication specifically made to intensify sensations in the genital area. Some of the more unique variations may include a delaying lubricant that allows for the wearer to be slightly desensitized if premature ejaculation may occur. The various different types can provide different sensations so it’s important to look into the different ones available and see which will be best for you!

Ultra Thin:

If you want the closest sensation to the real thing, ultra thin may be the option for you. Made of the same materials as typical lubricated condoms, these provide the same amount of protection in a thinner package, These also allow for the wearer and the person on the receiving end to feel much closer and, in some cases, much more naturally compared to regular thickness condoms.

Extra Thick:

For those worried about the condom breaking or being too thin for their sensitivity, extra thick condoms provided added material to make the condom stronger and refrain from tearing. This additional thickness also helps desensitize the penis if they are worried about premature ejaculation similar to the desensitizing lubricated condoms. 

Extra Large/Extra Small:

For those who may be a little larger or smaller than average, there are still plenty of options of every variety in sizes better for you. Majority of the time, Extra Large condoms don’t account for a thickness difference, but for length. But keep in mind, your size does not define you!

Novelty Condoms:

These are the goofy condoms that you might find in some hole in the wall shops in a touristy place and have wild designs and additional elements on them to “improve” sensations. It’s important to know that these condoms are not regulated like the others on this list and, while they could potentially still provide protection against STIs and pregnancy, they are more likely to be faulty or made of non-regulated materials harmful to the body. That is why it is always best to purchase a reputable brand that you trust.

There are so many different variations of condoms out there and the list is growing all the time as new companies attempt to come up with new designs that will help stimulate various areas of the body in better ways. Some new variations come with added material on the tip to provide more stimulation on the G-spot while others have a wavy design all over it for a more all around feel. Make sure to keep an eye out for what’s new to see if you might find the perfect type for you and your partner!