The Bedroom Toy Collection - VeDo Joy G-Spot Rabbit

“The head gives such a strong vibration, that along with the little nubs stimulating my clit, I was able to climax in just a short time.”


The VeDo Joy G-Spot Rabbit will be your new best friend if you’ve had a hard time finding your G-Spot. The Joy is shaped with just the right curve to caress and tickle your G-Spot while also giving outside stimulation for a full blown orgasm.

  1. -12 vibration patterns
  2. -Curved tip for maximum G-Spot coverage
  3. -Textured Nubs for additional stimulation externally
  4. -Convenient design with power button and pattern switch location
  5. -Velvet Smooth Body-Safe Silicone
  6. -Latex-free and Phthalate-free
  7. -Waterproof for wet and wild fun
  8. -Great for solo pleasure

How it works

Use the VeDo Joy to stimulate both your G-Spot and your clitorus at the same time for a fireworks ending to remember! Gently insert the Joy inside, using the power button at the bottom of the vibrator to find the right pattern to send you into heaven. Nestle the tip of the rabbit to your clitorus for that dual stimulation and let the Joy work its magic.


The Joy is made from a body-safe silicone. Safe to use with water-based lubes. After use, wash the waterproof vibrator with warm water and soap. Needs 2 AAA batteries to work.

  1. Insertable Length: 3”
  2. Width: 1.25” at Largest Point
  3. Girth: 4.1” at Largest Point
  4. Vibrator Strength: Very Strong
  5. Vibrator Noise Level: Medium Quiet
  6. Batteries: 2 AAA batteries needed

KC’s Review

I’ve only had success finding my G-Spot in certain sex positions, never by myself with my own vibrator, but that has now changed. The VeDo Joy’s head is shaped in just the right way, in a curved upward direction, that targets the G-Spot dead on. Sometimes, vibrators are strongest at the bottom where the button lies and gets weaker the farther up you go. However, that is not the case for this vibrator. The head gives such a strong vibration, that along with the little nubs stimulating my clit, I was able to climax in just a short time.

It does take a little bit of an adjustment to get use to the “rabbit ears” though. I would prefer them to be a little bigger because I usually rely mostly on outside stimulation for a strong climax, but the Joy took care of the job just fine. The girth is also a very comfortable size where it didn’t take a lot of prep work to get the vibrator inside. I’m an impatient girl, and the girth is the perfect size to feel that stretch and size without needing much lubricant or work.


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