Lion's Den INSIDE™ FAQs

Lion's Den INSIDE™ FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about the Lion's Den INSIDE™ program.

Updated May 16th, 2024

How do I sign up for Lion's Den INSIDE™?
Signing up is easy! You can create an account at or sign up in-store. Locate a store near you with our store locator.
How do I log into the member portal?
To log in for the first time, visit the Lion's Den INSIDE™ member portal at, click the "Forgot Password" link, and enter the email used during registration. You'll receive a one-time passcode via email. Use this passcode along with your registered email to log in. You'll then be prompted to reset your password and update your settings.
How old do you have to be to join Lion's Den INSIDE™?
You must be 18 years or older to join the Lion's Den INSIDE rewards program.
Does it cost anything to join INSIDE™?
No, our rewards program is entirely free to join.
What do I need to sign up?
For Lion's Den INSIDE™ registration, we require your legal first and last name, a valid email address (cell phone email addresses not accepted), a valid phone number, postal code, and birthdate.

Why do you need my email and phone number?
We use this information to assist with account-related issues and for optional email message notifications. Your privacy is essential to us, and we never sell your information to third parties.
What’s included in the Lion's Den INSIDE™ Program?
How do I check my membership status?
You can easily view your membership status, available offers, points balance, and more by logging into your account through the member portal.
How are membership levels determined?
Membership levels are currently based on the points earned in 2023. We conduct yearly evaluations to update member status, with the next evaluation scheduled for February 2025.
How do I move up to the next level?
Advance to the next membership level by making purchases and participating in member events to earn points. Details on the points required for the next level are available in the member portal.
If I spend my points will I move down a level?
No, your membership status remains unchanged until the next yearly evaluation. However, insufficient points during evaluation may result in demotion.
How do I earn points?
Earn points by making purchases or participating in member events in-store or online. Points for purchases are equivalent to the price of the items in your purchase (excludes taxes). Example: If you purchase an item for $50, you will receive 50 points. 
Do my points ever expire?
Yes, rewards points expire after 730 days (24 months) of inactivity. However, your account will remain active.
How do I spend my Lion's Den INSIDE™ points?
Once you accumulate 150 points, you can spend them online or in-store. You can use as many points as you have, but a minimum of 150 points is required to redeem your first reward of $10 OFF.
Can I use my accumulated Lion's Den INSIDE™ points toward a product that costs less than $10?
Yes, but no cash will be returned.
How can I check my points balance or make changes to my account?
Simply log in to your member portal here:
What are birthday rewards?
On your birthday we will send you a special treat! It might be an exclusive offer, bonus points or a free gift. We change this up regularly, so keep an eye on your inbox!
How do I know when I have a special offer available?
You'll receive email notifications for special offers. If you have opted out of communications, you will not receive any offers. You can adjust communication preferences by logging into the member portal. 
Can my significant other use the account?
No, rewards accounts are intended for individual use only. Points can only be redeemed by the account holder. However, if your significant other verifies the phone number associated with the account, they may contribute points to it.
Can I transfer or gift my account to someone?
For safety and privacy concerns, accounts cannot be transferred or gifted to another person.
How do I use my points online?
Create an account with our webstore using the email used for Lion's Den INSIDE™ registration. To create a new account, please visit:
What happens if I need to cancel an order?
Points earned for canceled orders will be deducted from your balance.
Can I still get free shipping if I spend points?
Yes. Free/discounted shipping still applies to orders having a subtotal of $75 or more after discounts/coupons have been applied.
Can I merge accounts?
We are able to merge duplicate accounts only. To combine duplicate accounts, the names on both accounts must match. Both accounts must belong to you and cannot belong to other individuals. This includes significant others, friends, or family. Combining accounts is a one-time process that cannot be undone.
Do I earn points for transactions where I am also spending points?
Yes, you'll earn points for such transactions based on item prices (pre-tax).

Membership and General Terms/Conditions

The Lion's Den rewards program (or Lion's Den INSIDE™, formerly "LD rewards™") is sponsored by Lion's Den (an LD Management Company). By becoming a member of the Lion's Den INSIDE™ program, members agree to receive advertising, marketing materials and other communications from Lion's Den except where expressly disallowed as a profile preference. The Lion's Den logo, Lion's Den INSIDE™ logo and other logos and tag-lines are the intellectual property of Lion's Den. Membership rules are void to the extent where prohibited by law. Taxes may apply where required by law.

Lion's Den INSIDE™ program membership ("Membership") is open to individuals of at least 18 years of age. Commercial customers and others purchasing items for resale are not eligible for membership. Employees of Lion's Den, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and their spouses and children under the age of 23 living at home are not eligible for this Membership.

Membership is nontransferable and subject to present and future program rules. Membership is valid only at participating Lion's Den, U.S. retail store locations and online at and Enrollment becomes effective and acceptance of these terms and conditions begins when a new member enrolls in the Lion's Den INSIDE™ program. Lion's Den may change the Lion's Den INSIDE™ rules, regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, or point levels for rewards, in whole or in part, at any time without notice, even though changes may affect the value of the points already accumulated. Lion's Den may change or terminate program partners, withdraw, limit, modify or cancel any reward, increase the points required for any reward, modify or regulate the transferability of rewards or benefits, institute or add reward blackout dates or limit the number of rewards for use by any one individual on any one purchase.

Abuse of the Lion's Den INSIDE™, including failure to follow program policies and procedures, the sale or barter of reward certificates, product, points or promotional offers, using multiple rewards accounts in an effort to abuse the Lion's Den INSIDE™ rewards program, and any misrepresentation of fact relating thereto or other improper conduct as determined by Lion's Den in its sole judgment, may result in cancellation of the member's account and future disqualification from program participation, forfeiture of all points accrued, cancellation of previously issued but unused reward certificates, and termination of the business relationship with Lion's Den. In connection with the enforcement of any of the terms and conditions governing the Lion's Den INSIDE™ program, Lion's Den reserves the right to take appropriate legal action, as it deems necessary, and to recover damages, attorneys' fees and court costs.

Lion's Den reserves the right to interpret and apply the policies and procedures communicated in these terms and conditions. All determinations by Lion's Den shall be final and conclusive in each case. These terms and conditions supersede all previously published terms and conditions.

As a condition of membership, Lion's Den INSIDE™ members may receive print/electronic point statements, Lion's Den INSIDE™ updates and other related materials at the discretion of Lion's Den. Lion's Den reserves the right to cease mailing of Lion's Den INSIDE™ updates and related materials to any Lion's Den INSIDE™ member at any time.

A member can view their account activity online by logging into the member portal at For information about an individual account or any other program-related questions or information, please contact customer service.

Phone: (800) 345-3308

US Mail:

Lion's Den

Attn: Customer Service

110 E Wilson Bridge RD

Ste 100

Worthington, OH 43085

Lion's Den reserves the right to make Lion's Den INSIDE™ points and promotional offers available to select members based on purchase activity, geographic location, program participation, or information supplied by the member.

A member may cancel his or her Membership at any time by notifying Lion's Den by email or telephone. Lion's Den, in its sole discretion reserves the right to cancel an individual Membership at any time.

If there is no account activity for 24 months, forfeiture of all accrued points will occur.

Privacy Policy: The information provided by the member will be handled according to the Lion's Den Privacy Policy. If a member is interested in learning more about Lion's Den privacy practices, please visit

As a member of Lion's Den INSIDE™, members earn one point for every ($1 USD) spent on eligible product purchases, so long as the member's Lion's Den INSIDE™ account/card number number is provided at time of purchase in-store, or when members login to their online account.

Purchases earn points at the following rates:

All products purchased will earn 1 point for every dollar spent on eligible product purchases.

Points earned will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar amount. For in store purchases, points earned will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar amount of the transaction total. For online purchases, points earned will be rounded down to the nearest whole dollar amount per unique item purchased.

Points will post to the member's account within approximately 24-48 hours from in-store purchase or date of shipment. No adjustments to the member's account ("Account") will be made after 90 days from the actual purchase date.

Point calculations are based upon dollars spent at checkout on eligible purchases less any dollars spent on sales tax, state fees, shipping charges, delivery charges, restocking fees, in-store discounts, coupons, rebates applied at the time of purchase, the dollar amount of available mail-in rebates at the time of purchase of any product or service, or other excluded charges.

Lion's Den INSIDE™ points are valid for 24 months from the date of posting to the member's account. Lion's Den reserves the right to change Lion's Den INSIDE™ at any time without notice, including imposition of new point expiration dates.

All points and subsequent rewards must be earned and used according to the terms and conditions of the Lion's Den INSIDE™ program. Lion's Den has the right to make the final decision on whether a purchase qualifies for Lion's Den INSIDE™. Earned points will be reflected to the customer account within 24-48 hours of earning said points.

Points are not transferable and may not be combined among Lion's Den INSIDEmembers or conveyed by any means to anyone, including through a member's estate, and may not pass to a members' successors and assigns. Accrued points do not constitute property of the member. Accrued points are not transferable by the member (i) upon death, (ii) as part of a domestic relations matter, or (iii) otherwise.

After a member has earned 150 points in the Lion's Den INSIDE™ program, members will be eligible to receive a reward certificate ("Certificate") redeemable for $10 off the purchase of any eligible products or services at participating Lion's Den retail store locations or online stores.

Certificates will be accessible via the customer's online account portal at once the customer reaches 150 points.

Lion's Den is not responsible for communications, including reward certificates, lost due to change of email address or other contact information. Points that remain on a member's account expire and are forfeited if the program is terminated. In the event that a member returns merchandise that was partially or wholly paid for with a reward certificate(s), the reward certificate(s) used in connection with such a purchase shall not be reissued, and no points representing such reward certificate(s) shall be reissued to such member's account.

By providing their email address at time of sign-up, the customer authorizes email communications from Lion's Den. The customer may opt-out of these emails at any time by following the unsubscribe link in the email communication or contacting customer service.

Certificates are valid for 330 days from date of issue. Lion's Den reserves the right to change Lion's Den INSIDE™ at any time without notice, including imposition of new certificate expiration dates.

Certificates may be used in conjunction with other certificates and most other discounts or offers toward the purchase of products, not to exceed purchase amount. No photocopies or facsimiles accepted.

Certificates are not valid on prior purchases, certain products and services, purchase of Lion's Den Gift Cards and eGift Cards, or for tax or state fees. Certificates are not redeemable for cash and no change/currency will be given for certificate redemption. Members may be notified of additional ineligible products and services. Other restrictions may apply. Lost, stolen, or expired Certificates will not be replaced.

Certificates are not transferable and may not be combined among Lion's Den INSIDE™ members or conveyed by any means to anyone, including through a member's estate, and may not pass to members' successors and assigns. Reward certificates do not constitute property of the member. Certificates are not transferable by the member (i) upon death, (ii) as part of a domestic relations matter, or (iii) otherwise.



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