12 Apr

Lately we’ve talked a bit about Kink, but kicking off your kinky journey can be both frightening and exciting at the same time. We’ve already talked about the importance of communication, research and safety, but what about the proper tools to use? Kink toys are relatively common to find, some can even be in the form of pervertables mentioned in earlier posts, but what should you be looking for as a beginner? Here are some great first toys to use as you grow in experience and explore your innermost kinky desires without breaking the bank!


Ouch! Elegant Paddle : $15.95

It doesn’t get much simpler than this paddle! Using a bonded leather exterior and solid metal interior, it can certainly pack a punch after some practice, but that’ll come over time. It’s a great beginner paddle because of its smaller surface area and lighter materials, but can translate well for intermediate users just as easily. This will provide a thuddy sensation upon impact and is a staple among sadomasochists everywhere!

Bondage Couture - Flogger : $19.95

For sensations that differ greatly from the thuddier paddles, this flogger is a great first choice to step into something a little stingier or that could even tickle if used in other ways! The softer synthetic material makes it incredibly soft to the touch, but doesn’t compromise the intensity achieved from other impact play. The shorter length also provides a lot more control for a newbie getting used to swinging the falls around so you reduce the risk of striking an undesired area of the body!


Odax Sensation Wheel : $14.95

For a pinpointed and sharper sensation, the Odax Wheel is a great tool to explore with! Be careful though! Too much pressure can be more painful than anticipated so still use plenty of caution with use. With the stainless steel body and pins, it makes cleaning a breeze and is small enough for the perfect amount of control and weight to keep things safe and fun!

Noir - Silky Blindfold : $14.99

What’s kink and BDSM without a little lack of eyesight? Sensory deprivation is extremely common in kink practices and the Noir Silky Blindfold is an amazing choice if you don’t simply use a standard sleep mask. With 4.5’ to work with, it is perfectly lengthed to match any sized head and the silky material and nose cut out helps it comfortably rest over your eyes for plenty of tantalizing moments with your partner!


Beginner’s Bondage Fantasy Kit : $21.95

This bondage kit opens up so many restraining possibilities between you and your partner that you’re only limited by your imagination! Each individual cuff is attached to a separate strap allowing you to attach it to anything. Want to use it as a headboard or bed frame restraint? Consider it done. Attach a cuff to each wrist and ankle and hogtie your partner? Easy as pie! It even comes with a bonus blindfold for more enjoyment and is made from an incredibly soft fabric.

05 Apr

Now that you know some of the symptoms of having testicular cancer, how can you know what to do in order to look for these abnormalities? Self exams are extremely important to have in your routine. It’s recommended that every month, people perform a self exam to make sure that everything feels right. While it’s common for one testicle to be larger than the other, you can still use each to compare to the other. This is especially good when you remember that testicular cancer is typically isolated to one testicle. Here is the best technique on how to perform your self exam!

 - Using a gentle pinch around your testicle, examine each testicle by rolling it between your fingers.

 - When rolling it between your fingers, you’ll come across a soft, tube-like structure called the epididymis.To someone who has never felt this before, it might feel abnormal, but it is actually used to collect and carry sperm.

 - Feel for any pea-sized bumps, lumps or other irregular masses. They may present themselves as painless, so consult your doctor with any findings you may have. Sometimes cysts can be mistaken as these abnormalities, but these can be equally as problematic if not addressed.

 - If there are no masses, still check for any changes in size, shape or even texture. It might be normal for one testicle to be larger than the other, but any quick increase or decrease in size can present issues related to testicular cancer.

The best time to perform these self exams is during or after a warm bath or shower when the scrotum is relaxed and stretchier. 

While self exams can help detect the early stages of testicular cancer, only a doctor can diagnose it. With a physical exam, a doctor will perform similar tests to the self exam, but are trained to know exactly what to look for. If something feels problematic, they may schedule an ultrasound. Ultrasounds are used to see internally using sound waves to see a better picture of your body. These can be used to much more easily tell if these masses are cancerous. Blood tests can also be used to determine if there is cancer in your system. In the worst case scenarios, whether cancer is found or extremely likely, surgery is the next option to either remove the cancer or the diseased testicle.

Let’s look at the statistics. Sadly, the rate of this cancer has slowly been increasing in the United States and other countries.When detected early, testicular cancer is over 95% curable.  Because of the treatment being so successful, the risk of death is very low, roughly 1 in 5000. Some of the main risk factors in people who get testicular cancer are undescended testicles, urological birth defects, family history and it is more common in Caucasian people. Testicular cancer is also the leading cancer in people ages 15 - 44, but can be diagnosed at any age. Within this age range, more people will die of testicular cancer than people diagnosed with breast cancer.

If you have further concerns or think you may have any abnormalities with your self exam, consult your doctor as soon as possible! Be sure to keep an eye out for more information this month as we continue to discuss and learn about Testicular Cancer. For more information, check out https://www.testicularcancerawarenessfoundation.org for more information!

02 Apr

Oftentimes the most important conversations are the ones we aren’t having. Whether it be in a relationship or about your own health, discussing and learning about these tough topics are important. This month is Testicular Cancer Awareness Month and it’s a topic that many penis owners neglect to have. But what is it? And how common is it really? Testicular health is often solely discussed with a doctor and overlooked in a common self exam. Let’s take a deeper look at these topics so that tomorrow and in the days to come, you know what to look for and are cautious of this relatively common type of cancer.

What is it?

Like other cancers, testicular cancer occurs when germ cells abnormally grow in a specified area. These masses of cells, called tumors, invade normal tissue and can potentially create a variety of embryonic features such as hair, nail, teeth or more. It is possible that this type of cancer can metastasize, meaning that it potentially spreads to other parts of the body. Most often, this can spread to the abdomen, liver, lungs, bones and even the brain if not detected. While unlikely, if left undetected, testicular cancer can become deadly due to the rapid speed of it spreading. During this time, cells migrate to these other areas and can grow at a rate so quickly that it can double in size within 30 days. Sadly, it is the most common cancer in penis owners aged 15-44.

Warning Signs and Symptoms:

When it comes to things to look out for, luckily there are plenty to help you know when it’s the right time to see your doctor, such as:

 - Lumps of any size on your testicle

 - Changes in shape or size of the testicle, or any other irregularities

 - Pain or discomfort around the scrotum or testicles

 - Feelings of pressure or aches in the lower abdomen or back

 - Heaviness or fullness sensations in the scrotum

 - Enlargement or tenderness in the breast area due to elevated hormone levels

While these are common symptoms, they can grow to be more intense over time and often are painless and, in some cases, unnoticeable at first. That being said, more advanced symptoms are:

 - Significant weight loss

 - Back pain

 - Chest pain, often caused by coughing or difficulty breathing

 - Coughing up blood if spread to the lungs

 - Enlargement of lymph nodes in the abdomen and/or neck

If any of these symptoms become present, consult your doctor as soon as possible! Be sure to keep an eye out for more information this month as we continue to discuss and learn about Testicular Cancer. For more information, check out https://www.testicularcancerawarenessfoundation.org for more information!

21 Mar

Sex is supposed to be pleasurable, but it’s not just about the end goal of orgasming (it’s certainly a plus). The sensations brought on by playing with sensitive areas of the body can lead to more enjoyment as a whole, and the best way to learn about these areas is to know as much about them as possible! 


Product Recommendation: Satisfyer Pro Penguin

The clitoris is widely seen as the most sensitive and pleasurable spot, but did you know just how far it extends into your body? For a long time it was believed that the clitoris was merely the little bump at the top of a person’s genitals, but it actually is much more. Extending deep inside the body with almost a wishbone-like shape, the clitoris actually wraps around the inner walls as well allowing for some people to get more intense sensations depending on their body type. The collection of nerve endings within the clitoris is what makes this the pleasure center of the vulva with typically the most sensitive point being the tiny external part where the labia minora meets. An easy way to remember it is it’s actually made of the same material that develops into a penis when in the womb. So all the nerve endings in the penis are essentially condensed into the tiny little clitoris, making it extremely sensitive. However, what most people especially don’t realize is how it’s connected to…

The G-Spot:

Product Recommendation: Spice Rechargeable Heating G-Spot Vibrator

With the clitoris going so deep within the body, the G-Spot is where the clitoral body splits as it surrounds the vaginal opening, exposing even more nerve endings. Typically, this will be around 2 inches into the vagina but can vary on body type. While sometimes just pressure can give the desired satisfaction, other stimulation can be just as strong if not stronger. This is where the “come here” motion with your finger was discovered to be so pleasurable in this type of stimulation and why there are certain toys that specifically curve in order to hit this specific area.

Labia Minora and Majora:

Product Recommendation: Simplicity Ynez Hand-Held Vibe

When considering pleasure centers, the G-spot and clitoris are often the first to come to mind, but did you know that the labia can have just as many nerves running through it? With the right stimulation, some people might be able to achieve the same level of satisfaction from rubbing them gently or by using suction toys in order to make them plump and much more sensitive. While it is less common for people to orgasm from this stimulation alone, it can be great to incorporate into foreplay or helping lead into your preferred form of stimulation!


Product Recommendation: Nipple Play Rechargeable Nipplettes

While often a lot more sensitive than the labia, nipples are also relatively uncommon to be stimulated for more than a few moments in order to enhance a sexual experience. Nipples have much fewer nerve endings, but what they do have can be extremely effective in bringing more pleasure to your experience. When it’s cold and nipples get harder, these nerve endings are more pronounced and can be more satisfying, so incorporating things like ice to bring these cold temperatures can make something that was already good even better. 

These areas are just a few of the many sensitive areas around the body to explore and learn more about. There is so much more even left out of this article so we urge you to explore your body yourself to learn just what makes it tick and maybe you’ll find a pleasure center on your body no one else has!

15 Mar

The kink lifestyle is something new and exciting to many people for a multitude of different reasons. This can range anywhere between just something to spice up the relationship to redefining what sexual freedom is in one’s life. Regardless of the reasoning, it is extremely necessary to define what your limits are for both yourself and your partner(s). 

Negotiations as a whole are the best way of discussing what will be expected within your kink experience. If you’re new and exploring, it becomes imperative that you don’t jump in too fast at the ideas surrounding what could happen without proper preparation. Jumping in too quickly could ultimately lead you to situations where you could, at the very least, be physically hurt, but even worse be left mentally scarred if not prepared. Here are some things to take into account as you start your kink journey.

Research First:

Just like anything else in life, it’s important to have at least a general idea about what it is before you even attempt to start it. With kink, this becomes increasingly more important. With impact scenes, what if you hit or are hit in a spot that is too close to vital organs and cause permanent damage? Or maybe you tie a restraint too tight and either you or your partner are left with permanent nerve damage? These are things that need to be known not only for your safety, but your partner’s as well. Proper research can also help influence your decision to try something all together. Maybe you had the misconception that all rope ties were for suspension and you never considered shibari or other rope art. Or maybe you learned that the best types of hot wax to use safely are made from materials you’re allergic to. Other than safety reasons, research also best prepares you to be confident in these acts as well. Confidence is key as it helps take away self doubt that could cloud your mind and negatively impact your ability to scene with your partner. It’s recommended that, especially in relationships that are exploring together, that you research together as well. It helps the conversations you have regarding kink run much smoother as well!


After you’ve done some research either alone or with a partner, always reconnect to see where your comfort levels lie. This will help you determine the things that both parties are comfortable exploring and where their limits will lie within the things they are comfortable exploring. Discuss what the hard and soft limits would be for you and your partner. A hard limit is any activity that you do not consent to in any degree. These will not be explored at all as well as they are unlikely to be discussed again. Soft limits are limits that change slightly based on circumstance. It could be a specific type of play or even a subgroup of a certain play, such as stingy impact being a soft limit when thuddy has no limits at all. These types of limits can change over time and are usually things where people are trying them for the first time and exploring their curiosity of it. Additionally, with negotiations you’ll discuss the expectations of the play you will be taking part in. This way all parties can give clear instructions and have proper understanding of what they will expect in their dynamic. Only after you’ve negotiated and understand what you want and expect between you and your partner(s), should you begin to engage in any sort of kink practice. But when you do...

Start Slow:

Anytime you are experiencing some new aspect of kink, as said above, never jump right into it without preparation. In most cases, preparation comes from the mix of research and the little bits of experience you pick up as you learn your thresholds that may be different in practice than in theory. You might think you have a high pain tolerance, but in practice you might learn your pain tolerance varies for stingy rather than thuddy, and your negotiations might change after that experience. Always start light so you can build up and discover where your thresholds truly lie. This can also be a great way to implement pervertables into your experience so you don’t need to take the leap into buying new toys just yet! Some options you have can be simply pinning your partner's hands above their head along with a bandana used as a blindfold in order to give an illusion of more intense restraints being used. This can be the bare minimum you do prior to taking the leap into more intense restraints. Think about it this way, you can always go more intense over time, but you can’t take back a poor, or worse, a traumatic experience from trying too hard too soon.

Get Involved:

If you have interest in becoming a part of the larger kink community, look for local munches on Facebook or other events through Fetlife! These are great ways to network and meet others in the community, but don’t expect to find partners through these methods. When finding a partner, always research them as well to make sure your safety and wellbeing comes first. But as a whole, these groups can help you find local classes to hone your skills at various aspects of kink or maybe be a fun thing for both you and your partner to do together. It’s not necessary to be a part of the wider community, but it certainly has its positives!

11 Mar

All this talk about vulva’s and the best ways to achieve pleasure with one, let’s not forget about our penis owners! Especially with it being Women’s History Month, it’s important to remember it’s not what’s between your legs that defines you. Sexual pleasure as a whole is the combination of both physical and mental stimulation, and the best way to achieve it is through understanding and learning as much as we can about these sensitive areas. Let’s take a look at some that often accompany penis owners!

Penile Glans (Penis Head):

The penile glans, or the “head” of the penis is the first point of stimulation when it comes to things like penetration of any type. It might seem relatively standard that any type of stimulation would feel good, right? That’s because, with its shape and the dip that separates the glans from the shaft of the penis, it allows for more stimulation to occur as a whole. With vaginal penetration, for example, there is a smooth entry into the vagina, but when pulling out, the base of these glans are in constant opposition to the direction you are pulling. This causes it to have more surface area being stimulated at once. The glans have many nerve endings that allow for pleasurable sensations throughout the head though, so penetration isn’t the only way to achieve this goal.

Product Recommendation: Renegade Head Unit


On the underside of the penis, where the shaft meets the penile glans, is a point called the frenulum. This is where a lot of the nerves go through between the shaft and the glans, making it a highly sensitive part of the penis. With all of these nerves in one place, pretty much any type of stimulation could be pleasurable. Pressure could be derived from anything like pressure, gentle flicks of the tongue or a lubed up finger, etc. It’s also relatively easy to find given it’s very well pinpointed spot. Vibration or even a pulsating suction on this area can be highly pleasurable.

Product Recommendation: Crackle Rechargeable Compact Stroker


The shaft of the penis makes up nearly its entirety, and covering it is what is known as the foreskin. Unfortunately, at a young age many people are circumcised and much of their foreskin is taken away. This highly impacts the amount of pleasure one can receive in penile stimulation. The foreskin has an incredibly high number of nerve endings throughout it and is relatively easy to stimulate. The simplest method is just by using one’s hand and stroking it themselves, but any encasement and stroking of the penis can get you the same result. For many, the tighter the encasement, the more pleasure can come from it, but this isn’t the case for everyone. Make sure you experiment with it a bit to see what’s best!

Product recommendation: OptiMALE™ - TRUSKYN™ Silicone Stroker - Various models


The prostate is essentially the equivalent to the G-spot on penile bodied people. It is only accessible through anal stimulation and is located just a couple of inches into the anus on the inner wall towards the abdomen. It is about the size of a walnut so it’s relatively easy to hit with a well lubed finger or other penetrative toy. Often only a little bit of pressure is needed for the desired satisfaction, but vibration and other movement can really enhance the feeling. It’s arguably the point of the most satisfaction in penis owners, so it’s in their best interest to check it out! It’s even possible to orgasm or even ejaculate just from prostate stimulation!

Product Recommendation: Solstice Vibrating Prostate Massager


The perineum is the point between the scrotum and the anus. This often unexplored area of the body is extremely sensitive and can help enhance any other stimulation. A little bit of pressure can actually add minimal bits of pressure to the prostate. Vibration can also be incredibly pleasurable as it brings some sensitivity to both the anus and scrotum at the same time, broadening the placement of the stimulation. This area can be stimulated from nearly every position and can be done either with or without a partner. It might just be what makes you have the best orgasm you’ve ever had!

Product Recommendation: Rub-It! Finger Vibe

08 Mar

Happy International Women’s Day! 

For many people, exploring their intimate lives can be a new and exciting aspect of self discovery. In this exploration, these new sensations that they find pleasurable might come from sources that they don’t expect. We already wrote about pervertables, or items not typically used in a sexual setting but could still be found around the house as an introductory toy, but what if you’re ready to take the next step? Here are some adult toys for vulva owners that might be a great addition in achieving your self pleasure goals!

Evolved Straight to the Point Vibe:

This pinpoint vibe is a relatively new design that uses a soft, flexible silicone in order to get to the exact spot you want it. With such a minimalist design, it’s easy to be mistaken for other self care products and is incredibly discreet. It was designed with the intention of being used for clitoral stimulation, but has been found to be very useful in exploring other sensitive areas such as nipples, labia and can even be used as a way to tickle and entice other parts of your body. Taking it one step further is the water resistant build allowing you to take it into the bath or shower as well as making cleaning much easier! Add a little bit of a water based lube and you’ve got a toy with perfect precision to help you find every tantalizing spot!

Find it here online!

Neo 7.5” Dual Density Cock:

For those who prefer penetration, this new dildo by Blush Novelties is a great first toy to add to your collection! With its PVC build, it’s incredibly soft and smooth with just enough texture to it to make it feel fairly realistic. It features a suction cup base so you can set it on any flat surface for stationary use as well as use it manually. This base is also specially made in order to be compatible with most strap-on harnesses allowing for use on a partner. The design is incredibly unique with its dual density core making it feel soft to the touch on the outside, but solid enough to feel close to the real thing.

Find it here online!

Satisfyer Pro 2:

One of the first mainstream suction toys that really took off, this toy is one of the most positively reviewed products we offer! Made of a hard plastic body and silicone tip, it is one of the more basic yet effective products of this type. This does make the device itself completely submersible for easy cleaning and use in places such as the bath or shower! With multiple suction speeds, it’s bound to hit your sweet spot no matter where you’re using it on your body. Primarily used clitorally, with a little lube you can have a stronger suction giving you an even more powerful sensation, but this product has uses all over the body such as for a suction sensation on your nipples. Just to add a little extra incentive, it features a magnetic charging capability to make quick use even easier between charges.

Find it here online!

Evolved Pen Pal:

This is the ultimate product in discreet vibrators! It features a stainless steel body and a looped end allowing for it to be worn even as a minimalistic necklace! With it being no larger than a small pen, it’s perfect for travel or keeping in your daily bag or luggage. It’s all metal design makes it not only non-porous and extremely easy to clean, but it also allows for the device to be completely submersible when not charging. To charge, the USB cord screws into the body of the device making it secure. It makes for the perfect pleasure product to-go!

Find it here online!

Luxe Double O Kegel Balls:

Did you know that strengthening your pelvic muscles can lead to a stronger orgasm and sensitivity even with solo stimulation? Just like any muscle, you’ve gotta strengthen it for it to get better! The Double O Kegel Balls by Blush Novelties are individual balls made of a silky smooth plastic for use whenever you want! Keep them in while doing yoga or even just walking around the house. By holding them in place, you’ll strengthen your pelvic floor for an even better sensitivity in the future. They are made with body safe materials making this already good product even better and have just enough weight to them to really push you to your limits!

Find it here online!

Fantasy for Her - Her Finger Vibe:

If you prefer keeping it simple and using your fingers for self stimulation, the Fantasy for Her - Her Finger Vibe by Pipedream is a great and small vibrator that attaches to your fingers for guided use all while using the same motions you typically would without it!. It’s made of a super soft silicone material and is completely submersible! There’s even a bump on the end to help pinpoint the perfect area to stimulate. It’s the perfect beginner vibrator for anyone who wants a little more self exploration without breaking the bank or going for something too big too fast!

Find it here online!

01 Mar

Have you ever smelled something that just got your heart racing? Maybe tasted something that immediately made you feel satisfied and hungry for more? There are certain foods and scents that have shown evidence to heighten the same receptors in your brain as sexual satisfaction known as Aphrodisiacs. Some of these may seem obvious, like perfumes, colognes, and chocolate, but there are many that might surprise you. Here are a few you might consider next time you are planning a spicy night with your significant other!

Chili Peppers or Spicy Foods:

If you want to make things spicier in the bedroom, you might need to start in the kitchen! Spicier foods and peppers have shown evidence to heighten desire in people through various ways. Due to the chemical Capsaicin, which causes heat, the body’s natural defenses kick in, releasing endorphins to help dull the pain and cause pleasure. Similarly, the human brain typically finds larger, plumper lips more appealing as well which can be directly related to the consumption of spicier food. Much like a bee sting, the area in contact with this chemical will plump up. So not only is there a chemical change in your brain, but this same chemical causes a physical change that the brain interprets as something more commonly desired.


Pomegranate has long been associated with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love in Greek Mythology and the namesake of Aphrodisiac. Due to the many seeds within it, it became a symbol of fertility, but the juices contain so much more. Evidence suggests that the juices could help lower cortisol levels, meaning stress levels could be lowered, bringing more natural pleasure to the individual. This is not exclusive to any one sex, but as a whole. Additionally, antioxidants in pomegranate juice has been linked to the increase in blood flow. This helps benefit people immensely, but particularly penis owners as this increase in blood flow helps circulation to the penis.


Aside from often being associated with desirable foods such as desserts and other sweets, vanilla on it’s own has a very distinctive smell that can set it apart from other foods and set off pleasure receptors in the brain. These receptors can bring out sensations of relaxation and calmness, which can help regulate blood flow as well as reduce stress. 


While cinnamon has many properties that help in anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, there is also some evidence that suggests that it could help in some erectile dysfunction. Additionally, there is research that suggests that the combination of cinnamon and vanilla within pumpkin pie could boost blood flow to the genitals by roughly 40%. This proves that combinations of various sources can also benefit people sexually as well. 


While some fragrances used by people can incorporate scents that are associated with pleasure, such as those listed above and more, they might consist of the perfect blend for certain individuals. Aphrodisiacs don’t need to be one size fits all, but say for example your partner always wears a specific scent. This scent, over time, could train your brain to derive pleasure from them specifically. This can be from a specific fragrance or even just their natural body odor.

While none of these foods or scents have been proven to assist in sexual habits in humans, there is evidence that suggests the potential they have in helping the body achieve a better experience as a whole. These are just some examples, but there are hundreds more out there that you can explore! While they might seem like great options, it is important to know that these are not regulated methods and should be taken with a grain of salt. If you have any underlying libido or sexual performance issues, please consult your doctor before trying aphrodisiacs or alternative methods.

22 Feb

Sometimes the best toys are the ones that you can find around the house!

Sex toys are an amazing step into the world of personal pleasure, but let’s face it, it can be scary buying something you’re not too certain you’ll actually like or use more than once. A specific style of toy known as a “pervertable” might be exactly what you’re looking for, and you might already have it at home!

Pervertables are essentially normal, everyday objects that, when properly cleaned, can provide some form of sexual satisfaction. Oftentimes these can be easily found in your house or even large chain stores. Here are some examples and different uses!

Wooden Cooking Utensils:

Think of a wooden spoon or spatula, these are perfect and incredibly common alternatives for a paddle! Using proper cleaning methods could include boiling or a mild soap and warm water. Make sure you dry them separately so they don’t harbor bacteria! The solid wood material is a great thuddy sensation and relatively light to practice with and see if you or your partner enjoy this kind of play. 


How about taking a step into sensation play with temperature! Ice is a great introduction to the various sensations that can be brought on by varying temperatures on the body. Be mindful of sharp edges on the ice cubes though as you don’t want to harm your partner at all. Otherwise, ice is 100% body safe considering it is made entirely of water and will melt after use. Some uses include bringing more sensitivity to different areas of the body as well as bringing heightened sensations to someone who is blindfolded. 


Rulers, similar to kitchen utensils, can be used for impact play and spanking, but can add a layer of role play to the scene as well. They can be associated with the mental side of the interaction and help get into the role they are fulfilling such as teacher/student. Additionally, because this is a thinner piece compared to the kitchen utensils, it will provide a slightly stingier sensation rather than thuddy, providing something different to the interaction. These can be cleaned relatively easily with disinfecting wipes or with mild soap and warm water. 

Robe Belt/Tie:

Leather belts are a relatively commonly used item for restraint, but something that might be a little better for a first timer will be the belt to a robe or a necktie. These are made of a much more gentle material and are easier to tie safely. This is a great introduction to restraining but also has the ability to be used as a gag or blindfold. Make sure to always have safe words in place if you need to get out quickly! These often can be cleaned by being thrown in the washer with regular clothes.

14 Feb

Valentine’s Day can be a day full of love and affection between partners who have been together as long as a week to their entire lives. But what if all those hearts, flowers and chocolates just isn’t your style? Maybe you’re single and have no interest in the holiday as a whole. How do you find joy in a day that’s set aside seemingly just for couples? Well, instead of celebrating your love for another, why not celebrate your love for yourself!

Self love is an important aspect of celebrating oneself and the enjoyment that you can find in solo activities or just embracing the little self care techniques you can implement throughout the day. It’s easy to confuse self love with big extravagant things like treating yourself to a nice dinner and spending a little extra cash or buying that new item you’ve been eyeing for a while. But it doesn’t always need to be so extreme or pricey! In fact, here are some ways to show intense self care and love, regardless of your gender, without spending much money at all!

Show Your Body Some Love

When was the last time you truly gave your body the best attention you could give it? Maybe you’ve been lacking in your skincare routine or haven’t given yourself a good shave in a while. Now is the perfect time to run a warm bath with that new bath bomb you got on sale or some relaxing epsom salt to ease your muscles. A little bit of relaxing scented candles or essential oils will give you the much needed rest and relaxation you’ve needed for quite some time! If a bath or shower isn’t your style, take some time to thoroughly wash your face, maybe use a face mask or some moisturizer on your body where you might feel like your skin is getting pretty dry and cracked. Little things like this that maybe you don’t think of every day can help make your body feel fresh and rejuvenated if you’ve neglected it for too long. 

Have a Little “Me” Time

Has stress been building up in work and life? Maybe the little bit of time you do have is spent just trying to take the edge off and relax after a long day. It’s time to put your pleasure first! Take some time to really express yourself with bodily pleasure and explore the things that make you feel good. There is evidence that not only will masturbation and other self pleasure techniques help you relax, but self exploration has been linked to better sexual satisfaction as a whole, even with future partners! Use this time to find out what feels good to you and discover new things that you might want to continue doing in the future!

Discover your Love Language

Love languages are often something that is only explored in relationships, but how can they benefit you and your own self love? The 5 different categories are Quality Time, Acts of Service, Physical Touch, Giving/Receiving Gifts, and Words of Affirmation. Quality time can be as simple as setting up a regular time to just relax and do things that make you feel most comfortable. Acts of service can be anything regarding therapeutic work that helps you find ease at home. Maybe you let your dishes pile up or your room is a mess. A little clean up can help bring better peace of mind down the line. Physical touch doesn’t always need to be another person, but maybe your coziest blanket and a warm cup of tea. These warm sensations could bring a more soothing aspect that will help you relax, like a warm shower. Maybe it's time to treat yourself to something in your Wishlist that you have been saving up for, give yourself a little gift. And positive affirmations can always be a rewarding thing to hear. Whether you just feel like you’re really rocking that new hairstyle or just feel like everything is going well. It’s a great time to pat yourself on the back and remind yourself that you are doing great!

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Give Yourself a Break

One thing that many of us can probably agree with is there is not nearly enough time in the day. It’s important that we take care of our responsibilities, but we can’t neglect the mental, physical and emotional toll it can take on us. Take some time to recuperate in the way that you see fit. Maybe it’s by taking the kind of nap that you fall asleep from and wake up wondering what day it is. Maybe it’s putting on your favorite tunes and doodling like you did when you were a kid. Maybe it’s pouring yourself a nice beverage of your choice before settling in with a good book or show you’ve been dying to catch up on. These little breaks help in more ways than one and can help rejuvenate you in ways you haven’t been able to experience for a while with your busy lifestyle. It’s always good to take a break, I recommend one around once every 1-2 weeks!

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