The Myth

Let’s talk about the G-Spot! No this isn’t some tale of mystery and mystique, the G-Spot is very real. Even though it may be just an old wives tale to some, today we are talking about the G-Spot. So let’s settle it!

Myth 1: It doesn't exist

If that’s the case, there sure are a lot of products made for something that isn’t real! The G-Spot (or the Grafenberg spot) is very real. It’s located usually around 2 inches inside the vaginal opening in the area closest to the belly button. There is word that there is no anatomical evidence of a G-Spot, despite many studies stating that the positioning of the clitoris has to do with your G-Spot, and we know that the clitoris is 100% there!

Myth 2: The G-Spot is an organ

Totally incorrect, and this is the reason the G-Spot’s legitimacy is debated! In 2017, scientists dissected 13 cadavers to search for the G-spot, no evidence was found of the G-spot's existence.This study has already been debated, as the G-Spot is not an actual organ; it’s a series of nerve endings and tissues that is connected to the inner clitoris.

Myth 3: Only people with vaginas have a G-Spot

Well technically no, people with penises also have a G-Spot. The male G-spot is often referred to at the P-spot; referring to their prostate! Like the G-Spot, the P-Spot is located around 2 inches in, but this one is inside the rectum. It can be stimulated anally as well as stimulating it indirectly through the perineum, or taint.

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