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Vibrator 101

Learn About Vibrators 101

When it comes to the world of vibrators, there are a lot of options available. Below are a few things to think about and understand before you make your first (or second or third) purchase. Like people, sex toys come in all shapes and sizes. When considering your toy, ask yourself how or, more importantly, where you would like to use it. These are some main shapes/styles of vibrators available today:



Bullet vibes range in size from 1-3 inches in length and typically look like their name implies; a bullet. While the overall design hasn’t much changed, they certainly do get the job done. Those looking strictly for clitoral stimulation would do well with this toy. Due to their size, they are discreet (some even come in sneaky packaging to look like a lipstick). They can be used solo or with a partner and can be easily tossed in an overnight bag, dresser drawer, or even a purse for on-the-go orgasms.

Stick Vibrators

These vibes are longer than your standard bullet and range in size from about 4-7 inches. These are primarily used for internal stimulation, though they can also be used externally if you have any mobility/dexterity issues. These typically tend to be on the slimmer side and are usually smooth.


Like a stick vibe, g-spot massagers are intended for internal use. Most will have a slim, straight shaft with an egg shaped bulb on the end. This bulb, once inserted, will massage the g-spot that is located about 2-3 inches inside the opening of the vagina. Being that the g-spot is part of the clitoral network, stimulation in this area can result in an intense orgasm.


You know those “back massagers” you would see ads for on late night TV? That was the original iteration of one of the most powerful toys available. Wand-style toys look similar to a microphone with a bulbous vibrating head and a shaft to maneuver. If you want a lot of power, the original design that plugs into the wall is going to be your best bet. With technological advancements, however, these do also come in rechargeable options. The frequency at which these vibrate offers a deeper, rumbling sensation that is intended for external stimulation (though you can get attachments for internal stimulation if you are looking to really rock your world).


For those of us old enough to remember Sex and the City, this iconic toy has been a go-to for people for decades. This toy has the best parts of a stick vibe and a bullet combined into one! Rabbit vibes tend to be what most people think of when they’re first considering getting themselves a toy. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and functions so try to keep that in mind while shopping.


These are sort of the “other” category of the sex toy world. Dildos can vibrate, but don’t always have to. For the sake of this article though, dildos typically range in size from 4-12 inches and often look like a penis. Those that do not look like a penis will be thicker than a stick vibe and tend to have more nuance in terms of shape. They will often have a suction cup base that can be used for riding or in a harness for partner play and the vibration speeds and patterns will vary from toy to toy.


Functions and Features

So here is where things can get interesting. With advancements in technology, vibrators don’t just have the three low, medium, high settings. Now they offer pulsating, staccato, and a wide range of dots and dashes to bring you right over the edge. Not only are there different vibration patterns to think about, there are also a number of features certain toys offer that include, but are not limited to: sucking, warming, thrusting; beads that move up, down and around; thumping, wiggling, and spinning.


As I mentioned before, sex toys are like people… they come in all sizes. Some will be petite and some will be, well… quite large. Something to consider when making your toy purchase is not just length, but girth as well. If you’ve only ever had a finger (or nothing) inserted, you may not be as comfortable using as girthy or lenghty toy as someone who has been sexually active or used toys before. It is important to consider your own comfort level when considering your toy purchase.


Toy material is also something to take into account. While there is no federal mandates when it comes to toys, the industry does a fairly good job at self-regulation. That being said, not all toys are 100% body-safe or allergen-free.

To learn more about the different materials used to make vibrators and dildos, check out our blog "Dildos 101".


Gone are the days of pink and purple being the only available color option! Toys now come in every color imaginable ranging from flesh tones to neon green and orange. While you’ll still find many pink and purple hues, you’ll have much more choice.

Other Things to Think About:


Where will you be putting your new best friend? Do your kids snoop through your stuff? If you plan to use it primarily in bed, do you have a place to store it that is easily accessible? If you want a plug-in wand, where is the nearest outlet?

Make sure to keep hygiene in mind when stowing and cleaning. To learn more about keeping your toys clean, check out our blog"How To Clean and Store Your Sex Toys Properly".

Noise Level

Do you live alone where noise isn’t a concern or do you have paper-thin walls and nosy roommates? Are you trying to get in one last orgasm before bed and don’t want to wake your sleeping partner?


As much fun as 60-pound sex machine with full range of motion and thrusting action may be, will it take up an entire room in your house? If so, is that a problem? Do you want a toy that can do multiple things or do you want specific toys for each use? If you travel often, is your toy small enough to bring with you?

While there is certainly is a lot to consider and think about when it comes to purchasing a toy, this guide is designed help you think about what it is you want in a toy and give you an idea of what is available. If ever you need assistance, don’t hesitate to swing by your local Lion’s Den or chat with our online representatives for assistance in selecting the right toy for you!

12 Feb

Charged Vooom Rechargeable Bullet by Screaming O

I have said this once, and I will say it again until the end of time. Bullet-style vibes are a necessity in everyone’s sex toy collection. It’s a versatile pleasure tool that anyone can use to enhance or produce sensations when partnered with a toy or by itself. I’m always on the hunt for another bullet-style vibe to add to my collection because I can never own too many sex toys and because I love sharing my experience with each one I get my hands on. So that’s what I’m doing today.


  • Rechargeable
  • 10 penetrating vibration functions
  • Made of lab-tested body-safe ABS


  • Length: 2.5 inches
  • Width: .75 inches

Tiffy’s Take

I heard somewhere that good things come in small packages. The Charged Vooom Rechargeable 10 Function Bullet by Screaming O is just that. It’s a small compact vibe that takes on a traditional look with some surprising and convenient perks. Because of its size, it can fit practically anywhere, including purses, pockets, in the cavity of any dildo that allows for a vibe to add some vibrations paired with internal stimulation. If I had to size comparison, I would say it’s the size of my pinky, which also makes it easy to hide in plain sight and away from prying eyes.

The one-button function allows for an easy to use operation, and a vibe this small being rechargeable is just the cherry on top. When you look at the Vooom bullet, you might think you’re not going to get a ton of power out it, and that can’t be farther from the truth. As a person who loves strong vibrations, I have to say that the Vooom bullet is one of the strongest budget-friendly vibes I have ever encountered. The vibrations are rumbly and reach deep

I personally find myself using this vibe as a lazy masturbation tool. Some might want to use it during sex because its size allows for it to fit comfortably between partners without causing “The vibrator is getting in the way” issues. And I will agree that it would be an ideal toy for that. I personally prefer a longer shaped vibe that gives me a little extra reach, depending on what position I’m in. That’s just my personal preference. But I can appreciate a shorter vibe that has vibrations powerful enough to get me off. If you’re looking for something relatively cheap, decently powerful, and easy to use, I highly recommend it. You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Final Thoughts

The Charged Vooom Rechargeable 10 Function Bullet by Screaming O is a decently strong bullet-vibe that can give you a plethora of options when it comes to pursuing pleasure. It can be used in multiple ways on everybody at a great price. If you're in the market for a first-time toy or looking to add to your collection, I suggest stopping by a Lion’s Den location to pick one up.


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The Bedroom Toy Collection - Frederick's of Hollywood Rechargeable Rabbit Bullet

“The...Rabbit Bullet is one of my new favorites. It's quiet, flexible, discreet, and powerful. It's everything that I could want in a bullet.”


The Frederick's of Hollywood Rechargeable Rabbit Bullet will be your new secret best friend. Discreet, quiet, and waterproof, take this bullet with you for some fun wherever you may be for the night.

  1. -20 vibration patterns
  2. -USB Rechargeable for convenience
  3. -Two velvet soft ears to tease and tickle
  4. -Powerful, toe-curling vibrations
  5. -Velvet Smooth Body-Safe Silicone and ABS
  6. -Hypoallergenic and Phthalate-free
  7. -Waterproof for wet and wild fun
  8. -Great for solo pleasure

How it works

Pull your Rabbit Bullet out of it's discreet carrying pouch and let it go to work. Press the conveniently placed button on the bottom of the device and select the perfect vibration speed and pattern that will make your head spin. Use the rabbit ears to tease your clitoris, or use the sides for a more sweet direct pressure. The rabbit bullet can also be used for internal pleasure and stimulation.


The Joy is made from a body-safe silicone. Safe to use with water-based lubes. After use, wash the waterproof vibrator with warm water and soap.Recharge the Rabbit Bullet with the included magnetic USB charger.

  1. Length: 4.5”
  2. Width: 0.9” at Largest Point
  3. Girth: 2.9” at Largest Point
  4. Vibrator Strength:Strong
  5. Vibrator Noise Level:Quiet
  6. Charge:Lasts 1 hour 90 minutes

KC’s Review

I have to say, the Frederick's of Hollywood Rechargeable Rabbit Bullet is one of my new favorites. It's quiet, flexible, discreet, and powerful. It's everything that I could want in a bullet. When I first saw the rabbit ears, I wasn't sure if I would like the bullet. However, I love the different options it gives me when I'm using the vibrator to tease at different speeds, pressures, patterns, and now different styles between the rabbit ears and the bullet itself. This bullet is a traveler's best friend. It comes with a carrying pouch and is super quiet. It's a little bigger than a tube of lipstick, so you can even fit it in your purse for on the go. The charging cord is a normal USB cable and discreet. One of the best features on the Rabbit Bullet for me is a small detail, but makes it so convenient. When the charge is getting low on the Rabbit Bullet, a little red light will blink on the bottom of the device. That doesn't sound like much, but I can't tell you how frustrating it can be for rechargeable devices to suddenly and without warning die on you in the middle of a session. Knowing it's running out of power is so helpful, and it's a big plus for me.

Rating: 10/10

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