How to Spot Fake Online Dating Profiles

There are some fake dating profiles out there, but some can be difficult to spot. We provide you with information that can help you figure it out.


Learn How to Spot Fake Dating Profiles Online

As mentioned in this article, with more and more people spending so much time on social media, there are increasing worries about how sites might be affecting our relationships. When you join online dating platforms, you’re searching for someone you can spend the rest of your life with and form a genuine connection to. This is why it can be disheartening to come across fake online dating profiles. Our dating experts have shared important information about fake profiles and how to spot them quickly so you don't get sucked into a conversation with someone who doesn't exist.


Lack of Photos

This is normally a good indication that it is a fake profile as they have used someone else’s photos from wherever they can get them to make the profile. Some people are a bit more camera shy but if you’re not seeing plenty of photos, then it is a good indication that the profile may be a fake.


Lack of Information

Someone who is just setting up a fake profile to have some fun isn’t normally going to pour a lot of information on their profile. So, if the information looks generic or there simply is not a lot to go on, then this could indicate that the profile is not genuine.


Check Social Media Profiles

If someone is genuine, then you’re likely to be able to find their presence on other social media platforms. You don’t want to snoop on someone’s privacy but simply looking them up isn’t harmful. However, you shouldn’t be delving into someone’s profile especially if you want to create a real connection with someone.


You Never Seem to Meet-Up

Perhaps you have been chatting for a while and you have always been meaning to meet-up, but something keeps coming up. If they seem to never be able to meet-up – even when you’ve changed times and days – then this may be an indication that they are not genuine about finding love and have created a profile simply for fun.


They Avoid Video Chat

Modern technology allows us to connect no matter where we are, so it is quite strange when someone completely avoids video chats with you. This indicates that they don’t want to show you their face and may have set-up a profile using someone else’s information and photos.


They Request Money from You

A lot of people set-up fake dating profiles as a way to make money from people. They may not ask directly from you but may always hint that they are in a bad financial situation or that something has happened. It is always wise to be careful and if you haven’t met them or know them well enough, then sending them money is a bad idea and a huge indication that the profile may be fake.


They Send You Random, Mysterious Links

If a profile is fake, then they may be sending you a variety of weird links all the time. This may be to connect you to another scam or to somehow wrangle personal information out of you. It is always best to be wise when online, so be cautious when you receive something from someone on a dating site.


Are There Discrepancies in Their Story?

If you care for someone or want to get to know them, then you’re likely to retain a lot of what they tell you. If someone has a fake profile, then you may begin to spot lies or holes in their story. This is because it is hard to keep up with lies and they may forget what they have told you.


Those are the main ways to spot a fake online dating profile. Keep safe while looking online and don’t get too disheartened if you end up chatting with someone who isn’t as genuine as other people online.


By: Amily Bronte

Blogger, freelance writer, and a personal branding enthusiast.