CalExotics Optimum Pulsar Stroker Review

CalExotics Optimum Pulsar Stroker Review

Posted By Nate H.
CalExotics Optimum Pulsar Stroker Review

Strokers are a great tool to use for penial stimulation. While some are designed to give it the look and feel of real skin, others take more initiative to offer different and unique sensations that can aid in its use to give you a mind blowing orgasm. This is the idea behind the CalExotics Optimum Power Pulsar Stroker and many other products within the CalExotics Optimum line. 


The Pulsar is one of the high end powered strokers within the Optimum line. Designed to be a luxury stroker, it features many different functions for the user to explore while still using it as a standard stroker. With four different vibration settings, 3 preset levels of suction as well as a manual suction and air release button, there are plenty of different combinations to discover. It includes a soft, interior sleeve and charging via USB-C. While the casing is not waterproof, the sleeve is and can be removed for easy cleaning. The easy touch pad keeps controls simple with 5 buttons, one for powering the device, buttons dedicated to both preset vibration and suction settings, and both the manual suction and air release buttons. It advertises itself at roughly 1.5 hours of runtime at low speed and can be charged fully within two hours!

Build Quality:

After opening the box, the first thing I noticed was the weight of the Pulsar. While not extremely heavy, it’s enough to surprise you, but it ultimately feels premium and of solid materials. The case is made of a hard external plastic that is easy to grip and fits comfortably in the hand. However, people with smaller hands might find it to be a little too large to comfortably grasp for long periods of time. It features two flat ends as well, so storing it upright is easy rather than letting it roll around under the bed or on a nightstand. 

Located on the back of the device, right under the manual suction button, is the charging port. The placement is good, and with the protective overlay, it seems well protected from lubed up fingers while in use, although the overlay feels flimsy and may tear off easily. The buttons are soft and click well with embedded designs for their use. The cap at the end, protecting and preserving the internal sleeve when not in use, fits well with a slight locking ‘click’ when removing or replacing it. 

The sleeve is incredibly soft and squishy with plenty of ripples and bumps to provide stimulation. It does feel relatively easy to tear if too aggressive with cleaning. There is also a ring around the outside of the sleeve opening in order to help preserve its shape which is extremely well crafted, though it does make stretching out the sleeve for cleaning much more difficult.


When being used as a stand alone stroker, without any additional uses, it feels just like any other one on the market. It’s soft design makes it comfortable to use and its closed back is pretty standard. The buttons are very satisfying with an audible ‘click’ and immediate additional stimulation. The motor is housed in the far end of the external shell, making the vibration setting most prominent the deeper you go. The suction, however, can be felt around the entirety of the penis, and it is pretty strong. The presets are nice, but the manual suction is where you can tailor it to your own liking while consistently altering the air release to immerse yourself in a new type of stimulation. At a high enough setting, it can be difficult to even stroke with it still. The vibration alone left a lot to be desired. It’s too tame to get much stimulation from it on its own, but it does provide a nice addition to the suction when it’s at its highest setting, though still not much more to set it apart.

My Experience:

Strokers alone are pretty tame for me, but after some time exploring what the Pulsar can offer, I can confidently recommend it due to my own enjoyment. It took a little bit to get used to, but with enough exploring of the settings, it’s easy to find a way to give yourself the best stimulation. I was very impressed with the suction itself; It was powerful and didn’t feel unnatural. When using the suction midway down the shaft, it was so powerful that it would slowly suck me in further. Even with a curved penis, it didn’t feel uncomfortable. At the absolute highest setting, it did feel a bit tight, but not enough that it hurt. 

While the individual presets were nice, I found myself using the manual controls the most. It helped me use it the way I enjoy being stimulated rather than being locked into the presets. I was, however, disappointed in the lack of powerful vibration. I feel that if the vibration came from the sides rather than the tip, it would have been a much better sensation. Regardless, it didn’t give me enough additional stimulation to warrant using it on its own. 

The couple issues I do have are minor for the most part. The suction may be powerful, but if you attempt to stroke while using it, any gap lets out a loud “fart” from the air being released and that, as I’m sure you could guess, takes you out of the moment. My other gripe is cleaning. The device itself isn’t waterproof, so any lube you may get on the sides of the outer case cannot be rinsed off easily. The outer ring around the opening is great when in use, but it does not allow for easy cleaning by flipping the sleeve inside out like most other strokers. Any attempt at trying or simply stretching the sleeve made me think it was going to tear, so cleaning the inside of the sleeve was very difficult. Other than those minor flaws, it’s still very nice to use.

Ultimately, the CalExotics Optimum Power Pulsar Stroker is a very nice stroker to have at your disposal. It provides a unique pleasure experience that many other strokers will not give you. While there are still some flaws in its design, I don’t think that they are prominent enough to make you avoid this product entirely. If you are a penis owner that gains any type of satisfaction from suction, I highly recommend that you consider the Pulsar in your next shopping trip.

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