Neon Beaches | Pastie Pleasures | Neva Nude

Neon Beaches | Pastie Pleasures | Neva Nude

Posted By Lyn-Eliz Bergs
Neon Beaches | Pastie Pleasures | Neva Nude

Neon Beaches

Pastie Pleasures

BRAND:Neva Nude
ITEM: NKS01 "Neon Tetris Green Neon AF Naughty Knix Pasties & Panties Set"

COMPANY DESCRIPTION: "Neva Nude, has you covered."

Okay so I know what you are all thinking, "Where the hell am I going to wear this?" Just stick with me, because pasties...are in!

I saw this set from across the store and thought, "No one can ever have enough colorful thongs." But to my happy surprise, this thong came with a matching set of blacklight activated pasties! And how perfect for the summer festival season?!

Well I have to say, I was pretty skeptical at first myself. But this fun party look won me over super quickly.

S - Sexuality 

With not much to this set I still felt it was tomboyish in some regards, playful in others, but definitely an all around sexy vibe. So I'm rating this an A!

C - Comfort

Rating this a B-

Despite having most of my body left to the...elements I still felt comfortable! I loved how squishy the pasties are, but I'd prefer an area that is adhesive free for my nipples (that's a sensitive area that doesn't deserve adhesive), I'd also prefer a different stitch along the lower hip string of the panties. The stitching that was used did not stretch like the top stitch, this caused a minor fitting issue as well as some (very) minor discomfort.

R - Reliability

Reliability gets a B

I only rated this lower than an A because the pasties are unfortunately not reusable! Though the panty quality is very nice.

A - Affordability

Rating this a solid B

This set is $19.99 but remember you're only paying for the thong and a one-time use pastie set. I feel like for the fit and only single pasties I may pass on this the second go. But the style made it worth the first go...cuz a girl's gotta look hot this summer without actually breaking a sweat!

P - Practicality

Well here is where it gets a bit dicey. I would wear the thong under several garments, for sure. But there are few places I could truly get away with rocking that pastie lifestyle. House and boat parties are about it here in the Midwest. So sadly this rating gets a C+

Neva Nude has quite a bit of options for your pastie pleasures so I'd definitely recommend checking them out and perhaps even let your evening get a bit wild in the Neon Tetris Green set I found so alluring!

Written by: Lyn-Eliz Bergs
Photos by: Modern Muse Photography

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