What is it that makes you feel sexy? For many people, it can be as simple as the clothes on their back that empowers them in their sexuality. Lingerie is a form of underwear, brassiere, or other intimate clothing that is made specifically to exude a more sexualized image. But against popular belief, lingerie isn’t limited to only women and other feminine presenting people. On its own, lingerie can be your favorite pair of cotton briefs you’ve worn for years or the silkiest lace trim babydoll or even your shiniest Magic Mike-esk jockstrap. Whatever it is that makes YOU feel sexy is the best lingerie on the market. But if you’re looking for something new or maybe something to tease your partner with for a special occasion, here are some types we offer that you should consider in your next shopping trip!

Babydoll and Chemise:

For those who are looking for something that doesn’t hug their body too tight, both the babydoll and chemise are amazing options to look into! While very similar, babydolls are looser and can often be very flowy. Chemise, on the other hand, loosely hold themselves closer to the skin showing a slightly more tailored fit, but aren’t restricting. They are also often longer and fall just between the lower buttocks and just above the knee while babydolls fall at or just under the lower buttocks. Oftentimes, because of their shorter nature, they can sometimes come with matching panties!


A style solely for the upper body and chest, corsets have a tighter fit that can even force the breasts up in order to make them look larger or fuller. While some are strapless, many are not and can be matched with a perfect garter belt and stockings for a cohesive, full body look. Sitting just above the hip, more extreme corsets can be purchased to practice waist training and other body modifications. CAUTION: Consult a doctor and do plenty of research prior to attempting any waist training or body modification.

Leather and Latex:

Often utilized by those in the kink community, leather and latex are a much stiffer material and can almost feel like a second skin due to the tightness. In fact, body lubricants are highly recommended when wearing any latex in order to put it on easier and make it more comfortable over long periods of time. Unlike other lingerie sets, leather pieces are often much more strappy and have more of a harness look and feel to them. 

Teddies and Bodysuits:

A more form fitting set without feeling too restricted, teddies are very similar to bodysuits but with an often more sheer look and more detail such as lace, mesh and other straps. Bodysuits, on the other hand, are typically used as a layer under other clothing to match an outfit. This can be utilized in a more professional look or even for a night on the town!


While it might not be as elegant as other options, costumes can play a big role in feeling empowered within a sexual interaction where power dynamics come into play. This can be like wearing a schoolgirl outfit, a fireman’s hat, or dressing like your favorite movie character. These can be used to fulfil any fantasy you desire in order to escape reality for a moment and create your own within the bedroom!

Jocks and Briefs:

While relatively basic compared to other pieces, these only cover the crotch area and can sometimes have closed backs that cover the entire butt. But where these shine are in its basic nature. Various materials can be utilized to give different impressions such as lace, mesh, shiny polyester or even a separate pouch for penis owners who want a sleeve for their penis to be free in. 

Remember, none of these things are necessary for you to feel sexy or desired. What is important is that YOU feel comfortable in what you wear and that will make all the difference. You can be in your favorite thong or briefs, the one with holes in the side but that compliments your curves in the perfect way, or you can be in the newest and frilliest babydoll or bodysuit on the market. You can be sexy in anything, and sexy is for everybody!

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